Successful businesses are making mobile apps a natural extension to their businesses, such as for business partners ordering products and services, travelling sales reps accessing customer information, staff on the floor managing inventory, and many more scenarios where information needs to be available at the right time and location. Mobile apps allow users to access existing corporate information and capture new information at the source, including scanned barcodes, photos, videos, audio recordings, maps and geo-location. LANSA lets developers use their existing RPG, COBOL or LANSA skills to productively develop mobile apps and help companies achieve quick return on investment.

American Health Create

American Health Care (AHC), a software solution provider based in Vermont, USA, used Visual LANSA to develop its Harmony Health Care Management System, which is used by Senior Care Communities across the USA. Harmony’s clinical modules are available on Windows tablets with a touch screen interface, for use by clinical staff at the point of care. Customer examples of touch screen implementations include:

  • Tablets mounted on medication carts, where the screen shows photos of each resident to ensure medication is given to the correct person, with a red border around the photos of those residents who are at risk of receiving their medication late.
  • Nursing staff, doctors, dieticians and therapists use tablets to add their comments to resident files, for example relating to appetite, food and fluid intake, exercise, treatment plans and general wellbeing.
  • Doctors use tablets to enter resident treatment plans and submit medicine orders directly to the relevant pharmacy, which kicks of a data exchange in NCPDP or HL7 format, using LANSA Composer.

Staff now literally have the resident’s information at their fingertips with easy to interpret charts and with alerts and warnings when appropriate. River Garden Senior Services, one of AHC’s customers, has received the Governor’s Gold Seal Award and 5-Star ratings for years in a row, for quality of care and documentation. Read the Case Study

Baustoff Union

Baustoff Union (BU), is a leading provider of building materials, construction services and equipment rental services in Bavaria, the largest state of Germany. BU uses SMH ERP since 1997, a solution from LANSA's business partner S.M.Hartmann. The ERP solution's functionality was originally RPG based, but has been modernized and extended with LANSA technology over the years, including an extension that provides users with mobile access. Mobile apps created by SMH with LANSA’s LongRange, allow BU's management to use their iPads and iPhones to view key metrics and relevant company figures. BU’s customer representatives in the field are equipped with mobile devices to access all relevant customer information and, using GPS information, map the best route to a customer. The SMH solution has supported BU’s exceptional growth and has helped to achieve dramatic efficiencies.
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BBVA Previsión AFP

BBVA Previsión AFP, Bolivia's leading pension fund manager, is part of BBVA, a multinational financial services group headquartered in Spain. Recently, BBVA Previsión AFP extended its administration system with mobile access for insured members and their employers. The app, called BBVA AFP Movil, empowers members to access account statements, receive notices of upcoming payments, request insurance certificates, and more. For employers, the mobile app helps streamline payroll processes, perform interest calculations, generate "no debt certificates", and more. BBVA AFP Movil is developed with LongRange, LANSA's mobile application development tool, and available for Android and Apple phones and tablets, and Windows 10 and 8.1 tablets and desktop/laptop computers. Members and employers were already enjoying Web access, as BBVA Previsión AFP was in 2005 one of the first pension fund managers in the region to provide a secure Web portal, which was also developed with LANSA.
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Beacon Insurance

Beacon Insurance, headquartered in Port of Spain, Trinidad and with branch offices throughout the southern Caribbean, offers a full range of insurance products and financial services. In 2011 Beacon started using LANSA’s workflow and modernization products to improve and extend its Insure/90 core policy administration system. More recently Beacon was the first insurance company in the Caribbean to offer its customers the facility to interact with their portfolio through a mobile App built with LANSA’s LongRange and Angular JS Framework. The app allows policyholders to Access policy information, Renew policies, Submit and track claims, Pay premiums, Get Quotes, Order road side assistance and use an Accident checklist.

Beacon has nearly doubled in size since 2011 with only a slight increase in employee headcount. All of Beacon’s IT projects are handled by LANSA Professional Services.
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The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES)

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES),is the certifying authority responsible for the content of syllabus materials and the delivery of high school examinations for New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. LANSA’s development and integration tools are at the heart of the BOSTES’’s IT infrastructure, including for its onscreen marking application, MarkManager.

Recently BOSTES has provided mobile apps, developed with LANSA’s LongRange, to those markers that need to visit schools for the marking of non-written Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam subjects, such as drama, music, dance, visual arts, design & technology and industrial technology. This itinerant marking process involves hundreds of markers travelling by road and air to all corners of the state.

The app allows markers to instantly record their comments and archive photos, audio and video recordings of exam works. Markers also use the app to refer back to recordings of benchmark examples, helping them to apply strict and specific assessment criteria. In addition, the app contains the marker’s travel and accommodation schedule and, using the device’s GPS, shows them how to travel to and from the school to their accommodation. The app integrates with the BOSTES’ IBM i based exam marking system.


Duro-Last Inc., headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan in the USA, is the world's largest manufacturer of custom prefabricated thermoplastic single ply roofing systems. Duro-Last is providing its 3,000 independent contractors with a Web solution to manage their roofing projects, place and trace orders, view invoices, and much more. Small contractors may use the solution from their smart phone, while the larger construction companies will have their administrative staff access the solution from their desktop. Duro-Last used Visual LANSA 14, while it was still in beta release, and is now benefitting from a solution that works across client devices of all sizes and across all browsers, from a single set of code. The solution is expected to reduce the number of calls to Duro-Last’s customer service center and to improve the customer experience.
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Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores

Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores, privately owned by the Braum family, operates 280 stores throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Braum’s used LongRange and RPG to develop a series of native mobile apps for its 40 district and 10 area managers in charge of the stores. The apps, developed by one of Braum’s RPG developers, run on various iOS and Android devices and integrate with Braum’s IBM i applications and data. The first app allows managers to access and respond to customer feedback, as well as track the progress to ensure the customer's concerns have been addressed. This app, delivered while Braum’s was still in the LongRange 30 day trial period, provided immediate ROI as it was replacing a cumbersome paper-based process. The other apps, also delivered in a matter of weeks, provide managers with data regarding sales, inventory, staffing and contacts.
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Fruberica, based in the Netherlands, imports vegetables and fruits, mostly from Spain and Morocco, and distributes these to retailers and wholesalers in Europe and the rest of the world. Fruberica’s quality inspectors test the produce on ripeness, colour, firmness and a range of other quality attributes in order to be able to quote the right price and  to deliver the right goods to the right customer. The produce is usually distributed within 24 hours of receipt and it is of enormous importance to promptly record the inspection results.

Until recently Fruberica's quality inspectors used a paper based system to record their findings. They then hurried from the warehouse floor to the office, where the information was manually entered into Fruberica’s IBM i-based ERP system, Freshng from RPO ICT Solutions. This method of recording became inefficient, especially during peak season.

Using LongRange, RPO developed a custom mobile app to record the 14 quality attributes Fruberica uses. The app also includes a facility to link produce photos to a delivery. Fruberica’s inspectors now use the LongRange app on iPads and their inspection results and photos are available in real-time on the IBM i to the Freshng ERP system. The mobile solution has improved accuracy and efficiency significantly.
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FTZ is Denmark's largest wholesale supplier of parts, tools and supplies to the automotive industry, with the capacity to deliver over 100,000 different items directly from stock. Its fleet of 370 cars and trucks deliver multiple times per day both to the automotive aftermarket as well as to the assembly line at car factories.

In addition to ordering parts on FTZ's Web site, customers now have to ability to use a FTZ Mobilkat, a native mobile app developed with LANSA's LongRange. Users of the mobile app have the same userid & password and access the same products and information as in the Web catalogue. Users can search for parts by the usual search criteria, or they can use the device's camera/barcode scanner to find a part. An order created in the Mobilkat app can be saved for further processing in the Web catalogue (or vice versa), which is handy when orders created on the workshop floor need to be finalized or consolidated by someone in the office.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and used by thousands of car mechanics at workshops through the country. The single source server component of the app runs on IBM i and is developed and maintained by the same small in-house development team who also look after the FTZ's ERP system and Web catalogue. The app is multi-lingual and supports Danish, English, French, Japanese, Czech and German users.
FTZ is supported by LANSA partner Futura Data.

GF Inc.

GF Inc is the leading supplier of industrial packaging and fastening products in Western Canada through its GF Packaging and GF Fastening divisions. GF has built a mobile app for its sales representatives that allows them to view customer details, sales history, product information and inventory status, and to update quotes and orders. The app, developed with LANSA’s LongRange, integrates in real-time with GF’s IBM i-based ERP system and is deployed on a mixture of iPhones and iPads by over 35 sales representatives. The app is helping GF to get more orders and to get orders confirmed sooner. The app has been received extremely well by the salesforce and app usage is high, averaging to about 100 to 150 touches per rep per day. The app is GF’s 3rd generation of mobile apps, replacing both a native Blackberry app and an HTML5 Web app. GF’s users feel the LongRange app is the most functional and robust.

Japan Cash Machine

Japan Cash Machine (JCM) is the world’s leading transaction technologies supplier for the banking, retail, kiosk and gaming industries. To support its operations in Japan, JCM uses in-house developed systems that run on the IBM i operating system. JCM’s RPG-based maintenance and repair system was a prime candidate for improvement. Field staff did not have access, office staff used legacy 5250 screens and many of the procedures were paper based. The system was redeveloped with LANSA.

JCM’s 150 repairmen now use iPads with integrated hand-writing, signature capture and camera features to create and submit their repair reports, and to look-up maintenance data. Call centre, admin and quality control staff have a productive rich client interface to real-time and integrated maintenance, billing and customer information. The new solution has helped to improve the quality and speed of customer service and has drastically reduced the workload for JCM’s staff.
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Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp.

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.’s consumer products division in Lincoln, Nebraska, has replaced its card-based Kanban system with an electronic solution. The new eKanban solution was developed by KMM’s in-house development team and integrates with KMM's ERP system. Assembly and warehouse staff access the solution from iPads with native mobile apps developed with LongRange from LANSA. Staff on the floor also use the mobile apps for cycle counting, scrap reporting, recording of inventory location moves and other warehouse and assembly related tasks. Kawasaki launched its first series of mobile apps in just 2 months, from installation to going through the tutorials, development, testing and implementation. The solution is saving over US$ 3,500 per day, delivering very quick ROI.
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Mincron Software Systems

Mincron Software Systems, based in Houston, Texas, is a leading provider of software and business service solutions for wholesale distributors, logistics companies and other businesses requiring integrated enterprise software solutions. Mincron used LongRange and RPG code to build a native mobile app that integrates with its IBM i-based ERP system. The app, which was built in five days, allows travelling sales staff from companies using Mincron's ERP system to inquire into customers and products, use the GPS to Googlemap their route to the customer, scan barcodes using the device camera/scanner, enter sales orders and submit them for processing, view sales history in Google charts, and more.
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Musashino Company Logo
Duskin Logo

Musashino Corporation, based in Koganei city, Tokyo, is well-known in Japan for its management philosophy and for its Duskin franchise business. Its ‘Duskin Cleaning Service’ provides rental and sales of floor mops, door mats, air & water purifiers and other cleaning goods. Duskin’s sales staff visit about 150 clients each day to collect used commodities and replace them with new products.

Previously staff used to work overtime in order to print the individual client lists and consolidate the necessary inventory by sales person. In the evening, overtime was often required again to compare the number of expected and actual distributed items and update the ERP system. The paper-based method was also prone to inaccuracies.

Now sales staff uses a mobile solution that allows them to download the required client lists from Musashino’s IBM i-based ERP system in the morning. During the day they can work offline and update the lists with actual numbers where needed. Upon returning to the office in the evening, the client lists are synchronized to Musashino’s IBM i, automatically updating the ERP’s inventory and invoice information.

The solution, developed with LANSA’s LongRange and deployed to iPads, has helped to make the collection and distribution of products faster and more accurate. In the past, daily data entry and account settlement used to take about 20 to 30 minutes per sales person, now it is instant.
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Rotary Corp

Rotary Corporation is the world's largest supplier of parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. Rotary sells exclusively via dealers and has recently replaced its old dealer portal with a new mobile responsive website. The site’s public corporate pages and dealer transactional pages are both driven by LANSA Commerce Edition. Dealers can access the site from their desktop or mobile device. For example, they often place orders on their mobile device, while checking inventory on the shelves. Dealers also use their mobile device to answer questions from customers visiting their store. Read the Case Study


Seneca College, located in Toronto, Canada, provides education to over 90,000 part-time and 17,000 full-time students from its 10 campuses in the greater Toronto area. Teaching staff at Seneca’s School of ICT continuously seek to improve the work readiness of their students by offering a strong curriculum and a wide variety of professional electives. A recent popular addition to the electives is Mobile App Development for IBM i. Students who took the elective presented their work at the annual conference of the Toronto Users Group for IBM Power Systems (TUG). Having an understanding of mature development languages like RPG, as well as having an understanding of new development and integration technologies, like LANSA’s LongRange, makes Seneca’s students well prepared for the real world and popular with potential employers.
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STRATTEC Security Corporation

STRATTEC Security Corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in USA, is the world's largest producer of automotive locks, keys and related security access control products for global automotive manufacturers and the aftermarket. STRATTEC used LongRange and RPG to build a native mobile application for its warehouse staff that integrates with the company's System21 inventory management system. Once the solution is fully rolled out, warehouse staff will use their iPads to scan picked orders, update the order status and trigger invoicing.
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Trecenti, sells fine jewelry, mainly engagement and wedding rings, at its 13 shops in Japan. A growing number of customers prefer to choose their own ring frame and one or more loose diamonds, rather than selecting from the finished goods catalogue. To support this shift in business, Trecenti's customers can now use in-store iPads to search for loose diamonds by carat, color, quality, price, line and other criteria in Oriental Diamond's real-time Internet-based inventory system, to which over 400 diamond suppliers are connected. The solution is developed with Visual LANSA WAM technology. The iPad solution has been received well and has delivered results beyond expectation.
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