Webinar: Have to learn another Web language? LANSA says goodbye to HTML, JS and CSS!

Finally, an environment for building responsive Web applications without mastering a half dozen different Web languages and technologies!

Attend this Webinar and see LANSA's brand new Web development tool in action and learn how to:

  • Build your entire Web application without writing a single line of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code. Never. Again.
  • Design responsive Web sites for phones, tablets and PCs without using Bootstrap or other front-end frameworks.
  • Read, insert, update, or delete data on the server without having to refresh the entire Webpage — or code any AJAX, REST, or JSON.
  • Embed client-side validation checks and business logic inside your Web pages without writing any JavaScript.
  • Create Web apps with a powerful desktop-style user experience.

With LANSA, you can build responsive, transactional Web applications with a single language for the client-side, server-side and everything in between.

Tue Dec 812 pm U.S. CTOnlineRegister Now
Thu Dec 1711 am U.S. CTOnlineRegister Now
Webinar: Have to learn another Web language? LANSA says goodbye to HTML, JS and CSS!

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Conference on eProcurement & UDI Legislation

Date: December 8, 2015
Location: London, UK

Within the NHS eProcurement strategy announced last year there is a mandatory requirement for all suppliers to the NHS to implement GS1 standards. Simultaneously, UDI, which has been long in gestation, is now very much with us with the new legislation likely to be adopted by the EU in early 2016. Many members are still unclear about the relationship between both requirements and how they relate to each other.

This conference aims to bridge that gap. Highlighting the fact that once you have started the implementation process for contracting with the NHS under the eProcurement Strategy, you will in fact have made a good start to being compliant when the MHRA implements the new EU legislation. Additionally, by attending you will get an understanding of the compliance requirements for both systems, more about how the PEPPOL platform will transport your data, and the latest in device traceability.

Visit the ABHI Web site for further information

Conference on eProcurement & UDI Legislation