What? Learn yet another language and framework?

There has to be a better tool to develop Web apps than the @#*% I'm forced to use now!

Visual LANSA is the game changer

Developing Web applications can be frustrating because of the vast choice of development tools, programming languages and JavaScript frameworks available. Will the application have to run in multiple browsers? Will the user interface provide a user experience that engages customers and staff? Where will the business logic run – in the browser, on the server or distributed across both? Then there is integration with line-of-business systems to consider.

What if you could remove all of these frustrations by using a single development tool that can fix the problems and change the game? Well – you can!

Visual LANSA is that all encompassing tool. Here’s the deal…

Desktop applications in a browser

Powerful desktop-style applications delivered in a Web browser, enhancing the user experience and increasing user productivity.

One programming language

With LANSA, there’s just one programming language for the client-side, the server-side and everything in between. You don’t need the slew of complex, constantly changing tools in use today.

Integrated visual framwork

An integrated Visual Framework comes straight out-of-the-box. It delivers a configurable user interface with forms, searches, filters and tabs with no coding. The learning curve is extremely short, productivity is high and the results are world class– it’s like having an experienced mentor sitting next to your developers.

Faster application maintenance

Business rules and data validations are centrally stored in LANSA’s business rules engine and not in programs that reference them. This saves thousands of application maintenance hours normally spent searching for data validations in hundreds of programs when a change is necessary.

Deploy to Cloud, Windows, Linux or IBM i

Protect your technology investment – deploy to Cloud, Windows, Linux or IBM i using the same product and same skill set.

No HTML, CSS or JavaScript

Entire business-grade, responsive, transactional Web applications built without writing a single line of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code. None. Ever. LANSA generates it all for you.

Runs on multiple device types and sizes

Write once run anywhere - develop Web applications that run on multiple device types and sizes, including smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops, from the same code base.

WYSIWYG Designer

Use the WYSIWYG Designer to assemble web pages by dragging-and-dropping layouts, widgets, reusable components, images and data items from a comprehensive repository of controls. See responsive designs without writing a single line of code. Interactive prototyping with users delivers a faster turnaround of design and user interface ideas.

Use mobile device features

Mobile web applications that can use device features such as camera and geolocation from the mobile device's browser. Download and install the LANSA mobile app from the appropriate App Store.

Update pages with having to refresh the entire page

Update data on the server without having to refresh the entire webpage or code AJAX or JSON.


Application development is much more complex today than it was 10-15 years ago and, compared to legacy applications, today’s modern application is expected to deliver so much more. The skills required to maintain these legacy applications are not the same skills that are required to develop modern Web applications.


Developing new applications with the common tools in vogue today is hard work and not everyone can master the job. Many developers struggle with multiple programming languages and complicated development tools. Add this to a more complex set of application requirements and the error rate during development will rise.


Most developers do not use programming tools that automatically generate some or all of their code and that extends the development time. The tools and frameworks that developers use to build Web applications seem to be selected from a “flavour of the month” list that quickly becomes outdated and superseded by newer ones. Developing applications using multiple programming and scripting languages requires the mastery of these tools – making the development task harder and more complex.


Sadly, the concept of a repository to centralize data element definitions (including type, size, presentation and validation) so that all applications use the same definitions, is still a rare occurrence. Without a repository, when an attribute of a data element changes, programmers have to wade through every application that uses that data element and make the change. This is why the cost of application maintenance is so outrageously high.


When applications, built using the slew of different tools, need to be changed and modernized in the future, the risk of not having the required programming skills on hand is increased.


Modern, Web applications must work with multiple Web browsers, browser versions and different size devices. Using the wrong tool makes programming and testing for this matrix of variations more complex, more error prone and more expensive.


Re-using the years and years of functional richness locked away in legacy applications that run your core business is so often hindered by the difficulty integrating them with new, modern Web applications.

From a business perspective

  • The business starts to lose its hard won competitive edge to its more nimble competitors.
  • The long return on investment in IT is at odds with being an agile organisation.
  • The business falls behind its competitors in its use of technology and its low-tech image is blamed for failing to attract and retain customers.
  • Stakeholders experience inconvenient delays waiting for changes to existing applications and for any new applications.
  • Business units bypass your IT to acquire IT assets and services e.g. the Cloud.

From an IT perspective

  • IT costs spiral out of sync with ROI.
  • IT is slow to deliver new applications; in fact, IT cannot keep up with business demands.
  • IT is slow to change or modernize existing applications.
  • Applications never look world class and Web applications never look as good as Windows desktop applications.
  • Applications seem to be full of niggling errors, especially across different Web browsers.
  • Applications do not run properly across different devices and screen sizes.

Remember when we used to say, “It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business”? While that’s certainly still the case, there’s a not-so-new twist, because it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, today you’re in the technology business, too.

“Getting Web development wrong can hurt your business.”

Unless you just happen to live on one of the Antipodes Islands way down south in the Southern Ocean, your business probably needs new and modernized Web applications to compete in an environment of rapid industry, economic and IT change.

Develop Web applications without coding HTML, CSS or JavaScriptBuild Web applications for smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices without coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or RPG.
A single high-level language for all developmentUse one programming language to build client side (browser) and server side components of Web applications.
Powerful client side processingBoth the LANSA runtime engine and the application itself execute in the browser. This simplifies client side development and allows developers to build stateful, desktop style Web applications.
Web applications that look like desktop applicationsThe user interface is generated in the same way that it is for desktop applications. The LANSA runtime engine manages screen rendering and updates only those areas of the screen that change. The whole page is never reloaded.
Browser agnosticApplications work with all browsers and no browser specific program code is required.
Out-of-the-box application templatesApplication templates are provided for developers to use as the basis for generating their Web applications.
Write once reuse manyBuild Web applications and user interfaces with components that can be used over and over to ensure consistency across applications.
Integrated Visual FrameworkThe framework allows developers to assemble commercial grade software rapidly with minimal coding, generating high quality Web applications with a consistent appearance and behaviour. The application and user interface design are prototyped at the same time.
Third party JavaScript libraries and frameworksDevelopers can also use popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries and add their own JavaScript to applications.
Easy responsive designThe Layout Manager includes features to make responsive interface design easier e.g. use drag-and-drop to design multiple user interface formats.
Business rules repositoryAll business rules reside in a single repository so that data validation, event triggers etc. can be isolated from the Web applications that use them.
Data element definitions repositoryData element definitions include type, size, presentation, visualisation and validation, e.g. the way that a telephone number is displayed and validated is defined in one place and used across all applications.
Cloud based development optionThe Visual LANSA Integrated Development Environment is available directly from AWS or Azure to code and test applications.
Completed Web applications can be deployed in the cloudLANSA includes deployment tools to upload and configure Web applications to AWS and Azure.
Applications can use mobile device featuresIntegrate with mobile device features such as the camera and geolocation when the browser is running on mobile device.
Applications can operate offlineBuild Web applications that can operate with or without a connection and then synchronize data when a connection is available.

LANSA – Not another Upstart

  • LANSA wasn’t born yesterday. Our products have been in use by IT professionals for over 25 years.
  • Our customers have tens of thousands of line-of-business applications in production across Windows, Cloud, IBM i and Linux platforms.
  • LANSA is unique. It’s the only full-function development language that can deliver modern Desktop, Web and Mobile applications (whilst also delivering 5250 applications if you have an IBM i), at a speed that will knock your socks off.
  • LANSA is battle hardened with many thousands of satisfied customers in every corner of the world. Take a look at our blue-chip client case study list.
  • LANSA has a proven track record that illustrates how it always moves ahead of the times across successive technology waves.

In a nutshell, with its 25+ year history, LANSA has a proven track record of protecting its customers from getting locked into any particular operating system, database or user interface technology.