LANSA is the game changer

Give your I.T. team a set of tools that allows them to focus on the business rather than on the technology

Visual LANSA provides a fast, easy and cost-effective way to turn your current application development team into highly productive mobile and web developers with the ability to work alongside the business as you prototype, build, deploy and maintain new applications and capabilities.

Here’s the deal…

  • Remove the complexity of needing a full web or mobile technology stack with their associated sets of programming skills and languages.
  • Enable best practice enterprise architecture to maximize re-use of code and minimize testing and maintenance effort.
  • Simplify deployment by being platform and client agnostic for both cloud and on premise.
  • Facilitate working with and extending existing applications and databases.
  • Provide centralized control over business rules and data visualization.
  • Future proof your applications against the underpinning technology changing - you focus on business innovation rather than IT support.
One programming language

One, single low-code development language – for the client-side, the server-side and everything in between. Your IT development staff don’t need to be skilled in the slew of complex, constantly changing tools in use today. Solving the business problem becomes the focus rather than mastering the technology.

No HTML, CSS or JavaScript

Entire business-grade, responsive, transactional web applications built without writing a single line of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code. None! Ever! LANSA generates it all for you. The search for the mythical “full stack developer” ends here.

Runs on multiple device types and sizes

Write once; Run anywhere. Develop web and mobile applications that run on multiple device types and sizes, including smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops, from the same code base. This reuse reduces the development time, the cost and the effort.

Deploy to Cloud, Windows, Linux or IBM i

Deploy to Cloud, Windows, Linux or IBM i using the same product. This choice of multiple server platforms lowers the Total Cost of Ownership and helps to protect your technology investment.

Update pages with having to refresh the entire page

Based on the Single Page App (SPA) model. SPA is fast, as most resources are only loaded once throughout the lifespan of application. Only data is transmitted back and forth. The development is simplified and streamlined and the user experience (UX) is faster and more responsive.

Use mobile device features

Comes with a free-of-charge LANSA Mobile App. Your hybrid mobile web applications can use device features such as camera and geolocation from the mobile device's browser. Download and install the LANSA mobile app from the appropriate App Store.

Faster application maintenance

Multilingual applications out-of-the-box. No code changes are required. Any number of languages supported, including the DBCS languages for North Asia. Maximises your application audiences whilst minimising the development cost.

Desktop applications in a browser

Powerful desktop-style applications delivered in a web browser. The user interface is generated in the same way that it is for desktop applications – so, for the first time, the web UI can look as good as the desktop UI.

Faster application maintenance

Business rules and data validations are centrally stored in LANSA’s business rules engine. They are not distributed across the thousands of programs that reference them. This saves thousands of application maintenance hours normally spent searching for data validations in hundreds of programs when a change is necessary.

WYSIWYG Designer

An integrated WYSIWYG web Page Designer. Assemble web pages by dragging-and-dropping layouts, widgets, reusable components, images and data items from a comprehensive repository of controls. See responsive designs without writing a single line of code. Interactive prototyping with users delivers a faster turnaround of design and user interface ideas.

Integrated visual framwork

A Visual application framework comes straight out-of-the-box. It delivers a secure & highly configurable user interface containing forms, filters and tabs. This framework makes it easy to quickly prototype and build multi-tasking back office applications designed to increase productivity of your end users and to easily evolve to adopt ongoing new requirements.

Faster application maintenance

Web applications can operate off-line. LANSA based web applications can function with or without a connection and then synchronize data when a connection is available. When mobile devices lose their signal, applications will continue to operate.

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