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Rapid Application Development for Windows, Web and System i

Visual LANSAThe only IDE you will ever need

Visual LANSA is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you will ever need for rapid application development of Windows, Web and System i (iSeries and AS/400) applications.

No other mainstream rapid application development tool is so open and flexible, enabling you to write code that runs free of the underlying operating system, database technology or display style. With technology fads passing at an alarming rate, and a looming technical skills crisis in most major economies, it makes good business sense to invest in the one agile development tool that is truly future-proof – Visual LANSA.

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Key features of Visual LANSA include:

  • A repository for business rules that reduces the lines of code
  • Highly productive cross-platform agile development language linked to the repository
  • A Prototyping Wizard, UI Framework and Visual Data Modeler
  • Multilingual support including languages with DBCS
  • Support for procedural and object-oriented programming styles
  • A built-in library of over one hundred business-oriented templates
  • Support for modern application design patterns like MVC and SOA
  • A component-based architecture for sharing code between projects
  • Team-based development with full task tracking and version control
  • Self-documenting with impact analysis for easy maintenance

Focus on your business needs, not technology

The range of skills that today’s software developer must have can be onerous and expensive for their employer to maintain.

Visual LANSA enables developers to transcend the technology stack and stay focused on the business requirements. It’s common that technology-oriented developers love to play with newfangled stuff – often at their employer’s expense – and usually in pursuit of enhancing their own agendas. By contrast, Visual LANSA appeals to those developers – and their managers - who prefer to avoid the technology quagmire so they can deliver the greatest business impact in the shortest possible time.

Balance project workloads and boost developer productivity

Visual LANSA’s IDE is a rapid application development environment that lets you view file and field definitions, validations, relationships, programs and the source editor from a single screen
Visual LANSA’s IDE lets you view file and
field definitions, validations, relationships,
programs and the source editor from a
single screen

Struggling to balance project workloads that are in constant flux is the biggest challenge of a development manager’s life – one week it’s the RPG maintenance team that is over-burdened, then the Windows group is running late on a critical project and let’s not forget the Web guys who are always in demand. Only a multi-disciplined team, capable of contributing to wherever the need is most acute, will succeed in keeping pace with the needs of the business. Visual LANSA developers in a team, able to turn their hand to any project and share their knowledge and code via the metadata repository, are more productive than a department with silos of expertise.

One rapid application development tool to build, enhance and extend your systems

To appreciate the full power of Visual LANSA, just imagine combining the qualities of a business-oriented programming language – like RPG or COBOL – with the rich graphical capabilities and productivity features of tools like Visual Studio and Eclipse. But unlike tools that are limited to developing brand new business applications, Visual LANSA is also used to enhance and extend your legacy System i (iSeries and AS/400) systems. Our customers have proven that by re-using what they have and only developing what they really need, they have shortened their project timescales and enjoy more predictable results at a lower cost of delivery. Read the Visual LANSA Overview

Traditional IBM i development

LANSA continues to support and enhance its traditional development environment LANSA for iSeries for developing and extending host-based and Web applications on IBM i, System i, iSeries or AS/400. Similarly LANSA continues to support and enhance its traditional LANSA for the Web development capabilities for generating native System i applications for the Web.