Read the quarterly LANSA Technical newsletter from the Benelux office.

December 2014 4th Edition

  1. New VLF Version
  2. CGIConvMode BINARY setting LANSAWEB
  3. Microsoft ‘Problem Steps Recorder’
  4. 64-bit Java to run JSM on 64-bit PC
  5. LANSA license F6 and F22 not available
  6. Custom settings V13 SP2 deployments
  7. WAM editor not displaying Design View
  8. Using JSMGETENV program
  9. JSM Jobs and Threads explained
  10. View mapped drives in Windows 8
  11. Garbage Cleanup using SERVICE_RECLAIM
  12. A Golden oldie VLF
  13. Mobile Development with LongRange

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August 2014 3rd Edition


  1. Web Application Module Enhancements
  2. Windows 64 bits Support
  3. IBM i User Profile Handling
  4. SuperServer Enhancements
  5. IDE Enhancements for IBM i Administrators

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July 2014 2nd Edition

LANSA Composer 5.0

  1. Licensing
  2. Installation
  3. New SQL Database Activities
  4. Other New and Enhanced Activities
  5. Extended Duration Processing Sequences
  6. Cross References
  7. Deployment
  8. Audit Trial
  9. Events
  10. Parameter Classes
  11. Client User-Interface Enhancements
  12. Transformation Maps
  13. Transaction Document Support
  14. System Settings
  15. Database Housekeeping
  16. Browsers for Server Files and Folders
  17. Other New and Enhanced Features

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April 2014 1st Edition

  1. Global Partnership 1WorldSync and LANSA
  2. Standard Log and Trace files L4Web
  3. iOS 7 Data Protection
  4. End Support Windows XP
  5. LANSA Open for .NET license error
  6. Windows 8.1 Upgrade clearing Registration
  7. Internet Explorer Settings Tips
  8. How big can an RDMLX working list be
  9. License standalone V13 LANSA Integrator
  10. *NEW and Constructors

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