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August 2016 2nd Edition

  • LANSA V14 SP1
    • LANSA for Web Updates
    • Visual LANSA Framework
    • Updated Visual LANSA IDE Home Page
    • Develop and Deploy Applications in the Cloud
    • Installation/Upgrade/Deployment Enhancements
    • LANSA Integrator
  • How to test your Web Configuration is running
  • How to check if the version of JTOpen in use is the latest version
  • Windows Operating System Upgrade can cause issues for LANSA Integrator

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May 2016 1st Edition

  • Performance issues after IBM PTF
  • VL and Update to Windows 10
  • Compile option missing
  • Enabling Debug for Server Modules
  • Support for TLS V1.0, V1.1, V1.2
  • How to check for Active Users
  • V14 Listener job ends with error
  • VL-Web, the Web Development Game Changer
  • Visual LANSA Forum

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