How can I send email from Visual LANSA via Microsoft Outlook without getting the security message?

Date:29 September 2003
Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:How can I send email from Visual LANSA via Microsoft Outlook without getting the security message?
Submitted By:LANSA Services
Last Review:November 2010


When sending e-mails from within Visual LANSA, is there a way of getting over the Microsoft Outlook 2002 security block that pops up the message for the user to confirm? Can I tell LANSA to send the e-mail via Outlook Express instead of Outlook?


Recent updates to Microsoft Outlook have increased the security so it is no longer possible to send e-mail without prompting.

In addition, file attachments with certain extensions, e.g. .exe may also be restricted. You may need to refer to Microsoft support documentation to update blocked attachment lists. See Microsoft Supportbase Document 264130

Outlook Express allows users to bypass this prompt. It is likely that Microsoft will issue an update to allow Outlook users to do the same. Meanwhile, a number of ActiveX component vendors offer components to assist email integration. Note: Such third-party products are not supported by LANSA, they are used at your discretion.

One third-party product (Express ClickYes) sits in the background and automatically selects the Yes option. This will effectively bypass any security benefits of the Outlook Update.

Other vendors such as Chilkat Softwae offer controls that allow you to talk directly to your mail server, bypassing Outlook. See

An alternative would be to have Visual LANSA launch LANSA Integrator SMTP's service on the iSeries to send the e-mail, effectively bypassing Outlook (or other MAPI clients) checking altogether. Or you could use the LANSA LEMI Built-In functions. In both cases, the email will not be added to the users Outbox. There are examples of both these approaches in the SET material.