Is it possible to use AS2 in LANSA Composer?

Date:14 September 2012
Product/Release:LANSA Composer - All Versions
Abstract:Does LANSA Composer support AS2 exchange of data?
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

LANSA Composer does not provide AS2 support as part of its standard offerings. That is not to say, however, that the AS2 protocol cannot be implemented in LANSA Composer. There are 2 possible ways to implement AS2 in LANSA Composer

  • use the LANSA Data Secure Direct product in combination with LANSA Composer. This method has already been implemented successfully in solutions.
  • write a custom solution/activity using the AS2 services that are available in LANSA Integrator (see Appendix D. AS2 and AS3 Services in the LANSA Integrator Guide).

For more information on LANSA Composers EDI mapping capabilities, refer to LANSA Composer for EDI.