Install/Upgrade LANSA for IBM i using an image catalog

Date:14 July 2013
Product/Release:LANSA for i - All supported versions
Abstract:Instructions for downloading a LANSA image (any supported version) and adding it to an image catalog
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
Updated:17 November 2015

Use the following steps to install or upgrade LANSA products after you download a LANSA for IBM i image file (ISO) from a LANSA provided location. The standard spin naming convention is SPIN[NNNN].ISO. We will use a generic SPIN9999.ISO in the following instructions. Depending on what spin you are installing, you can replace 9999 with the actual spin number.

Note: If you need a physical DVD to install LANSA for i on your IBM i machine you can simply burn this iso image to a DVD.

  1. Create your image catalog using the following command:
    If you are going to use an existing image catalog, it is not necessary to create the image catalog.
  2. Add the download image to the catalog that you have created or use an existing catalog:
    ADDIMGCLGE IMGCLG(SPIN9999_IBMi) FROMFILE('/Location of the download image file/ SPIN9999.iso') IMGCLGIDX(*AVAIL) TOFILE(*FROMFILE)
    Note regarding 'Location of the download image file'. This is the IFS folder you have moved the downloaded ISO image to.
  3. Load the image catalog into the virtual optical device using the
    following command:
    LODIMGCLG IMGCLG(SPIN9999_IBMi) DEV([Virtual Optical Drive]) OPTION(*LOAD)
    Replace [Virtual Optical Device] with your own name, for example, OPTVRTxx
  4. For more details regarding these commands, refer to the IBM i documentation:
  5. Run the LODRUN OPTVRTxx command to install LANSA for i.