The LANSA Difference

LANSA developers can rapidly deliver and efficiently maintain enterprise web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications with ONE low-code development language. They don’t have to use a disparate set of complex and constantly changing languages and tools, with often complex version interdependencies. LANSA takes care of the underlying technology complexities, enabling IT teams to focus on business improvements that require fast execution, in order to stay competitive and agile.

Unlike many other low-code platforms that have limited functionality, Visual LANSA is a full function platform intended for use by professional developers. LANSA equipped developers become full-stack developers who can, with less code, and all on one IDE, build and maintain enterprise applications fast and deploy them everywhere

The Best of Low Code Without the Constraints

There’s a lot less coding as the LANSA platform takes care of virtually all non-functional capabilities, like platform specifics, scaling and security.

And because real business applications must integrate with a wide array of other systems inside and outside your enterprise, you can rely on the strength of LANSA’s integration capabilities which stand well above other alternatives. Secure data connectivity, transfer, and data mapping have been certified long before other low-code providers have been in business.

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