Finding a Better Way

LANSA understands how hard it can be to build the applications that your business users want on time and on budget, and how it can be even harder to keep those applications up-to-date and relevant when both the business and technical environments continuously change.

LANSA got its start in 1987 when a small team of hard-working business application developers searched for a better way to do things. After working through many cycles of code refactoring caused by newly discovered business requirements, changing environments, evolving technology standards, and the general ongoing rigor of software development, they concluded that there must be a better, simpler and faster way to develop, test, and maintain complex business applications. They devised a method to make their own development and maintenance less onerous and of better quality, by:

Automate Icon

Automating the mundane and repetitive steps in application development.

Business Logic Icon

Defining and encapsulating business logic at a high-level, separate from technical implementation details.

Re-usable Components Icon

Managing re-usable components in a platform-independent repository.

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Improving requirements gathering speed and quality through visual prototyping.

Embracing Technology Advances

Since then, our customers, partners and LANSA team members around the world have continued to build numerous enterprise software solutions, perfecting the LANSA platform that makes development more productive, fun, and rewarding. Although scores of operating system versions, databases, and application styles have changed, LANSA’s core strengths have only been re-inforced.

With LANSA, you can deliver high quality applications faster than ever before. But that’s not even the best part.

Maintenance Without Suffering

Ongoing maintenance, modernization and extension are LANSA's forte and, since on average 80%+ of lifetime costs and effort of owning IT applications comes after rolling them into production, this is where LANSA makes a big difference. Just as important as quick application delivery, is efficient maintenance. It’s not uncommon to find LANSA users reporting a 90% reduction in their application maintenance effort and costs. This staggering reduction is the cumulative effect of many design decisions that are built into the LANSA platform.