Visual LANSA's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows you to develop and maintain applications for mobile, web, Windows and IBM i (System i, iSeries and AS/400) using a single tool set and a single skill set. LANSA developed applications run free of the underlying operating system, database technology or display style. Key features include a repository for business rules and a highly productive 4GL. LANSA generates the most efficient code depending on the application and platform. It allows developers to stay focused on the business requirements rather than underlying technology. With technology changing at an incredible fast rate and developers spending a lot of time keeping up-to-date, it makes good business sense to invest in LANSA’s agile development technology that has a 25-tyear track record track of being future proof.

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Agilysys is one of the leading technology providers in the worldwide hospitality and food service markets. The company’s Lodging Management System® (LMS) powers many of the largest hotels in the world, including most of the mega-hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. Although extended with LANSA for online web reservations, the LMS RPG-based core modules could only be deployed to the IBM i. Read the Case Study

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American Health Care

American Health Care Software (AHC), a software solution provider based in Vermont, USA, used Visual LANSA to gradually redevelop its old-style character-based Harmony Health Care Management System that originally consisted of millions of lines of RPG and Synon code. Harmony now offers:

  • A graphical user interface with integration to MS Excel and MS Word.
  • Clinical modules with a touch screen interface.
  • Real-time monitoring of medication distribution for nursing supervisors.
  • Web services and XML integration with pharmacies, laboratories and other third parties

Harmony is used by Senior Care Communities across the USA. The gradual redevelopment process meant that AHC’s customers had an easy and low-risk migration path.

AHC employs four developers, which were hired right out of technical college. Except for the newly developed touch screen applications for clinical staff, most of the solution was developed with Visual LANSA Framework, minimizing the effort required for designers and developers. Once the last few remaining RPG routines have been redeveloped, AHC will offer its solution on Windows, Cloud and Linux platforms, in addition to the current IBM i platform. Read the Case Study

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Apria Healthcare

Apria Healthcare, America's leading provider of home healthcare products and services, uses a Visual LANSA built system to manage sales commission data and send the sales commission transactions to its SAP Human Resource system. Apria also uses a VL built system for generating customer satisfaction survey forms and for presenting survey results graphically to its customer satisfaction department. Read the Case Study

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The Argus Group

The Argus Group, the largest local insurance company in Bermuda, has used LANSA to redevelop and integrate its previously separate core systems for group insurance (including health, life and disability), pensions and property. See IBM Argus Case Study from 2006.

More recent development has been with Visual LANSA Framework and LANSA Integrator, applications include:

  • Treasury System, for the recording of customer payments integrating with non-LANSA systems and credit card gateways.
  • International Life policy application, which automates the generation and email distribution of policy statements and payment requests to customers and brokers, again integrating with third party applications.
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Bemis Manufacturing Company

Bemis Manufacturing Company headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA, produces and markets bathroom products, custom plastics and healthcare products. Bemis decided to capitalize on its existing ERP infrastructure (a heavily customized version of PRMS), but redevelop with LANSA where needed. Hundreds of unsupported PC applications for manufacturing were redeveloped with LANSA as well and integrated with the core ERP system. Bemis' agile RPG team trained in Visual LANSA and has delivered one successful project after another, including systems for Quality Specifications, Capacity Planning, Fore Casting, Work center Scheduling, Leave applications, eCommerce and more. Bemis business users are now experiencing productivity gains of over 20%, as well as improved effectiveness in decision making. Read the Case Study

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The Office of the Board of Studies New South Wales

The Office of the Board of Studies New South Wales (OBOS) is the certifying authority responsible for the content of syllabus materials, registration of non-government schools, and delivery of high school examinations for New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. Using LANSA since 1989, the OBOS development team has delivered many systems, such as online services to schools, teachers, students and parents. These include the delivery of HSC results over the web and the collection of over 1.2 million grades and assessments and over 45 million responses and marks per year. Recently OBOS chose LANSA to develop and deliver an onscreen marking application, that allows markers to view and mark onscreen a scanned image of students’ written exam responses, or the student’s responses entered or spoken online. Read the Case Study

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Boddie-Noell Enterprises Inc. (BNE) headquartered in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is a diversified, family owned company with interests in a variety of restaurants including over 340 Hardee's franchise restaurants, 30 Texas Steakhouse & Saloon restaurants, nine Moe's Southwest Grill franchise restaurants, six Café Carolina and Bakery restaurants and one Highway Diner. BNE uses Visual LANSA Framework (VLF) for virtually all development in its restaurant business. BNE's LANSA-trained developers all come from a COBOL, RPG and green-screen environment and have deep knowledge of BNE's restaurant business and previous versions of the restaurant systems. BNE chose a Windows rich client interface for its internal corporate users and is now using the same VLF tool to create a web browser based interface for its eServices. Read the Case Study

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Body Corporate Services

Body Corporate Service (BCS), established over 30 years ago and with over 20 branches on the eastern seaboard of Australia, are pioneers in strata management. BCS portfolio of property under management includes residential, commercial, resort & mixed use developments, totaling over 6,000 buildings. BCS uses LANSA to develop and maintain its core Property Management System (PMS), for integration with customer and staff WebSphere portals and several Windows systems, as well as for communication with third parties such as with insurance companies, banks and the tax office. Read the Case Study

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Bidfood BV previously Deli XL, is part of the Bidcorp international foodservice group. Bidfood offers an assortment of over 60,000 food items and related services to its 25,000 customers in the hospitality, catering and institutional care markets. Bidfood’s internal team of developers, who also look after the in-house developed ERP system, used LANSA’s low-code development platform to deliver a loyalty app that has led to a 15% sales increase of participating products. Having gained the confidence to deliver well integrated and attractive responsive web apps, Bidfood's IT team is discovering a large number of business cases where they can bring improvements.
Read the Case Study

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Brewers' Distributor

Brewers' Distributor Ltd. ( BDL) is Western Canada's leading distribution and container return service for the brewing industry, moving nearly a billion dollars worth of beer per year. BDL built a Warehouse Automation System that includes Visual LANSA Framework developed modules for Dispatching (replacing BDL’s JD Edwards Dispatch module), a Load Plan system and a solution that gives the process controller a visual depiction of pallets moving through the line and lets them deal with any exceptions. JD Edwards and the LANSA extension communicate with automated line software (from Samuel Strapping Systems) using LANSA Integrator SOAP requests. Read the Case Study

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The CBH Group

The CBH Group, is Australia's largest grain co-operative with operations extending along the value chain from grain receival, storage, handling and transport, to marketing, shipping and processing. CBH's core grain handling and storage system IBIS includes web access for growers and other stakeholders and has been developed using LANSA. Integration with other systems, such as SAP Financials and CBH's port control systems, are largely based on web services, also developed with LANSA, and WebSphere MQ. The system is comprehensive and includes 1,284 physical files, 2,375 logical files, 512 trigger functions, 2,293 server type functions, 2,015 Windows forms and 2,429 reusable parts in the Repository. Read the Case Study

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Cenveo Envelope logo

Cenveo’s Envelope Group is one of the world's largest envelope manufacturers, producing one out of every four envelopes in the United States. Cenveo Envelope used Visual LANSA to create an intuitive, modern application that has increased customer service efficiency levels by 20 to 30 percent. The application, called Unity, provides users with browser-based access to four ERP applications (JD Edwards from Oracle, Infor LN previously Baan and two homegrown systems) and three databases (SQL Server, DB2 for i and Informix). In addition Unity gives users access to millions of PDF documents, such as invoices, statements and work orders. LANSA Integrator is used for a variety of data assimilation tasks. Read the Case Study

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Children's Aid Society of Toronto

The Children's Aid Society of Toronto (CAST) is the largest child welfare organization in North America. CAST serves over 9000 families and 24,000 children annually. CAST historically used Visual Basic (VB) but redeveloped the its Case Management system in Visual LANSA (VL). Redevelopment in VL took less than half the time that was estimated for the project with VB. The VL solution proved more stable and consistent in implementation. Read the Case Study

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CHP Alfa

CHP Consulting, established in 1990, is the leading provider of software and consulting services to the global asset finance industry with headquarters in the U.K. and offices in USA and Australia. CHP's ALFA Systems solution, with its business logic built using LANSA, has grown to become an industry standard in supporting asset finance, vehicle finance and consumer finance operations at top banks, equipment manufacturers and finance companies, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Hitachi Capital Business Finance, Lloyds TSB Asset Financing, Siemens Financial Services, Société Générale Equipment Finance and Toyota Financial Services. Read the Case Study

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CHRISTUS Health, ranked among the top ten Catholic health systems in the U.S., encompasses almost 350 services and facilities. CHRISTUS Health uses e.ssential Contract Guardian, a contract management solution from LANSA business partner Rippe & Kingston. Built with LANSA Web Application Modules (WAMs), the browser-based solution can be deployed across multiple platforms in-house or on a SaaS basis. CHRISTUS Health has implemented the solution in a Windows environment in its Houston data center. The solution helps to achieve substantial savings and makes the entire contract management process more transparent. Read the Case Study

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College of New Rochelle

The College of New Rochelle (CNR) in New York USA was founded in 1904 and has seven campuses and over 6,000 students. CNR runs its administration with College Administrative Processing System (CAPS) from LANSA business partner DB Systems Corporation. CAPS is a browser-based ASP solution and gives staff and students easy browser access inside the college and at home. Read the Case Study

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Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque (CUD) is an urban community association in France. CUD's scope includes housing development, design and building of industrial zones, economic development, construction and maintenance of local schools, water purification. CUD has developed all its systems, iSeries, Windows and web with LANSA. CUD's financial management system is built with Visual LANSA to provide easy navigation over a wealth of information and better integration with MS Word and Windows print management tools.

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The Cook County Circuit Court

The Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago is America's largest consolidated court system. The Office of the Chief Judge employs more than 2,300 people, serves over 400 judges and handles 2.4 million cases a year. The court's Juvenile Enterprise Management System (JEMS) is developed with LANSA. JEMS is an integrated justice information system which ties law enforcement to six county agencies with responsibility for juvenile justice and child protection in one application.

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DUMAC has redeveloped from the ground up its old Visual Basic-based retail system with Visual LANSA. The new Point-of-Sale and back office solution is being rolled out to over 1000 retail locations across the USA and Canada, who have a mixture of Windows operating systems. DUMAC selected Visual LANSA because it insulates the IT team from having to worry about underlying version incompatibilities in the operating system or database. This saves DUMAC a lot of time and removed a prior headache – code instability, In addition, DUMAC spends less time on maintenance because of Visual LANSA's object oriented code. Read the Case Study

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Duro-Last Inc., headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan in the USA, is the world's largest manufacturer of custom prefabricated thermoplastic single ply roofing systems. Duro-Last is providing its 3,000 independent contractors with a web solution to manage their roofing projects, place and trace orders, view invoices, and much more. Small contractors may use the solution from their smart phone, while the larger construction companies will have their administrative staff access the solution from their desktop. Duro-Last used Visual LANSA 14, while it was still in beta release, and is now benefitting from a solution that works across client devices of all sizes and across all browsers, from a single set of code. The solution is expected to reduce the number of calls to Duro-Last’s customer service center and to improve the customer experience.
Read the Case Study

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