Business to Business (B2B) self service Web solutions have streamlined the way companies do business with their suppliers, distributors and customers. LANSA customers achieved efficiency improvements and significant Return on Investment, usually within a few months of implementing their LANSA developed eBusiness solutions. Key to success in any industry is tight real-time integration between the Web solutions and the core operational system.

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AGUNSA, headquartered in Chile, is a leading maritime port service provider with over 35 offices throughout the Latin American region. AGUNSA started its operations in the sixties as shipping agency, and has since expanded its business through natural growth and acquisitions to act as agent, administrator and operator in a multi-modal transport chain and in diverse terminal stations. AGUNSA is now also active in the airline and cruise passenger transport tourism sector. With the help of LANSA business partner Ingenieria De Software of Valparaso, Chile, AGUNSA has Web extended and redesigned large parts of its core shipping system with LANSA. Now local and remote users have intuitive Web access to a complex billing system that includes, complex price calculations, multiple contract types, customer specific import & export specifications, and issuing of digital invoices.
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Allianz Ireland

Allianz Ireland, one of Ireland's largest multi-line general insurance companies, is part of the Allianz Group, Europe's leading global insurer and financial services provider with a turnover of Euro 82.6 billion and 180,000 people in over 70 countries. Allianz chose LANSA as their strategic Web development tool for B2C and B2B projects. B2B projects include a household insurance site to the largest mortgage provider in Ireland, a site to 400 brokers who handle Mid Market Commercial insurance, and a site to 200 brokers for personal lines general insurance. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Allied Beverage Group

Allied Beverage Group, LLC, New Jersey's largest distributors of wines and spirits, provides a LANSA-based Web solution to its customers and sales representatives. The site, developed with the help of LANSA business partner Strategic Business Systems, offers sophisticated facilities for ordering, managing retail incentives, customizing ShelfTalkers and access to accounts receivable, invoice images and product content. The site helps Allied to excel in service in an extremely competitive market. Read the Case Study

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The Alpura Group is one of the top Mexican dairy food producers with around 160 dairy farms producing more than 2 million liters of milk per day for two processing plants. Hundreds of supermarkets in Mexico carry Alpura's wide variety of dairy products. Alpura has implemented a LANSA-based Web solution that consolidates order, distribution and billing information between Alpura and its distributors. The solution helped Alpura to increase its business volume by 50% without an increase in administrative staff. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Apria Healthcare

Apria Healthcare, America's leading provider of home healthcare products and services, used LANSA to build a fast two-way XML interface between its business systems and the heterogeneous systems of its business partners, as well as its externally hosted B2C eCommerce site. Apria also offers physicians a secure LANSA based pharmacy Web site that allows them to order respiratory solutions for their patients online. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
E.P. Barrus

E.P. Barrus Ltd, located in the U.K., designs and manufactures engines and distributes a diverse range of products including MTD lawn and garden machinery, moto-roma scooters and motorcycles, Mercury, Mariner and Yanmar marine and industrial engines. Barrus dealer Web site, built with LANSA Commerce Edition, allows dealers to order parts, check stock availability, track order status and view order history. One special feature of the site is that it allows dealers to search for parts without having to know the part number. Barrus uses LANSA Integrator Web services to link to and pass parameters to Epitomy's Web site, where dealers can select the diagram of the engine and dissect it till they arrive at the part they need. Once the part is selected, a SOAP message is relayed back to Barrus' Web site, where the dealer can continue with the order. Read the Case Study

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BAS Insurance Services

BAS Insurance Services Limited (BIS) based in Essex in the U.K., offers specialist insurance, marketing and administrative services. BIS is a market-leader with their AllClear Travel insurance, which provides cover irrespective of age, medical condition or disability. BIS used LANSA to take their AllClear Travel insurance product to the Web and to develop and run nearly 20 branded travel insurance sites for other insurance companies. BIS also used LANSA Commerce Edition to develop and run about 10 member benefit sites. BIS can setup a new site from scratch in three days. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition
BBVA Prevision AFP

BBVA Previsión AFP, Bolivia's leading pension fund administrator, is a member of BBVA, a multinational financial services group based in Spain that has over 35 million customers in 32 countries. Previsión AFP implemented "Sucursal Virtual" a secure LANSA-based "virtual office" self-service Web solution that allows employers, employees and beneficiaries to view statements, update account and investment details and do virtually everything that in the past required a visit to an AFP Prevision office. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

Bidfood BV (previously Deli XL), a leading wholesale supplier to the Dutch foodservice market, offers and reliably delivers an assortment of over 60,000 food and food-related products and services to its 30,000 customers in the hospitality, catering and institutional markets. Deli XL receives over two million order lines per month, of which 60 percent arrive via Bestel XL, an interactive Web site based on LANSA technology. The site contributes to customer satisfaction tremendously and Deli XL enjoys less than ten per mille erroneous order lines. Deli XL also uses Visual LANSA Framework for extensions to its core ERP system, such as a Windows rich-client Complaint Management System and a solution to locate (mis-)matches between supplier invoices and deliveries. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

Blackmer, a Dover Company, incorporated in 1903 and located in Michigan, North America, is the world's leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products. Through a global network of distributors and OEMs, Blackmer serves a wide variety of industries. Blackmer uses LANSA Commerce Edition to give distributors online access to orders and account information in its BPCS ERP implementation. The solution includes a LANSA developed rules-based configurator for ordering custom assembled products. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition for BPCS
Bonn Tatje Fackiner

Bonn Tatje Fackiner (BTF) is one of Germany's largest wholesalers of electrical goods. BTF is the first and only electrical wholesaler in Germany to offer Web-based order entry facilities and access to real-time stock and price information to over 8000 resellers.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Brewers Distributor

Brewers Distributor Ltd. (BDL) is Western Canada's leading distribution and container return service for the brewing industry. BDL uses LANSA to provide Web self-service and real-time machine-to-machine integration to over 7,000 customers. High volume customers can send orders in a variety of formats directly from their POS system, while a rapidly growing number of smaller customers are using the Web order facility. Both solutions integrate in real-time with BDL's JD Edwards system. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Carole Fabrics

Carole Fabrics, Inc., a Hunter Douglas company located in Augusta, Georgia in the USA, manufactures custom draperies, bedspreads, window coverings and other quality home decorations. Carole's workroom, distribution centers, customer service facilities and showrooms comprises over 250,000 square feet. Carole used LANSA Commerce Edition to provide its customers with online order entry and inquiry, including a Web-based Configurator for custom orders. Previously over 40 percent of Carole's custom orders could not be completed without calling the customer, now the smart question-answer script helps Carole the get the order right first time. The Web solution integrates with Carole's MAPICS solution. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition
The CBH Group

The CBH Group is Australia's largest grain co-operative with operations extending along the value chain from grain receival, storage, handling and transport, to marketing, shipping and processing. CBH's core grain handling and storage system IBIS is developed with LANSA. External parties have access through a LANSA-based Web solution called LoadNet. Growers use LoadNet to provide harvest forecasts, register their vehicles and view their load details after delivery at a receival site. Growers can also transact through LoadNet, for example sell, transfer or contract their grain. LoadNet integrates with a price discovery application called DailyGrain. LoadNet also has links to other in-house applications for 'Online Contract Writing' (which allows growers and marketers to arrange contracts) and PayRite where contract information is stored and payments to growers are calculated. Transporters use LoadNet to register their trucks for the transport of grain between sites and the ports. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
CH Jones

CH Jones Ltd, UK's leading fuel bunkering company through its Keyfuels and Diesel Direct cards, manages in excess of 1.8 billion liters of DERV annually. CH Jones provides to its customers and dealers for on-line fuel management services, including controlling fuel resources and costs. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
CHP Alfa

CHP Consulting, established in 1990, is the leading provider of software and consulting services to the global asset finance industry with headquarters in the U.K. and offices in USA and Australia. CHP's ALFA Systems solution, with its business logic built using LANSA, has grown to become an industry standard in supporting asset finance, vehicle finance and consumer finance operations at top banks, equipment manufacturers and finance companies, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Hitachi Capital Business Finance, Lloyds TSB Asset Financing, Siemens Financial Services, Société Générale Equipment Finance and Toyota Financial Services. Since 1998, the ALFA solution has been extended with eBusiness functionality and a browser interface to allow clients' remote staff, brokers, car dealers and other parties Web access. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Chunghwa Picture Tubes

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) in Taiwan, with over US $3 billion annual revenue one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer displays, makes monitors for Compaq, HP, IBM and other leading computer companies. CPT uses a LANSA-based B2B procurement Web solution that gives over 1,000 suppliers self service access to purchase orders, order references, order replies, material acceptance status and expected/paid payment information. The solution has dramatically streamlined and accelerated communication with suppliers and reduced the printing and mailing of order sheets and other paperwork. The solution was developed with the help of LANSA business partner Innatech Co. Ltd in Taiwan.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
College of New Rochelle

The College of New Rochelle (CNR) in New York USA was founded in 1904 and has seven campuses and over 6,000 students. CNR runs its administration with College Administrative Processing System (CAPS) from LANSA business partner DB Systems Corporation. CAPS is a browser-based ASP solution and gives staff and students easy browser access inside the college and at home. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Co-operative Bulk Handling

Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) receives, stores and outloads up to 12 million tonnes of grain per year, 40% of Australia's production. CBH uses LANSA for the Web to collect harvest estimates from its 10,000 growers. The site integrates with a Synon system and was developed in 5 weeks by partner Lateral. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

Daihatsu Holland has implemented a real-time LANSA Web support system to over 100 dealers. The system, developed in just 27 days, allows for ordering and inquiry of spare parts and soon cars and a warranty system. Many showrooms are open on the weekends and 7X24 availability has boosted service. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Dean Supply

Dean Supply Co., a leading commercial foodservice dealer in the Northeast Ohio region, has extended its B2B customer service with The site allows customers and sales staff to enter and view orders, check order status, convert open quotes to orders, and setup item preferences and repeat orders for easy manipulation. Customers can access A/R information and sales staff can inquire into their customers. The site also offers an online shop with over 30,000 items. The Commerce Edition built site is fully integrated with CB Software's Distribusmart ERP solution.

Products Used: Commerce Edition
Diversified Information Technologies

Diversified Information Technologies are headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. Diversified provide document storage and record management services to over 450 corporate clients with over 4 million cubic feet of archival records spread over 18 locations. Diversified developed a LANSA-based Web site, in only 6 weeks, to give customers fast access to their archive files that contain on average 10 million records. The LANSA site replaces a Java-based site. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

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