Business to Business (B2B) self service web solutions have streamlined the way companies do business with their suppliers, distributors and customers. LANSA customers achieved efficiency improvements and significant Return on Investment, usually within a few months of implementing their LANSA developed eBusiness solutions. Key to success in any industry is tight real-time integration between the web solutions and the core operational system.

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The National Assembly for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales develops and implements policies, which reflect the particular needs of the people of Wales (in the UK). The Assembly implemented several LANSA Intranet solutions used by hundreds of users across Wales. One of these is a Travel & Subsistence solution that helps to get expenses approved and paid within 3 days instead of 3-5 weeks. LANSA is also used for analyzing budget and statistical information through a series of Web Event drilldown functions. Read the Case Study

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Neller is Australia's leading AS/400 provider to the Human Resources and Payroll sector. Neller selected LANSA to enhance its HR & Payroll flagship product Preceda People. A self-service web extension empowers employees of large decentralized companies.
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Nobilis, located in Paris, France, is an internationally famous designer and manufacturer of fabrics, carpets, wallpaper and furniture sold by 200 partners worldwide to the world's most prestigious clientele. Nobilis used LANSA Commerce Edition to evolve its corporate website into an exhaustive catalogue, comprising of almost the entire product range. In addition, the site offers a B2B Extranet for subsidiaries and business partners to access real-time stock levels, order status and other information. Read the Case Study

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Nulogx, based in Canada, is a leader in transportation management solutions. Nulogx is using LANSA's low-code rapid application development platform for its TMS-O transportation management solution. Nulogx's customers can now access TMS-O using a productive and responsive web application. The app isn't just for a simple dashboard overview, but for the core workbench that manages shipments, carrier assignments, carrier communication, document generation, and much more. Read the Case Study

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P5 Provider Pay

P5 Provider Solutions is a revenue management and loan reconciliation process for Hospitals, Physicians, Pharmacies and other healthcare providers, that is compatible with all claims payers and provides funding of healthcare claims in 24-48 hours. Provider Pay utilizes 100% electronic EDI claims submission and is a secure HIPAA and banking compliant browser based solution. Users can access real time claim status information, view images of paper documents, and review reconcilement of claims to remittance information and bank deposits via check or electronic funds submitted to the lock box accounts.

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Piraeus MultiFin

Piraeus MultiFin SA based in Athens, Greece, is one of the country's leading finance companies for the automotive, motorcycle and marine sectors, both in retail and stock financing. Piraeus MultiFin used Visual LANSA Framework to redevelop its core line of business system, transforming it from a green-screen legacy interface and to a modern web application. The system provides secure web access to over 400 car dealerships and numerous customers, collection partners and other stakeholders. Read the Case Study

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Proton Parts Centre

Proton Parts Centre is the parts logistics and distribution arm of Proton Cars, a Malaysian car company that exports to 41 countries. Proton Parts distributes parts to its distributors network, part dealers and service dealers locally and throughout the world. Proton Parts has implemented a LANSA-based web solution for order entry, order tracking, parts availability and product information inquiry. The site is seamlessly integrated with Protons' core iSeries-based warehouse management system.

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Rawlings Sporting Goods Company

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA manufactures and supplies distributors and retailers with equipment and protective gear for baseball, softball, football, basketball and volleyball. Rawlings, via its Hilton Apparel division, also manufactures and supplies distributors worldwide with corporate logo-bearing merchandise, such as custom made staff uniforms. For many years, Rawlings has offered its customers a LANSA-built self-service website that integrates with JD Edwards. Recently Rawlings used LANSA's Punch Out Catalog Integration solution to extend its existing LANSA eCommerce site with "punch-out" integration to let Ariba Supplier Network buyers create and edit orders and let Rawlings upload its catalog to Ariba. All integration is handled by LANSA Integrator and complies with the Ariba protocols using cXML messaging and HTTPS. Read the IBM Systems Magazine Rawlings/Hilton Case Study

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REHAU AG+Co in Germany is one of the largest polymer processing companies in the world, manufacturing components for the construction, automotive and medical sectors and for virtually every other industry. LANSA-based customer and mobile computing portals give business partners and traveling staff web access to REHAU's ERP system, which is built with Visual LANSA and deployed on a central iSeries for partner web access and numerous local iSeries machines in 23 languages. Read the Case Study

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Rembrandt Den-Mat

After over 26 years in the oral care business, Rembrandt Oral Care Products have received dozens of patents on their revolutionary formula. Its Extra Whitening Toothpaste is approved by the American Dental Association and is voted #1 whitening toothpaste by pharmacists. Rembrandt also supplies thousands and thousands of dentists with dental materials, bleaching and our patented Cerinate Laminates. Commerce Edition integrates with the PRMS core system.

Products Used: Commerce Edition

Rent-A-Wreck, a 29 year-old retail auto rental company with 450 locations in the US, used LANSA to develop a B2B and B2C site for car rentals. The B2B functionality allows Rent-A-Wreck franchise members to customize their own web presence to reflect their individual pricing, model availability and policies via a password controlled administrative site.

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Rippe & Kingston

Rippe & Kingston has been a LANSA Business Partner for over ten years. They have recently developed "e.ssential", a full suite of eBusiness web modules that integrate with customers existing Infinium solutions. Read the Case Study

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Robinson Manufacturing

Robinson Manufacturing Company, based in Dayton, Tennessee in the US, is a supplier of basic and fashion boxer underwear, loungewear and activewear e-wear products to both the retail and wholesale markets. Robinson's Vendor Shipment Management System (VSMS) provides suppliers with real-time access to purchase orders and lets them create and maintain shipments, shipping dates and cases. They can also print the shipping manifests and bar-coded case labels. Upon closing a shipment, the VSMS creates an Advance Shipment Notification in Robinson's ERP and Warehouses systems. Robinson uses Visual LANSA for internal rich client applications as well as web portals for third parties. Read the Case Study

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Rotary Corp

Rotary Corporation is the world's largest supplier of parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. Rotary sells exclusively via dealers and has recently replaced its old dealer web portal with a new mobile responsive website. The site’s public corporate pages and dealer transactional pages are both driven by LANSA Commerce Edition. The site offers everything you expect in a modern B2B solution, including a facility for dealers to export rich product data for publication on their own website, order tracking and PDF invoice access. LANSA Integrator is used for ePayment, generation of PDF documents and automated email distribution of order confirmations and invoices. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition

The Chilean Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOA) provides information and technical assistance to increase the safety of vessels navigating the coastal and territorial waters of Chile. SHOA was established in 1874 and charged with the publication and distribution of nautical charts to the Chilean Navy. Now SHOA has extended its service to the public and offers a wide range of products and services. With the help of LANSA business partner Ingenieria De Software of Valparaíso, Chile, SHOA implemented a LANSA based web solution to effectively distribute its nautical publications and other specialized products at national and international level. The site integrates with Transbank for Credit Card payments of casual clients, while orders of regular business clients are checked against their account. Publications that traditionally used to take several days to distribute, are now emailed automatically and instantly through LANSA.

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S.S. Kemp

S.S. Kemp & Co., a leading commercial foodservice dealer and design consultant in its field, has extended its B2B customer service with The site allows customers and sales staff to enter and view orders, check order status, convert open quotes to orders, and setup item preferences and repeat orders for easy manipulation. Customers can access A/R information and sales staff can inquire into their customers. The site also offers an online shop with over 30,000 items. The Commerce Edition built site is fully integrated with CB Software's Distribusmart ERP solution. Read the Case Study

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Stone Wheel Distribution

Stone Wheel is a car parts distributor servicing over 2,500 repair shops in Mid West America. Repair shops within a five mile radius get their web "hotshot orders" delivered within half an hour. Sparkhorse hosts the LANSA web e-marketplace, which integrates with a parts distribution system from DST MacDonald. Read the Case Study

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Sumisho Oil

Sumisho Oil, based in Japan and specializing in distribution of oil, gas and petroleum products, implemented e-Pack's Visual LANSA and web based accounting, distribution and eBusiness modules. The eBusiness module, developed by Arkrise, allows for online order entry and account inquiry by Sumisho's customers. E-Pack was implemented by Nippan Computer Technology on Sumisho's iSeries 400, which replaces a mainframe.

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The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS)

The State Universities Retirement Systems of Illinois (SURS) provides benefit services to over 145,000 members from over 70 employers, including state universities, colleges and state agencies in Illinois. SURS uses LANSA to provide online web access to authorized employer organizations as well as individual members. The web solution integrate with SURS' legacy systems built in Synon.

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ViaTech Publishing Solutions

ViaTech Publishing Solutions, headquartered in New York, is the authority in on-demand destination printing. Through its facilities and partners in the US, Europe and Asia, customers can create content locally and print globally. The process of uploading print files, customizing them and ordering copies to be delivered anywhere in the world is entirely automated using LANSA. ViaTech's Publishing Express website (VPX) allows customers to upload their PDF files, combine resequence multiple PDF files into a single document, insert blank pages and tabs and select from various finishing & binding options. The thumbnail view of the document the customer is working on is continuously updated as they select options. LANSA Integrator plays a role in this web application as well. Read the Case Study

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Veiling Zaltbommel

Veiling Zaltbommel, a fruit, vegetable and mushroom auction cooperative in the Netherlands, uses a LANSA website to make trading between growers and buyers easier and more profitable. Having timely estimates of produce supply helps to get higher revenues while giving better service at the same time. Read the Case Study

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Visa Card Services

Visa Card Services in the Netherlands implemented MOTOMAAT, a web based service for its Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants. MOTOMAAT allows merchants to enter their own authorization and payment requests, replacing a labor-intensive fax procedure. Merchants have the advantage of being able to place their requests at any time of the day and get an immediate answer and quicker payment. MOTOMAAT was developed in one week time with LANSA. Read the Case Study

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Weidmuller Group

The Weidmüller Group is a leading provider of solutions for the transmission of power, signals and data in industrial environments with production facilities, sales companies and agencies in over 70 countries. Weidmuller in North America, based in Richmond, Virginia, USA, has over 750 distributors and direct customers and replaced an inflexible ebusiness solution for its JD Edwards World ERP with LANSA Commerce Edition to lift online orders from under thirty to over fifty percent. Even with rapidly expanding business volumes, the sites have freed up at least eight hours of labor each day. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a $280 billion diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance services through 6,000 stores, its Internet site and other distribution channels. Wells Fargo uses several LANSA based solutions, including a broker licensing registration system and a secure web application that allows authorized brokers to look at their daily revenue.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

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