Business to Consumer (B2C) self service websites have proven to be enormously successful for LANSA customers who have truly integrated this new channel with their core business solution. Read how Hotels, Insurance companies, Banks, Stock traders, Book & Music publishers, Fashion & Apparel companies, Schools & Universities, and many more use the web to reach their customers and serve them better.

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NTE Electronics

NTE Electronics Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, USA, is a prominent supplier of electronic components and accessories. NTE sells its products strictly through a channel of about 800 independent distributors. NTE had a hard time getting its products promoted to the end consumers the way they wanted and had been toying for years with the idea to offer its products online on a B2C platform. But it was a tightrope to walk, because NTE didn’t want to alienate its distributors. NTE found a perfect balance with its B2C website NTEPartsDirect. The site’s sales prices are above recommended retail, but it gives NTE the opportunity to promote its broad line of products and analyze consumer preferences. NTE developed its website in 3 months with LANSA Commerce Edition, a framework of customizable eCommerce components. The website and NTE’s IBM i-based ERP system are tightly integrated and share all data in real time. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition
Ontario Studen Assistance Program

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), an initiative of the Ministry of Education in Canada, offers a multilingual website where a LANSA for the Web application allows students to apply online for loans and grants and check the status of their application. Student had been anticipating the site for a while and nearly 1,000 OSAP applications were processed on its first day of going live.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
P5 eHealth Services

P5 eHealth Services offers a LANSA-built portal website for the healthcare industry. links clients, members and providers and offers a paperless environment for claims, benefit and eligibility data, secure EDI or web claims submission, quick claims turnaround, EFT and Imaging. Users can access real time claim status information 24 hours-a-day. P5 offers both an ASP arrangement and an in-house complete administration solution and holds various patents.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

Rent-A-Wreck, a 29 year-old retail auto rental company with 450 locations in the US, used LANSA to develop a B2B and B2C site for car rentals. The B2C functionality at allows visitors to search for the closest rental location, reserve a rental vehicle or submit an inquiry to a specific location with specific questions on pricing and model availability.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
The School District of Osceola County

The School District of Osceola County, Florida has built a browser-based system for the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department. The LANSA solution replaces an error-prone and time-consuming system that used hand-written forms. The accuracy and timeliness of ESE data has improved and the system is a big success to teachers and specialists who work with over 5000 handicapped and gifted students.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
ScoreBook gives amateur sports leagues FREE web-based tools for record keeping, game results with highlights and action photos, team rosters, scheduling, and league / team / player communications. This LANSA site was developed and is hosted by LANSA partner Strategic Business Systems.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

The Chilean Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (SHOA) provides information and technical assistance to increase the safety of vessels navigating the coastal and territorial waters of Chile. SHOA was established in 1874 and charged with the publication and distribution of nautical charts to the Chilean Navy. Now SHOA has extended its service to the public and offers a wide range of products and services. With the help of LANSA business partner Ingenieria De Software of Valparaíso, Chile, SHOA implemented a LANSA based web solution to effectively distribute its nautical publications and other specialized products at national and international level. The site integrates with Transbank for Credit Card payments of casual clients, while orders of regular business clients are checked against their account. Publications that traditionally used to take several days to distribute, are now emailed automatically and instantly through LANSA.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
S.S. Kemp

S.S. Kemp & Co., founded in 1926, has established itself not only as a leading commercial foodservice dealer, but also as one of the foremost design consultants in its field. S.S. Kemp & Co. has extended both its cash and carry consumer services and B2B customer service with, an online shop that offers over 30,000 items. The Commerce Edition built site is fully integrated with CB Software's Distribusmart ERP solution. Read the Case Study

Products Used: Commerce Edition

Trecenti, sells fine jewelry, mainly engagement and wedding rings, at its 13 shops in Japan. A growing number of customers prefer to choose their own ring frame and one or more loose diamonds, rather than selecting from the finished goods catalog. To support this shift in business Trecenti's customers can now use in-store iPads to search for loose diamonds by carat, color, quality, price, line and other criteria in Oriental Diamond's real-time Internet-based inventory system, to which over 400 diamond suppliers are connected. The solution is based on Visual LANSA WAM technology and runs in Safari, iPad's browser. Trecenti's sales staff can now spend their time on advising the customer instead of having to continuously make phone calls to their head office to find out about the availability of the customer's choice of diamonds. Customers, mostly young engaged couples, enjoy the experience to use iPads to search for diamonds and build their own custom rings.
Read the Case Study

Products Used: Visual LANSA WAMs
The Venetial Hotel

The Venetian Hotel, the world's largest convention center, uses a LANSA based Wireless check-in solution. Guests are greeted in the convention center by hotel staff that use handheld wireless devices that are equipped with belt printers, credit card swipers and key encoders. Without having even seen the front desk, the guest receives a room assignment, credit card authorization, room keys and a printed receipt.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
The Weber School District

The Weber School District (WSD) in Utah is committed to providing students and staff with access to technology and resources to provide the most effective educational experiences possible. WSD has over 40 schools and almost 28,000 students in its district. WSD has used LANSA since 1998 to enhance their school administration systems and to provide web access to school information by teachers and parents.

Products Used: LANSA for the Web
Wilson Bowden

Wilson Bowden plc, one of the U.K.'s leading house builders and property developers, has implemented an end-to-end integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales and lead generation solution. LANSA Integrator provides content in XML format to an outsourced website and maps incoming sales leads from the site in XML format to a Visual LANSA–based CRM system. Customers who leave an inquiry on the website, can expect to be called by a sales advisor 15 minutes after pressing the submit button. Read the Case Study

Products Used: LANSA for the Web

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