LANSA's repository based high level 4GL provides a rapid application development environment. It generates the required underlying code for the client-side, the server-side and everything in between, such as C++, RPG, HTML, XML and JavaScript. LANSA's Object Access modules give fast database access, while shielding the developer from having to learn database specifics. Whatever your choice of client device, operating system and database, you don't want to be locked into that environment. LANSA applications smoothly port across multiple platforms, including Cloud (AWS and Azure), IBM i, Linux and Windows.


ACBS, a LANSA based Corporate Lending Administration System from Fidelity Information Services, has established itself as the commercial loans industry standard for major lenders and syndicates. ACBS products are installed in more than 23 of the top-50 global banks, including Bank of America, Barclays Capital, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Chase Manhattan Bank and many others. ACBS customers deploy the solution in iSeries and Window server environments. For example, Commerzbank AG, a large German bank, implemented ACBS on a Dec Alpha NT system with Oracle as the database at the bank's New York branch. Read the Case Study

Advanced Computing

Advance Computing Pty Ltd, based north of Melbourne in Australia, has been a leading provider of specialist financial software and consultancy services for over 25 years. Advance Computing has expanded its market share from a handful of large IBM midrange customers for its financial solutions, to also include numerous Windows implementations. All platform implementations are supported from a single set of LANSA source code and include cutting-edge features like XML data exchange, web access and integrated email and document management. Read the Case Study

Capitol Appraisal Group

Capitol Appraisal Group, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, specializes in appraisals for oil wells, mineral mines, power plants and other related industrial properties. A solution vendor as well its own largest customer, CAGI wanted a more contemporary solution to market. CAGI used Visual LANSA to redevelop an internally developed COBOL system as well as RPG-based software from a merger with Thompson Data Systems. Its new Centurion Software Series product determines a value for real, personal or mineral property and processes the appraised values for collection by taxing jurisdictions. Centurion provides interfaces to GIS and imaging products and runs on iSeries, pSeries and Windows servers. Customers include around 80 appraisal districts in Texas and one in Alaska.

CDK Global Heavy Equipment

CDK Global Heavy Equipment, an IBM Premier and Lotus Business Partner based in London, Ontario, Canada, has been a LANSA business partner for over 12 years. Since 1994, CDK have used LANSA to enhance its dealer management solution and add web extensions. LANSA was also used in the gradual transition of CDK’s classic RPG-based Dealership Management system to IntelliDealer. Both IntelliDealer and the eServices customer portal are now completely written in Visual LANSA, allowing CDK to offer the solution on iSeries and Windows platforms or in an ASP environment. The decision to modernize and gradually redevelop with LANSA has put CDK far ahead of the competition. Read the Case Study

CHP Alfa

CHP Consulting, with headquarters in the U.K. and offices in USA and Australia, is the leading provider of software and consulting services to the global asset finance industry. With its business logic built with LANSA, CHP's ALFA Systems solution has grown to become an industry standard in supporting asset finance. Customers include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Hitachi Capital Business Finance, Lloyds TSB Asset Financing, Siemens Financial Services, Société Générale Equipment Finance and Toyota Financial Services, who deploy ALFA on a variety of popular platforms including Windows, IBM System i and Linux. Read the Case Study


DUMAC has redeveloped from the ground up its old Visual Basic-based retail system with Visual LANSA. The new Point-of-Sale and back office solution is being rolled out to over 1000 retail locations across the USA and Canada, who have a mixture of Windows operating systems. DUMAC selected Visual LANSA because it insulates the IT team from having to worry about underlying version incompatibilities in the operating system or database. This saves DUMAC a lot of time and removed a prior headache – code instability, In addition, DUMAC spends less time on maintenance because of Visual LANSA's object oriented code. Read the Case Study


Ficos Open (Ficos) is a LANSA based Financial solution from Ficosnet. Ficos offers platform portability from a single source version. A broad range of companies – including Nestle, Nabisco, Bridgestone, Volkswagen Finance, Bacardi & Martini, Lidl and 3M – use Ficos to control their finances. Ficos is installed at over 60 companies on a variety of Windows, Linux and iSeries platforms, using SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 databases. Read the Case Study

Numeric Computer Systems

Numeric Computer Systems (NCS), headquartered in Hauppauge, New York and with offices in Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand, invented computerized route accounting in 1967. Today, NCS provides the food and beverage industry with supply chain execution solutions for the entire Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Order to Cash process. NCS redeveloped its eRMS host product with Visual LANSA. eRMS runs on iSeries, UNIX and Windows servers and has a browser interface.

RPO Automatisering

RPO Automatisering BV in the Netherlands specializes in solutions for fruit and vegetable importers and exporters and real estate management companies. RPO has completely redeveloped AGF/ng, its RPG and LANSA for the Web solution for the fruit and vegetable industry, with Visual LANSA. The new solution, Freshng Advanced Edition runs on Windows AND System I servers. RPO has over 60 customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain, including Fresh Partners Thailand, Bocchi Benelux, Alexport BV, MarniFruit BV, Jover BV and The Greenery Organics.


Shoe-D-Vision, with its head office in Århus, Denmark, is a co-operative of the Skoringen, Feet Me and zjoos shoe retailers, with nearly 300 stores in Denmark and Norway. A LANSA customer since 1992, Shoe-D-Vision used LANSA to build a Windows-based retail back office system, installed at over 80 retail groups. Most SHOEit sites run on Windows 2000 servers with an SQL Server database and connect with two or three individual shoe shop POS systems. Shoe-D-Vision’s central ERP system, also developed in LANSA, runs on an iSeries server and provides web access to retailers for stock inquiry, placing of orders and polling of interest for new shoe-lines to carry. Read the Case Study

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