LANSA Integrator provides a Java Services Framework for integration between heterogeneous systems, inside or outside your organization. It automates Application-to-Application (A2A) and Business-to-Business (B2B) integration and supports multiple transport layers. Read how companies reduce costs by integrating their existing systems with LANSA using Java, XML, web services and other technologies, without the need for rewriting their existing systems or the need for Java programming skills.

Apria Healthcare

Apria Healthcare is America's leading provider of integrated home healthcare products and services. Apria used LANSA Integrator to build a fast two-way XML interface between its business systems and the heterogeneous systems of its business partners, as well as its externally hosted eCommerce website. One of Apria's systems that uses LANSA integrator is its insurance verification system. This system exchanges thousands of transactions each day, meaning less phone calls between Apria and the Insurers - both sides saving money. Read the Case Study

E.P. Barrus

E. P. Barrus Ltd, located in the U.K., designs and manufactures engines and distributes a diverse range of products including MTD lawn and garden machinery, moto-roma scooters and motorcycles, Mercury, Mariner and Yanmar marine and industrial engines. Barrus uses LANSA Integrator to exchange EDI messages with its trading partners including B&Q, the largest do-it-yourself chain in Europe and the third largest in the world. Barrus also uses LANSA Integrator on its dealer website to utilize web services from Epitomy, a company specializing in exploding diagrams, so dealers can search for parts without knowing the part number. LANSA Integrator web services link to Epitomy’s website, where dealers dissect engine diagrams to select the part they need. A SOAP message is then sent back to Barrus’ website and the dealer can complete the order. Read the Case Study

Baustoff Union

Baustoff Union (BU), is a leading provider of building materials, construction services and equipment rental services in Bavaria, the largest state of Germany. BU uses SMH ERP since 1997, a solution from LANSA's German business partner S.M.Hartmann. The ERP solution's functionality, originally RPG based, has been modernized and gradually replaced using Visual LANSA. LANSA Integrator was used to develop web services that let BU's ERP system communicate information about routes and delivery orders with TomTom WEBFLEET. The solution allows BU's fleet controller to retrieve the current position of BU's trucks and selectively send a delivery job to the best positioned vehicle. It has allowed BU to fine tune its procedures and has contributed to an efficiency increase of over 300% over six years. BU can now guarantee delivery of stock orders within three hours of receiving an order, helping its customers to avoid expensive delays in building projects. Read the Case Study

The Beacon Insurance Company

The Beacon Insurance Company Ltd, headquartered in Port of Spain, Trinidad and with branch offices throughout the southern Caribbean, offers a full range of insurance products and financial services, including general insurance, life & health Insurance, asset management and financing. Beacon has streamlined its procedures and modernized its Insure/90 core policy administration system. LANSA Integrator is a key component to Beacon’s overall solution, enabling the automated PDF generation of policy contracts, claim letters and other documents, and seamless integration with Beacon’s existing document management system via web services. Read the Case Study

Becton Dickinson

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) is a global medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories and the public. BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. BD uses LANSA Integrator and WebMethods to exchange real-time transactions between its European sales and distribution system, third party exchange marketplaces and BD's own global eBusiness platform. Read the Case Study

The Office of the Board of Studies New South Wales

The Office of the Board of Studies New South Wales (OBOS) is the certifying authority responsible for the content of syllabus materials, registration of non-government schools, and delivery of high school examinations for New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. LANSA’s development and integration tools have been at the heart of OBOS IT infrastructure since 1989. OBOS uses LANSA Integrator web services to exchange data with external parties, such as with schools, colleges and banks.

OBOS also uses LANSA Integrator for creating and integrating PDF and MP3 files in its onscreen marking system. Students written exam responses are color scanned and using LANSA Integrator's PDF service uploaded in PDF format into the IBM i-based marking system. In that process a custom written LANSA Integrator PDF service takes care that the number of pages is validated, that student and exam centre identification details are masked and that the page images are reassembled as required for marking. The service also sets the PDF properties and saves the documents to their proper file name.

Similarly, for digital recorded oral language exams, LANSA Integrator takes care of the receiving, naming and storing of the file in MP3 format. The digital recorded exams then go through the same marking process as the written scripts. Read the Case Study

Body Corporate Services

Body Corporate Service (BCS), established over 30 years ago and with over 20 branches on the eastern seaboard of Australia, are pioneers in strata management. BCS portfolio of property under management includes residential, commercial, resort & mixed use developments, totaling over 6,000 buildings. BCS uses LANSA Integrator to integrate its IBM i and LANSA based core Property Management System with customer and staff WebSphere portals, several Windows systems, as well as for communication with third parties such as with insurance companies, banks and the tax office. Read the Case Study

Brewers Distributor

Brewers' Distributor Ltd. ( BDL) is Western Canada's leading distribution and container return service for the brewing industry, moving nearly a billion dollars worth of beer per year. BDL used LANSA Integrator SOAP web services to have its JD Edwards system communicate with weigh scales in its warehouse, its Samuel Strapping line control software and other systems. BDL also uses LANSA Integrator for M2M transacting with its high volume customers, who can send their orders directly and in a variety of formats from their POS systems. Read the Case Study

The CBH Group

The CBH Group is Australia's largest grain co-operative with operations extending along the value chain from grain receival, storage, handling and transport, to marketing, shipping and processing. CBH's core grain handling and storage system IBIS includes web access by growers and other stakeholders and has been developed using LANSA. Integration with other systems, such as with SAP Financials and CBH's conveyor belt / control systems, are largely based on web services, also developed with LANSA, and WebSphere MQ. LANSA partner Lateral WA played a major role in delivering these LANSA based systems.
Read the Case Study

Cenveo Envelope logo

Cenveo’s Envelope Group is one of the world's largest envelope manufacturers, producing one out of every four envelopes in the United States. Cenveo Envelope uses LANSA Integrator to populate spreadsheets and web pages with data from multiple backend databases. And conversely, from a single source, push data to multiple backend systems. Users can generate and distribute spreadsheets with a wide variety of selection criteria, including date ranges, order types, customer and product attributes. Using LANSA Integrator’s Excel services, the columns contain true dates, numbers and so forth, and are professionally formatted with multiple fonts and colors. LANSA Integrator’s SMTP service then deliver the spreadsheets to one or more recipients via email. Read the Case Study


COMMON, the world's largest group of IBM and IBM-compatible information technology users with over 6,500 members, uses LANSA Integrator for web services to tie the conference registration fee with hotel registration. When the attendee selects a conference hotel, the web services API verifies the housing registration code and determines the corresponding conference registration fee before the payment process begins. This new registration structure eases registration procedures and gives a discount to attendees who stay at a designated hotel. Paying for the conference is easier as well, now that online credit card processing is dynamic using Authorize.Net and LANSA Integrator.


Cramo is a machine and modular space rental services company headquartered in Sweden, with branches in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estland, Holland, Polen and Hungary. Cramo services customers in a variety of industries. Cramo uses LANSA Integrator to provide fast data access and application integration between its Java based website and iSeries core system. LANSA made data access fast and easy and also allowed Cramo to call Java functionality from their core system applications.

Export Development Canada

Export Development Canada (EDC) is Canada’s export credit agency, offering innovative commercial solutions to help Canadian exporters and investors expand their international business. Nearly 7,000 Canadian companies and their global customers use EDC's knowledge and partnership each year. EDC uses ACBS, a largely LANSA-based commercial lending and trading system, and has recently successfully delivered two SOAP web services integration solutions, using LANSA Integrator. EDC also uses LANSA to customize and extend ACBS to meet specific requirements. Read the Case Study

Frontline Consultancy

Frontline Consultancy is a leading UK-based provider of software solutions for businesses and has partnerships with IBM, LANSA, Microsoft, SAP and Vmware. Frontline has a strong team of developers creating and supporting add-ons for SAP Business One, as well as a range of customer owned solutions. These include IBMi, .Net, Oracle and Java-based solutions for on-premise and mobile environments. Frontline used LANSA Integrator to build a Salesforce adapter for a customer's legacy IBMi-based dealer management system. The solution allows for real-time exchange of data between the two systems and exposes IBM i based data and functionality as a web service to Salesforce as well as consuming the services from Salesforce.

The Greenery

The Greenery B.V. in the Netherlands is a distribution, sales and marketing company for fresh produce. With a turnover of 1.6 billion Euro, The Greenery is one of the leaders in the vegetable, fruit and mushroom sectors in Europe. The Greenery uses LANSA Integrator and Remote Function Invocation for exchanging real-time information between its LANSA-based core iSeries system, Windows-based auction and sales systems, and external parties.
Read the Case Study

High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods Inc, headquartered in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, is one of North America's largest processors and marketers of prepared, value-added frozen seafood and pastas. High Liner markets its products under the High Liner, Fisher Boy and Gina Italian Village brands. A LANSA customer since 1989, High Liner uses LANSA for its iSeries, web, Windows, 1SYNC and EDI-INT extensions to JD Edwards World. Using in-house skills High Liner was able to rapidly implement EDI AS2 and 1SYNC. Read the Case Study

The Hillman Group

The Hillman Group, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, keeps over 21,000 retailers across the USA, Canada and Mexico stocked with an assortment of over 55,000 small, inexpensive but essential hardware items, such as fasteners, keys, signage & engraving products. Hillman's corporate reporting is done with WebFOCUS through an IBM WebSphere portal. Hillman uses LANSA Integrator to deploy RPG and other non-Java applications in its WebSphere portal environment. It allows Hilman to use their own IT staff for Java integration, instead of having to hire Java experts. Read the Case Study

AMP, a large international financial services company, headquartered in Australia, uses LANSA integrator to integrate Siebel's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with its core IBM i systems. LANSA provides real-time integration by XML message parsing for inbound and outbound WebSphere MQ messages between Siebel and the company's core system on the IBM i. The company has mainframe, Unix and IBM i systems in its organization and over 8 million customers who may be using one or more products. Customer holdings are consolidated into one portal, for which Siebel's CRM provides the central web-based access.

AMP uses Integrator's Spool file Service to convert spool files (reports and other printable documents) to PDF files. Next it uses Integrator's ZIP service to create a Daily/Weekly/Monthly ZIP file containing the relevant PDF files. Using Integrator over FTP, AMP then moves the ZIPed spoolfiles to Windows environment, which serves as a document archive.

John Wiley & Sons

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., head quartered in New York, is a global publisher of print and electronic products with publishing, marketing, and distribution centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Wiley uses LANSA Integrator to efficiently integrate new business opportunities in electronic publishing into its main web ordering site. Electronic publications may have various formats and reside on various servers, but customers should only see Wiley's domain LANSA Integrator provides controlled access and authentication to reroute browser requests to the appropriate remote sever for electronic document download. Read the Case Study

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp, USA

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp, USA (KMM),  is part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Both the Lincoln Consumer Products plant (KMM CP) and the Maryville engine plant use LANSA-based solutions on IBM i power servers, but independent from each other and tailored to the individual needs of each plant. KMM CP's supplier portal, underlying ERP system (LANSA ERP Frameworks) and the entire process of generating purchase orders, packing slips, box labels, invoices and EDI transactions consists of LANSA-based applications. PDF generation, such as for the barcode box labels, is with LANSA Integrator. LANSA Integrator also has a role in KMM CPs electronic banking. Read the Case Study

Maronda Homes

Maronda Homes, based in Pittsburgh, USA, builds residential homes in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Using LANSA Integrator, Maronda has automated the creation of form letters, contracts and other documents for their homebuyers. Sales reps, usually on location and connecting their laptops through the LANSA-based portal, can enter the client, product and financial information and create the contract. At execution, images, rich text, tables and barcodes are combined with data from multiple platforms - producing full-featured PDF documents. The PDFs, optionally password protected, are emailed directly to the customer or made available for browsing. Read the Case Study

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) situated right in the middle of Manhattan, New York, houses one of the greatest art collections in the world. MoMA's entrance staff use wireless Symbol pocket PCs to scan the barcodes on various entrance documents. The Visual LANSA-based software on the pocket PC checks the scanned code against an iSeries-based 'scan file', which is a database of valid tickets and membership codes, populated by LANSA Integrator in real-time from transactions in the ticket issuing system. The ticket verification program on the pocket PC then applies the proper business rules depending on the type of ticket. Read the Case Study

NIB Capital

NIB Capital NV, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a major European capital-market specialist providing investment banking, private equity and asset management services. NIB Capitals business units - NIB Capital Bank, NIB Capital Asset Management and NIB Capital Private Equity - have their own solution platforms and wanted to be able to exchange information between the units in a platform independent way. NIB chose XML and MS-BizTalk as the middleware to do this. NIB Capital Bank uses LANSA Integrator to extract and update data from its iSeries based commercial lending system and provide this information in XML format in an IFS file to MS-BizTalk. Information flows both ways and LANSA Integrator is used to respond to and initiate data exchange requests.

Ontario Student Assistance Program

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), an initiative of the Ministry of Education in Canada, offers a multilingual website where a LANSA for the Web application allows students to apply online for loans and grants and check the status of their application. As some documents exchanged between OSAP and students are official documents that need signatures, the solution has been extended with LANSA Integrator services for secure PDF downloads and web signatures.

Paradigm Housing Group

Paradigm Housing Group is a leading provider of affordable housing in England. Paradigm owns and manages over 14,000 properties and provides a wide range of housing and support services throughout the South, East Midlands and London. Paradigm uses LANSA Composer for all its integrations, including for the exchange of information on property repair and maintenance work that is outsourced. Other integrations are with third party payment, text messaging, bank account verification and post code look-up systems, and with an outsourced out-of- hours support company. Read the Case Study

Plant Nursery Centres, a popular chain of retail garden nurseries in Australia, uses LANSA Integrator JSON services to exchange transactions between its loyalty program website (PHP developed and Windows-based) and its core line of business system (IBM i based). The website allows members to join or renew their membership, view their points balance, update address details, and more. Joining or renewing membership involves a credit card payment, at which point Integrator's JSON services are also used to securely communicate with the bank.

Port Logistics

Port Logistics Group (PLG) is the USA's leading provider of gateway logistics services. PLG's just-in-time retail store replenishment division is using a LANSA-based solution for its warehouse management system. The company's web and AS2 communication with customers is also largely based on LANSA technology. Exchanging information electronically has cut costs for PLG and its customers. It has also improved accuracy and taken hours from order fulfillment procedures. Read the Port Logistics Case Study

The Principality of Andorra

The Principality of Andorra is a small country located in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain, attracting an estimated 10 million visitors annually. Since 1992, the majority of the administrative activities of the Andorra government have been supported by solutions developed with LANSA. In addition to using LANSA for application development, the Departament de Sistemes d’Informacio (DSI) Govern d’Andorra uses LANSA Integrator to expose and consume SOAP web services directly with SAP. SAP is used for Taxation and for managing Social Security (social aids, housing assistance, scholarships, and more). Most of the strategic custom applications of the Andorra government are interfaced with SAP using web service based solutions, built with LANSA Integrator. These applications include Vehicle Registration, Education, Industry services and solutions for the ministries of economy and finance. The LANSA and SAP databases are both on IBM i PureFlex System (OS V7R1). Read the Principality of Andorra Case Study

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA manufactures and supplies distributors and retailers with equipment and protective gear for baseball, softball, football, basketball and volleyball. Rawlings, via its Hilton Apparel division, also manufactures and supplies distributors worldwide with corporate logo-bearing merchandise, such as custom made staff uniforms. For many years, Rawlings has offered its customers a LANSA-built self-service website that integrates with JD Edwards. Recently Rawlings used LANSA's Punch Out Catalog Integration solution to extend its existing LANSA eCommerce site with "punch-out" integration to let Ariba Supplier Network buyers create and edit orders and let Rawlings upload its catalog to Ariba. All integration is handled by LANSA Integrator and complies with the Ariba protocols using cXML messaging and HTTPS, integrating with Ariba’s webMethods. Read the IBM Systems Magazine Rawlings/Hilton Case Study (PDF 32KB)


REHAU AG+Co in Germany is one of the largest polymer processing companies in the world, manufacturing components for the construction, automotive and medical sectors and for virtually every other industry. REHAU's small development team used Visual LANSA to develop its ERP system, deployed on 21 iSeries machines in 23 languages and used by staff at 170 locations worldwide. LANSA Integrator supports web services and XML transactions with third-party systems, SAP Financials and between the local ERP systems. Read the Case Study

Rotary Corp

Rotary Corporation is the world's largest supplier of parts and accessories for outdoor power equipment. Using LANSA Commerce Edition, Rotary has recently replaced its old B2B site with a new responsive website. The site offers everything you expect in a modern B2B solution, including order tracking, PDF invoice access and a facility for dealers to export rich product data. LANSA Integrator is used for ePayment, generation of PDF documents and automated email distribution of order confirmations and invoices. Read the Case Study

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, based in Perth, is one of Australia's leading teaching tertiary hospitals. The bioengineers of the hospital's department of Medical Technology and Physics used LANSA WAMs to develop eMED, a Windows and SQL Server based system that manages the maintenance and quality assurance for over AU$80 million of medical equipment, as well as handling the purchasing and provision of radiation safety services. LANSA Integrator's email functionality is used to keep users up-to-date with relevant information. LANSA Integrator is also used to create PDF formatted certificates.
Read the Case Study

Swinburn University of Technology

The Swinburne University of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia, has a strong reputation as a provider of career-orientated education and as a university with a commitment to research. When the Australian Government implemented the Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN), the Swinburne University of Technology used LANSA-based web services and the help of local LANSA business partner Watershed Systems, to comply with the legislated requirements within the given time frame. The CHESSN interface between the Government and higher education providers is based on web services and allows for a two-way flow of data.


The Terminix International Company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee USA is part of the ServiceMaster family of brands and the largest termite and pest control company in the world, safeguarding over three million homes and businesses. Terminix replaced a COBOL mainframe system and hundreds of standalone UNIX systems at its branches with a central LANSA-based application running on a single 595 iSeries. The system, used by 12,000 employees at over 400 locations and 5,500 service specialists on the road with hand-held devices, also interacts with an increasing number of third-party systems using LANSA Integrator and web services. Read the Case Study

ViaTech Publishing Solutions

ViaTech Publishing Solutions, headquartered in New York, is the authority in on-demand destination printing. Through its facilities and partners in the US, Europe and Asia, customers can create content locally and print globally. The process of uploading print files, customizing them and ordering copies to be delivered anywhere in the world, is entirely automated using LANSA. LANSA Integrator is used when customers upload their pdf print files using ViaTech's website and when the site connects to UPS for an estimated shipping price. LANSA Integrator is also used to directly integrate with customers who have their own internal systems to manage print materials, such as for example the training management systems of a large global ERP vendor. Read the Case Study

Wilson Bowden

Wilson Bowden plc, one of the U.K.'s leading house builders and property developers, has implemented an end-to-end integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales and lead generation solution. LANSA Integrator provides content in XML format to an outsourced website and maps incoming sales leads from the site in XML format to a Visual LANSA–based CRM system. Customers who leave an inquiry on the website, can expect to be called by a sales advisor 15 minutes after pressing the submit button. Read the Case Study

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