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LongReach App for iPhone/iPad

LongReach App for iPhone/iPadThe free LongReach App is a stand alone iPhone and iPad application for creating and manipulating files and folders.
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LongReach Server for IBM i

LongReach Server for IBM iThe LongReach server software is required when you want to synchronize your iPhone/iPad files with an IBM i server. You can try the LongReach server for 30-days before requiring a FREE license code.
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What's New

The following items are new in version 1.2:

  • Lists of files now show the file size property in addition to the name and file icon.
  • The LongReach app recognises more file types and their associated file icons, for example iWorks Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
  • You can now flip though multiple images in a folder without having to view each image individually.
  • Email messages now allow multiple attachments (previous versions allowed only one attachment).
  • LongReach now presents a warning prompt when you attempt to replace an existing audio recording file.
  • This version fixes a file open-in issue. The LongReach app no longer has to be open before you can choose to open a file in LongReach from another app.