Product Features

Server Software

Business process integration

Line-of-business applications often require data collection from sources and places outside corporate premises. Integrating mobile data collection tasks as steps in automated business processes is one way to optimise the processes. LongReach simplifies the integration of mobile data collection tasks into business processes in two ways.

  • LongReach does not need to know about the data content and imposes no constraints on data or document formats including text, photos, video, audio, etc.
  • The file transfer with notification feature provides a signal to a business process. What makes the integration simple is the asynchronous message architecture. LongReach can communicate with the business process but requires no tight coupling with the process.

LongReach provides a secure connection between mobile devices and a server. It participates in business processes without the need to write specific data collection applications for mobile devices. The LongReach architecture makes integration simple to implement, easy to change and imposes no constraints on how business processes change and evolve.

Document sharing on the server

The LongReach administrator tools provide server administrators with full control of file and folder access policies for both private user folders and the SharedBox feature.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App

Manage files and folders

Create, copy, paste, rename and delete files and/or folders on a mobile device or a server.

Transfer files

You can send files from a mobile device to a server and retrieve files from a server and save them on a mobile device. Files are encrypted during the transfer.

Identify files and folders that are on the server but not your mobile device without the need to transfer the actual files and folders from the server. You then have the choice of only transferring files and folders that you want.

File content creation on a mobile device

LongReach provides multiple methods for creating files on a mobile device. Some examples are:

  • Use the LongReach text editor, or other document creation tools, to create files containing notes, comments and/or descriptive details.
  • Use the camera to take photos.
  • Use the camera's movie features to make videos.
  • Use the recording features to create audio files.
  • Capture location data and save the data.

Other applications on a mobile device can create files and use LongReach to send them to a server.

Document sharing on a mobile device

Longreach can share files with other applications on a mobile device. You can create documents and other types of files using applications installed on the mobile device and share them with LongReach. For example, share a document created by a word processing application or a PDF file generated by an application. LongReach can also manage files that are email attachments. To email a file as an attachment, select the file, choose the email action and LongReach opens the email app and attaches the file to the message. To save files that are attached to email messages, open the email, select the attachment and LongReach saves the file into a folder of your choice.

Document sharing on the server

When the LongReach app is used with the LongReach server, each user has a private folder that contains files and sub-folders. Users can share their private folder with other users.

LongReach also provides a public folder named SharedBox and this folder is accessible to all users. SharedBox provides a place for a user to share files with other users.

Easily switch between servers and user profiles

The LongReach app allows you to save multiple server configurations, allowing you to easily switch between servers and/or multiple user profiles on the same server.

iTunes file sharing

The iTunes file sharing service in LongReach allows you to copy files from the LongReach app to iTunes on a computer and/or copy files from iTunes into LongReach.

Security features

LongReach includes security measures to protect files and folders residing on the mobile device and during file transfer.

Files are encrypted while stored in LongReach on the mobile device. This means that an unauthorized person can't read a file by linking the mobile device to a computer. For the security features to work the mobile device must have a pass code and iOS data protection services turned on.

Users must configure an active user profile and password before they can send files and folders to a server or retrieve files and folders from a server. The encrypted files are transferred across a secure connection between a mobile device and a server.

The LongReach app can be used standalone

The LongReach app can operate without the server software.

Standalone the LongReach App can:

  • Store files securely on the mobile device.
  • Create, copy, paste, rename and delete files and folders.
  • Share files with other apps.
  • Manage email attachments.