We know that each market faces unique business challenges. That’s why LANSA Data Sync Direct is different.

Synchronization is the key to improving supply chain efficiency in Distribution / Retail market

As a retailer, distributor, broker, operator, group purchasing organization (GPO) or healthcare provider, you are facing unprecedented demands for accurate, robust product data. Those demands are coming from all sides: consumers seeking more detailed product information including digital content, regulators working to ensure safety, healthcare patients reviewing medical device information and your own operational needs for enhanced efficiency and profitability. To stay competitive, you need to take control of your product data and ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Product data management needs its own focus and shouldn’t be managed via spreadsheets or ERP software devoted to accounting. It’s time to rethink these inefficiencies and inaccuracies which lead to lost sales, inefficient time usage and decentralized data management.

Organizations leveraging LANSA Data Sync Direct and connecting to 1WorldSync can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of their product information. The data flowing into the LANSA solution has been created by the manufacturer, validated against GS1 standards and flows directly from the data pool. Upon receipt, LANSA Data Sync Direct can apply conditional workflows to review and approve the data to and then pass the details to one or multiple internal systems.

Retailers can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty while simultaneously reducing the cost of creating and managing product information. Operators can meet the unprecedented need for authentic, quality information while concentrating on day-to-day operations.

What are the benefits?

At the operational level:

  • Data synchronization ensures recipients and their suppliers are all speaking the same language, resulting in cost savings when purchasing products
  • Invoice disputes are minimized as there is a full audit trail of accurate/updated product detail
  • Better managed warehouse inventory
  • Optimization of transportation logistics through tighter control

At the tactical level:

  • Faster introduction of new products, allowing longer notification periods
  • Better inventory management by optimizing production
  • Increased reliability and scorecards

In strategic terms:

  • More opportunity to rapidly respond to the buying behavior of consumers
  • Improved customer service and retention

Product information demands continue to grow throughout the supply chain and at virtually every touch point of the customer experience. Understanding the value of product data transparency and access is simple; delivering can be complex. Empower your suppliers to share trusted product information with their partners and with consumers, driving business and convenience for everyone globally.

While LANSA Data Sync Direct is successfully deployed in three and four tiered distribution models, below is a simple two-tier model:

Data Sync Direct helps healthcare companies to send and receive sychronized product information via GS1 certified data pools