Partnership with Label Insight

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LANSA has been delivering Product Information Management and GDSN solutions since 2001. Our partnership with Label Insight helps consumers and the supply chain with product transparency.

Label Insight, the leading provider of data solutions that power transparency between CPG brands, retailers and consumers, and LANSA have partnered to offer a product data solution that will help brands provide consumers with the detailed level of product transparency they desire.

The partnership provides LANSA’s customers with access to Label Insight’s cloud based data refinery, which will work to capture, analyze and enrich data from product packaging in order to generate a new range of insights not typically included on the packaging. The end result is a more robust view of customers’ product data in the LANSA Data Sync Direct PIM solution.

The partnership also makes participation in the SmartLabel initiative fast and easy for LANSA customers, as their product information can be automatically mapped to SmartLabel pages via Label Insight's SmartSPEC solution. This enriched product information can be integrated back into the client's LANSA Data Sync Direct PIM, making it readily accessible across the organization.