Partnership with Venzee Technology

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LANSA has been delivering Product Information Management and GDSN solutions since 2001. Our partnership with Venzee Technologies Inc. helps companies speed the distribution of accurate, digital product content through the supply chain.

Venzee is a data transformation platform that seamlessly integrates the world’s largest retailers and suppliers, bringing products to market faster than ever before. Its API replaces manual data entry, providing consistency and speed to market of new or changed product content, resulting in a digital supply chain that increases margins and accelerates revenue. Venzee is leveraging LANSA, a technology partner with established supply chain leaders to deliver a real-time solution to a global audience for data distribution outside of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).

Venzee operates as a Software as a Services (SaaS), allowing flexibility for enterprise customers of all sizes wishing to optimize their online revenue growth.

This partnership provides LANSA Data Sync Direct customers with access to Venzee’s data transformation and distribution capabilities. As a result, manufacturers can push more digital content to trading partners requiring information outside of the GDSN, faster than ever before.