A Strong Pedigree

Today, organizations recognize the importance of data quality, product transparency and maintaining efficient supply chains to support their business goals. Establishing an efficient product information chain is equally important. Regardless of your industry, product information must be consistent while being managed from conception to consumer. In addition to market specific requirements, compliance with GS1 Standards and the GDSN ensure that product data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and follows universally supported specifications.

However, to be confident in product attribution requires an organization to streamline systems to aggregate, validate and communicate product information. Any weakness in meeting these challenges can lead to inefficiencies among trading partners, an inconsistent web presence, retailer/regulatory fines and consumer harm – all of which damage your brand and bottom line.

LANSA’s Product Information Management (PIM) solutions address your Master Data Management (MDM), regulatory and trading partner requirements. Used by the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) and medical device companies, LANSA has a proven history and strong pedigree in product data synchronization.