The need for rapid application development

Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Digital Transformation go hand in hand. The demand for repurposing existing applications for new platforms – cloud, mobile, and web – alongside the need to deliver new applications to revolutionize business processes and support new products and services far outstrips the capacity of most IT departments to deliver.

It’s not the case that the talent you need is available to hire—the supply of IT talent is just not available on the market. Survival depends on extending the reach and capability of the team you’ve already got. That’s where Rapid Application Development comes into play. With a Low-code Development Platform, you can both extend the capability of your current IT developers as well as increase the speed and quality of the work they produce.

Rapidly Delivering Enhancements and New Functionality

System enhancements and new functionality has to deliver consistent responses across mobile, web, and desktop applications. However, the ability to deliver is impeded by existing application development techniques, lack of skills, and project overload. The consequence of this leads line of business managers to take things into their own hands. Projects can then be executed as skunk-works, in-secret, in the shadow of the IT department, but then suffer discovery of security, compliance, and supportability issues.

Rapidly Delivering Enhancements and New Functionality

Delivering Finished Apps Faster with Rapid Application Development

If IT wants to be proactive and help drive business innovation with the appropriate investment of IT resources into new and improved business applications, they have to be able to say ‘Yes’ when the business comes knocking at their door. To do this, IT need to deliver Apps faster and make them easier to maintain and adapt. Rapid Application Development tools are therefore the key enabler for this kind of agility.

Delivering Finished Aps Faster with RAD

LANSA Delivers Rapid Application Development Capability

With the number of different programming technologies required to deliver solutions rising almost exponentially, developers are spending most of their time keeping up-to-date… and sadly, often failing. The result is that multiple developers with disparate skill sets are needed to deliver a single enterprise app. For example, most IT technologies have simply accepted the notion that there will be separate front-end developers and back-end developers. LANSA addresses this issue and strips away the need to learn multiple disparate technologies, letting businesses deliver apps for all platforms – web, cloud, mobile, and desktop, with a single skill set. LANSA's rapid application development tools are open and flexible, enabling developers to create code that runs free of the underlying operating system, database technology or end-user form factor.

LANSA Delivers Rapid Application Development Capability

Focus on Business Needs, not Technology

Application maintenance can easily consume up to 80% of IT’s time and resources. In order to maximize the remaining time, LANSA enables developers to concentrate on business requirements rather than the underlying technology. LANSA is appealing to both developers and their managers looking to extend the capacity of their teams so they can deliver the greatest business impact in the shortest possible time.

Focus on Business Nees, not on Technology

A Single RAD Tool to Build, Enhance and Extend your Systems

To appreciate the full power of the Visual LANSA Development Platform, imagine combining the robust and powerful qualities of market-leading business-oriented programming languages with rich graphical visualization capabilities of modern integrated development environments. LANSA uses an innovative business rules engine and a productive high-level programming language to develop web, mobile, desktop, and server-based applications, with less code, using one easy-to-learn skill-set from within the same visual IDE.

Many LANSA customers have dramatically shortened their project delivery cycles, enjoyed more predictable results, and saved money by improving reuse.

A Single Rapid Application Development Tool to Build, Enhance and Extend your Systems

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