Working at LANSA

OK, it’s absolutely true that we put our Customers first … but wow, our people are a very close second!

Our environment is supportive, lively, and highly collaborative. Collaboration spaces and innovation programs give our team the opportunity to explore “what if” ideas which offer professional growth and ultimately benefit our projects and customers.

You’re surrounded by expertise in all aspects of software solutions. From vision creation and design to development and implementation, our people know their stuff, and they take the time to mentor.

Like our people, our office spaces are bright and inviting. There’s a healthy mix of hard work and fun … both of which require openness, mutual respect and true appreciation of our diversity.


There’s a lot of variety in our projects and roles, so our people become well-rounded rather quickly.

Our clients are in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, government, education, telecom, hospitality, healthcare, retail, transportation, foodservice, agriculture, banking and insurance.

In this constant state of flux, what grounds us are our business ethics, common goals, and our proven methodologies … and … we help each other!


No matter how awesome working at LANSA is, there’s a lot more to life than work!

Our business culture encourages a healthy lifestyle, which is different for each individual, but invariably includes family life, food, exercise, entertainment and a little adventure.

We forever marvel at the energy of our people. Every morning, we share stories about our evenings or weekends, and it’s so interesting to hear how many ways people can spend their time. We’ve got travelers, foodies, exercise enthusiasts, musicians, artists, readers, authors, volunteers, animal lovers, and amateur photographers that capture pics at our fun outings.


If you really want to learn what it’s like to work here, why not arrange a visit and speak to someone who actually does work here? Feel free to call one of our offices and drop by.

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