Our People

We apply modern technology and best practices to deliver business outcomes – and that requires the right mix of people. Our large and diverse team has worked in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, government, field service, insurance, construction, healthcare, banking, education, apparel, furnishings, publishing, food & beverage, hospitality, etc.

Business Operations Consultants

Analyze and benchmark current operations to identify opportunities and predict achievable ROI.

Technology Integration Specialists

Identify integration options of current systems and build reliable connections using methods like REST.

Enterprise System Experts

Have decades of experience across many industries. They work with global organizations to optimize use of ERP, SCM, CRM, MRP.

App Designers, Developers

Design and develop native iOS, Android and hybrid apps that employ device features and integrate into existing business systems.

Graphic Artists, UX Designers

Work with your Creative team to reinforce brand, usability and messaging in all customer interactions.

Website Developers

Combine our technology and CMSs like WordPress and Joomla to build gorgeous, feature-rich, responsive websites.

Data Mapping Analysts

Compare current and target database schemas to systematically cleanse, transform and map data.

Innovation Technophiles

Continually research and develop with emerging technology frameworks and languages.

Note: The services listed are not available in all countries where LANSA operates.

Community Spirit

Our skilled and spirited people take on more than just business challenges … they volunteer in their communities. An example comes from our office in Toronto, where our people built a free iPad app to assist persons with dementia. They partnered with Alzheimer Society Ontario, Ontario Brain Institute, and Sheridan College to produce an app called Suvien.

Suvien helps persons with dementia enjoy memories of their lives and loved ones. They simply touch a photo to read captions, play songs, watch video or listen to comforting voice messages.

LANSA is very proud of this volunteer effort, and supports the Suvien group by providing a venue for their after-hours meetings and simple meals to help keep them energized toward their goals. To learn more, visit www.suvien.com.

Suvien App


We are a global organization with talented teams based in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA. Our staff is professional, proficient and highly experienced with modern and legacy technology architectures. With an understanding of our client’s business needs, we can recommend consulting, mentoring, staff augmentation or a fully managed project team mandated to provide quality system deliverables – on time, on budget, using a proven methodology.

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