Licensing LANSA products and features involves 3 basic steps

  1. Generating specific details for the CPU that the LANSA license is to be applied to
  2. Sending a license request to LANSA with this information
  3. Applying the generated license to the same CPU

Important Notice: From October 2018, LANSA will no longer be offering a hardware key (also known as a dongle) option for development licensing for any version of Visual LANSA. New Hardware key licensing requests and hardware key upgrade requests will instead be redirected to the softkey development licensing options. These include the softkey option for use on a single physical CPU (VLW key) and the License Server option for multiple developers, servers and virtual environments (VLN key). The information in this notice overrides any other existing hardware key information on the LANSA Licensing pages.

While the process of requesting a license is generally the same between versions, the license facilities provided by LANSA are subtly different between versions. For example, later versions of LANSA offers hardware key (dongle), softkey and license server facilities for the Visual LANSA development licensing while in prior versions, a hardware key (dongle) was the only development licensing option.

Select the options below applicable to your version of LANSA to ensure you get the correct instructions for your version.

New feature in Version 14 Service Pack 1

From LANSA V14 SP1 the License facility on Windows has been enhanced to allow more control over how separate LANSA environments and applications are licensed, using the concept of a Local and Shared license location. You must be at V14 SP1 or above to avail of the Local and Shared license facilities. Further details are available in Applying a LANSA license to V14 SP1 and above in the quick links below.

Version 14

With V14, new licenses are required across all the LANSA product suite. Also in V14, Hardware keys (Dongles) need to be upgraded to V14.

Version 13

With V13, new licenses are required across all the LANSA product suite. Also in V13, Hardware keys (Dongles) need to be upgraded to V13 and LANSA Integrator licenses are applied as server license codes, not as softkey licenses.

Version 11 and Version 12