EPC Information

EPCs are Expedited Program Changes that contain fixes and enhancement to LANSA products. It is recommended to be at the latest EPC level to ensure that you have all the most recent fixes, features and enhancements.

Latest EPCs

  • EPC141070 for LANSA V14 SP1

    This EPC ships an updated version of the RDMLX Extended Library. EPC141050 must be applied before applying this EPC. This release contains the following features: New JSON Reader and Writer components for efficient reading and writing of JSON data. Cryptographic hashing functions with support for the most common algorithms.
    October 17, 2017
  • EPC141060 for LANSA V14 SP1

    This EPC introduces the 1-Click deployment feature. It is intended to be used to demonstrate LANSA's Low-Code credentials and for evaluation of Visual LANSA. Contact LANSA Support in your region if you wish to preview the feature or join the beta program. EPC141050 for LANSA V14 SP1 is a pre-requisite for this EPC.
    August 28, 2017
  • EPC141050 for LANSA V14 SP1

    This EPC includes the following highlights: The introduction of RDMLX Extended Library, including HTTP request (consuming web services), JSON handling (parsing and serialization), various Web fixes and all patches shipped since V14 SP1 EPC141031. This EPC also ships the Visual LANSA IDE changes to support the VLF enhancements shipped in EPC141034. EPC141031 for LANSA V14 SP1 is a pre-requisite for this EPC.
    August 8, 2017
  • EPC141034 for LANSA V14 SP1

    This EPC ships all the latest enhancements and fixes for the V14 Visual LANSA Framework, as detailed in the Visual LANSA Framework Whats New section. Major enhancements shipped in this EPC include a new enhanced Developers Workbench, a new Common Activities concept for increased productivity, a new look Instant Prototyping Assistant as well as many other fixes and new features. For details, go to More Details »
    For an overview of the new features delivered in EPC141034, check out the video EPC141034_Features 
    August 8, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQs for general information regarding EPCs. It is recommended that you read the FAQs if you have no prior experience with EPCs.

EPC checking in LANSA

Some features require the server and client to be on the same EPC level, otherwise an EPC mismatch error will occur. For further details see Are there any extra EPC considerations?