EPC Information

EPCs are Expedited Program Changes that contain fixes and enhancement to LANSA products. It is recommended to be at the latest EPC level to ensure that you have all the most recent fixes, features and enhancements.

Latest EPCs

  • EPC142050 for LANSA V14 SP2

    This EPC ships new development license facility for Visual LANSA V14 SP2. Warning: Current development licenses will cease to work after applying this EPC. New development licenses are required to use Visual LANSA development environment.
    May 14 2019
  • EPC142040 for LANSA V14 SP2

    This EPC contains all the latest fixes and enhancements for the Deployment Tool, various other Visual LANSA fixes and enhancements, as well as all patches and hotfixes shipped since EPC142030.
    January 22 2019
  • EPC142030 for LANSA V14 SP2

    Material Design Controls have been added to Visual LANSA in EPC142030. Material Design Controls can be explored from the LANSA Editor Home page. This EPC also ships 4 new templates to help developers get started with building responsive Web Applications. These templates introduce the concept of Home / Dashboard and use the enhanced Theme capabilities of defining your own color palette. The EPC also ships various VCS fixes and enhancements for improved productivity, IDE performance and stability improvements as well as all patches and hotfixes shipped since EPC142010. See also the highlights for EPC142020, which are included in EPC142030.
    November 23 2018
  • EPC142011 for Visual LANSA Framework V14 SP2

    This EPC ships all the latest enhancements and fixes for the Visual LANSA Framework shipped in V14 SP2, as detailed in the Whats New section. Major enhancements shipped in this EPC include the ability to add image columns to the instance list in VLF-ONE, the inclusion of custom Themes, the addition of a Zoom Slider in Material Design Desktop mode, New Common Activities as well as the latest available fixes and enhancements. VLF RAMP also has some new features, including VLF-ONE 5250 Form Wrappers (Visual LANSA reusable parts which are displayed in place of a 5250 aXes form in a RAMP session), support for the ACE Script Editor in RAMP-TS and several other enhancements and fixes. EPC142011 has pre-requisites of Visual LANSA EPC142020 and aXes v4.1.1 for the RAMP-TS enhancements. For Release Notes and install instructions, go to More Details »
    September 21 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQs for general information regarding EPCs. It is recommended that you read the FAQs if you have no prior experience with EPCs.

EPC checking in LANSA

Some features require the server and client to be on the same EPC level, otherwise an EPC mismatch error will occur. For further details see Are there any extra EPC considerations?