EPC - 131100

Date : October 08 2013

EPC131100 First EPC for V13 SP1

  • Support for touch gestures in VL forms.
  • Updated DirectX demonstration import to include touch gestures.
  • Support for LANSA Client V13 SP1.
  • All patches shipped since V13 SP1.
  • Additional fixes.
ProductVisual LANSA and LANSA for iSeries
Version13 SP1
Pre-Requisite Details130600 (SP1)
Related ProductsLANSA Client
Special NotesAll Version 13 Visual LANSA EPCs include updates that must be applied to Windows and IBM i systems (Independent Visual LANSA development environments only require the Windows updates). Failure to upgrade both sides of a development environment will render the Host Monitor and Super Server applications inoperable. Attempting to use the Host Monitor and Super Server applications without having applied the EPC to both sides of a development environment will generate an EPC mismatch error.

Make a full backup of your LANSA environment on each platform to which this EPC will be applied.
IBM i Specific Special NotesThe IBM i instructions are expedited procedures that assume a sound knowledge of IBM i.
You should use a user profile that is QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, or, has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

You must end the web server and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program before applying this EPC.

You must end the Listener and Host Monitor if active.

You must end the LANSA Integrator server if it has been used with the LANSA system to be updated.
User ActionsThe following CCS items require user action:

0142583 *TIMESTAMP_* system variables inconsistant between RDML and RDMLX on IBM i

See below for details.
Document UpdatesThis EPC contains updates to the following guides.
BeginHere.chmEngJpnLANSA User Assistance
Directory.chmn/aJpnLANSA Documentation Directory
GlobalDeploy.chmEngJpnDeploying LANSA Applications
GlobalInstall.chmn/aJpnInstalling LANSA
GlobaliSeries.chmn/aJpnLANSA for iSeries Guides
GlobalVisualLANSA.chmn/aJpnVisual LANSA Guides
TutorialList.chmEngEngLANSA for iSeries Guides
lansa004.chmEngJpnWhat's New in LANSA
lansa009.chmEngEngIntroduction to LANSA for iSeries
lansa011.chmEngEngVisual LANSA Administrator's Guide
lansa012.chmEngEngVisual LANSA User Guide
lansa013.chmEngEngVisual LANSA Developer Guide
lansa015.chmEngn/aTechnical Reference Guide
lansa016.chmEngn/aVisual LANSA Feature Help
lansa022.chmEngJpnLANSA Application Deployment Tool
lansa024.chmEngEngDeploying LANSA Applications on IBM i
lansa035.chmEngEngLANSA Open Guide
lansa037.chmEngEngLANSA Client User Guide
lansa038.chmEngEngLANSA Client Administrator's Guide
lansa040.chmEngn/aInstalling LANSA on IBM i
lansa041.chmEngEngInstalling LANSA on Windows Guide
lansa070.chmEngEngMultilingual Application Design
lansa085.chmEngEngLANSA for the Web Administration Guide
lansa087.chmn/aJpnWeb Application Modules (WAMs)
lansa093.chmEngn/aLANSA Integrator Guide
lansa098.chmEngEngDeveloping Windows Applications with a Visual Framework Exercises
The guides updated by EPC are only placed in the default LANSA documentation location as installed with Visual LANSA. This default location is ...\x_win95\x_lansa\execute\eng directory. If you installed the LANSA documentation (default folder ...\lansadoc\) from the LANSA Windows DVD-ROM, you should manually copy the updated guides to those folders.

The latest guides also available at www.lansa.com/support/docs/update.htm
HotfixesThe following Hotfixes will be replaced by this EPC:
IBM i:

Instructions to install the EPC

EPC131100 includes software to be installed on an IBM i machine and on a Windows machine. These instructions describe the installation and use of all delivered items.

  1. Download EPC131100.EXE file from the Web site or email.
  2. Unzip (double click) EPC131100.EXE. These files will be extracted:
    • EPC131100 - IBM i Save file
    • EPC131100w.exe - Windows Visual LANSA install executable

Instructions provided for

Detailed changes

CCS id.Description
VARCHAR and STRING field values become blank padded when added to browselist

This defect has now been rectified
0142583*TIMESTAMP_* system variables inconsistant between RDML and RDMLX on IBM i

*TIMESTAMP_DFT, *TIMESTAMP_LOVAL and *TIMESTAMP_HIVAL were returning invalidly formatted dates on an IBM i system.
This defect has now been rectified
User Action:
Check usage of the *TIMESTAMP_* system variables on IBM i to ensure your program is working as expected
0143449Incorrect opening and closing events are triggered if hidden tab sheets exist

This defect has now been rectified
Ensure that LANSA does not store any unencrypted passwords in the registry

This defect has now been rectified
0148925MS.NET Component fails in VLF when running in Mixed render mode

This defect has now been rectified
Warning issued when creating MSI packages from Network Client

LANSA Online documentation has been updated with the following message:
Package build is not supported on a network client installation.
0149022Set home and current directory when changing the current user profile

When a user profile is changed on IBM i (LANSA for the Web, LANSA Open, Host Monitor, LANSA Super Server), the home and current directory are now set for the new current user profile.
Incorrect navigation and focus behaviour when a groupbox has "&&" in the label

This defect has now been rectified
0149284Deployment package build fails when FIPS is enabled on the server

This defect has now been rectified
0149316Date field LostFocus event goes into a loop

This defect has now been rectified
Tab sheet events are triggered incorrectly on floating tab sheets

This defect has now been rectified
0149400.Net component fails during scrolling on DIRECTX form

This defect has now been rectified
0149479Visual LANSA DirectX Touch support

Visual LANSA DirectX Touch support has been introduced in this EPC. Refer to the shipped DirectX demo for examples and the online guide for further details on the touch support features and usage.
0149480ActiveX process not terminated correctly if LANSA fails

RDMLX errors, like null reference and divide by zero, didn't cause X_RUN to terminate if they happened inside an event routine listening to an ActiveX event.

This defect has now been rectified
0149501SQL error occurs compiling a Logical file without Rebuild Table option

This defect has now been rectified
Images were not displayed when executing a process in Visual LANSA V13 SP1.

This defect has now been rectified
0149618Error message when change row height in Table Layout

Decimal values on a Define_Com were formatted using the operating system's decimal symbol. It should use the LANSA Decimal Point Format instead.
0149652DT Package install fails on files with $ in the names

This defect has now been rectified
0149678Descriptions of Templates missing in DT for non-English language

This defect has now been rectified
0149717Error when a compiled process calls an attached non compiled process

Where processes are used as menus on IBM i, and there are processes used as submenus, if the processes used as submenus are not compiled, then when the option is taken from the main process to go to the submenu process will no longer fail with messages CPF2479, CPF5189, RNX1251 in the joblog. The original issue only occurred in LANSA for iSeries Version 13 SP1.
0149735An error occurs when array is used in WHERE clause in SELECT command

This defect has now been rectified
0149739Unable to generate Web Visual Component

This defect has now been rectified
0149750Add #Response.HTTPStatus to control HTTP Status

HTTP status can now be explicitly set for #Response type webroutine.
0149816Not all Methods/Properties/Events available for .NET Interfaces

This defect has now been rectified
0149833Non true type default Windows System Font causes VL IDE to fail on startup

This defect has now been rectified
0149849Intermittent error "Bundle recursion detected by LpFilPeer:ThrowFileError"

LANSA used to throw an exception when it couldn't read the binary bundle file that contains its language strings. Sometimes it seems an external program, like a virus scanner, locks these files and causes X_RUN to except. The logic has been changed to not throw an exception, but to continue on and use the (slower) text version of the bundle instead.
0149866Encryption of the "Connection String" message in LANSA trace

This defect has now been rectified
0149868GRAFVAR import failed during Partition Initialization on IBM i

This defect has now been rectified
Deployment Tool - Reopening select object dialog does not show selected objects

If you opened a package and added objects using the selection object dialog then pressed ok, when you reopened the dialog without saving the package, the selected objects were not displayed.

This defect has now been rectified
0149899JSON Data which has Carriage Return Line feed chars returns corrupted

Control characters CR, LF and tab were not escaped correctly. Issue fixed. As part of this fix, Unicode escape sequences (\uFFFF) are left untouched.
0149927Possible crash after upgrading to V13SP1 and recompiling VLF application objects

This defect has now been rectified
File with large number of fields returns some empty field values for query

This defect has now been rectified
0149947ActiveX causes access violations

This defect has now been rectified
0149952LceLANSACall fails after upgrading to V13 SP1

This defect has now been rectified
0149992Compilation error in VL when a UDC Design itself contains a UDC

This defect has now been rectified
READ_CTD BIF returns OK for file not found

This defect has now been rectified
0150048.NET assembly could not be opened on the server in SuperServer mode

When attempting to call a function on the server in SuperServer mode, the error message "Unable to find or open assembly ..." was being generated. The server function was calling a reusable part which referenced a .NET component.
This defect has now been rectified
0150069X_Run's temporary path is not being set up correctly if TPTH is invalid

This defect has now been rectified
0150084Commenting out table layout items can cause the editor to fail

This defect has now been rectified
0150206RDML "date" fields incorrectly prepended a space to default values.

This defect has now been rectified

Affected objects

Object NameObject Type
Object NameObject TypeLibrary
W3XSVPGM*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGV*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGX*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
DC@M01*MSGFLANSA program library
DC@D4004*DSPFLANSA program library
DC@D5001*DSPFLANSA program library
GRAFVAR*SAVFLANSA program library
@XPNINST*SRVPGMLANSA program library
DC@S9XXX*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_BASE*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_BIF*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_COM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_COMP*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBG*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DLL*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_FUN*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_LSV*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_PRIM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_VAR*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_XQL*SRVPGMLANSA program library
DC@P4004*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500101*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500102*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500103*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500104*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500105*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500106*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500107*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500108*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P500109*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P9002*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P9014*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P2600*PGMLANSA program library
X_BOTP*PGMLANSA program library
X_RUN*PGMLANSA program library

Install Instructions

  1. Sign on with QSECOFR user profile, part of the QSECOFR group or a user profile that has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.
  2. Backup all the LANSA folders, system libraries and ALL the LANSA IFS objects (LANSA_pgmlib/x_lansa) before applying this EPC
  3. You need exclusive use of the LANSA system before applying the EPC. To check for active users refer to Appendix B How to check for Active Users in the Installing LANSA on IBM i guide for instructions.
  4. End the Listener, Host Monitor and Web Server for the LANSA system and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program.
  5. Move the unzipped file EPC131100 to an IFS folder on the IBM i ( e.g. /LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc131100 )
  6. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *IFS
    2. Apply this EPC to = FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
  7. Run the following command before the LOADEPC command to avoid having to add the LANSA program library to the jobs library list.
    CHGCMD CMD(pgmlib/LOADEPC) PGM(pgmlib/DC@LCP120)
  8. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    /LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 131100

    Install the EPC from . . . . . . >*IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . .e.g./LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc131100

    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
    LANSA program library . . . . . pgmlib
  9. Sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation, e.g.:
    • to apply this EPC on another LANSA system
    • to apply another EPC on the same LANSA system
  1. Recommend that a backup be done of all LANSA folders and your LANSA database before applying this EPC.
  2. Stop using the LANSA development environment and stop all currently executing LANSA applications.
  3. Double-click on EPC131100w.exe.
  4. Select the "Setup" button or "Cancel" if you do not want to proceed.
  5. If you have multiple configurations installed, Select the configuration to which the EPC is to be applied.
  6. If you are prompted to reboot your pc - please reboot.
  7. To view details of the installed EPCs:
    1. sign into LANSA
    2. view the Help menu
    3. Product Information option
    4. then select the Installation Details tab
    5. expand the Installation/ EPC Summary
    6. review the last entries

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