EPC - 142050

Date : May 2019

EPC142050 for LANSA V14 SP2

This EPC includes the following highlights:

  • Removes the 3rd party license dependency for Visual LANSA Development. This affects Hardware keys (also known as 'Dongles') and Softkeys (single use VLW and multi-seat VLN on a remote license server)
  • The User Actions contain important information to be considered before applying EPC142050.
  • EPC142050 installs the following:
    • A LANSA Development License Manager
    • A LANSA Development License Studio
    • A LANSA License service
  • Visual LANSA will require a new development license to be applied after installing the EPC.
Product Visual LANSA
Version 14
Pre-Requisite Details V14 SP2 EPC142040
Special Notes All Version 14 Visual LANSA EPCs include updates that must be applied to Windows and IBM i systems (Independent Visual LANSA development environments only require the Windows updates). Failure to upgrade both sides of a development environment will render the Host Monitor and Super Server applications inoperable. Attempting to use the Host Monitor and Super Server applications without having applied the EPC to both sides of a development environment will generate an EPC mismatch error.

Make a full backup of your LANSA environment on each platform to which this EPC will be applied.
IBM i Specific Special Notes The IBM i instructions are expedited procedures that assume a sound knowledge of IBM i.
You must use a user profile that is QSECOFR or part of the QSECOFR group.

The restore command parameter FRCOBJCVN used by the Install/Upgrade/LoadEPC process uses FRCOBJCVN (*YES *RQD). Because of this, the QFRCCVNRST system value must have a value of 0, 1 or 2.

You must end the web server and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program before applying this EPC.

You must end the Listener and Host Monitor if active.

You must end the LANSA Integrator server if it has been used with the LANSA system to be updated.
User Actions

Applying EPC142050 to your Visual LANSA development environment will cause your existing development licenses to no longer be valid. Ensure you have a valid replacement LANSA Development license before applying EPC142050.

Softkey licenses (VLN and VLWs): the LANSA License team have been providing replacement licenses in advance to all LANSA customers on maintenance. If you have not been provided with a replacement license already, you can request a replacement from your local LANSA Licensing representative by sending them details of your CPU. You can generate a new x_cpu_<CPU>.txt using the steps here.

Hardware Keys (Dongles): Follow the instructions here to migrate from a hardware key to EPC142050 LANSA development licensing.

After applying EPC142050 to V14 SP2, you are ready to use the new LANSA development licensing model. The next step is to apply your new V14 LANSA development license.
Apply the generated license to your development environment using the steps at Applying a LANSA Development license to Version 14.
Deployment Notes This EPC can be deployed as a patch to a previous version. A new version of the package must be have been built with V14 SP2 GA as stated in the V14 Late Breaking News page.

Instructions to install the EPC

EPC142050 includes software to be installed on an IBM i machine and on a Windows machine. These instructions describe the installation and use of all delivered items.

  1. Download EPC142050.EXE file from the Web site or email.
  2. Unzip (double click) EPC142050.EXE. These files will be extracted:
    • AllEPCs.exe - Windows multiple EPC installer
    • AllEPCs.ini - AllEPCs controll file
    • EPC142050 - IBM i Save file
    • wEPC142050.exe - Windows Visual LANSA install executable
    • wEPC142050lic.exe - Windows Visual LANSA Licensing install executable
    • wEPC142041.exe - Windows LANSA Communictions Extensions install executable

Instructions provided for:

Detailed changes

CCS id. Description
161122 Implement new development licensing model and replace all 3rd party features for both Remote Server development licensing and Local development licenses.

Affected objects

Object NameObject Type
lansa.exe \lansa
liiceng.dll \lansa
liicfra.dll \lansa
liicjpn.dll \lansa
liimeng.msg \lansa
liimfra.msg \lansa
liimjpn.msg \lansa
liis.dll \lansa
liiverinfo.dll \lansa
lxutil.dll \lansa
lxwxmem.dll \lansa
lxwxutil.dll \lansa
lansa2.bmp \lansa\imports\newpart\win95
lansa2.bmp \lansa\imports\upgpart
x_cpu.exe \NetworkClient
x_cpu.exe \tools
lxclisig.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
lxutil.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
lxwxmem.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
lxwxutil.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
[email protected] \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
[email protected] \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
x_funms.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
x_pdfms.dll \X_WIN64\X_LANSA\execute
ledabt01.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
levabt01.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
levabt02.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
lxclisig.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
lxutil.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
lxwxmem.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
lxwxutil.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
[email protected] \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
[email protected] \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
x_funms.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
x_pdfms.dll \X_WIN95\X_LANSA\execute
LANSALicenseManager.exe %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\LANSA\Licensing
LANSALicenseService.exe %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\LANSA\Licensing
LANSALicenseStudio.exe %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\LANSA\Licensing
unins000.dat %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\LANSA\Licensing
unins000.exe %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\LANSA\Licensing
lcolist.exe \connect
lcomgr32.dll \connect
lcolist.exe \connect64
lcomgr32.dll \connect64

Install Instructions

Special note for IBM i Power 5 hardware: Due to hardware conversion, you may experience a delay when importing from the VLF save files or on the first connection to the LANSA Listener. This conversion will occur only once.

  1. Sign on with QSECOFR user profile or a user that is part of the QSECOFR group.
  2. Backup all the LANSA folders, system libraries and ALL the LANSA IFS objects (LANSA_pgmlib/x_lansa) before applying this EPC
  3. You need exclusive use of the LANSA system before applying the EPC. You must end the Listener, Host Monitor and Web Server for the LANSA system and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program.
  4. To check for active users refer to How to check for Active Users.
  5. Move the unzipped file EPC142050 to an IFS folder on the IBM i ( e.g. /LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc142050 )
  6. To apply this EPC, run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    pgmlib/LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 142050
    Install the EPC from . . . . . . >*IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . .e.g./LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc142050
    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
    LANSA program library . . . . . pgmlib
  7. Use DSPJOBLOG OUTPUT(*PRINT) to save a job log record of what the LOADEPC command did.
  8. Sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation, e.g.:
    • to apply this EPC on another LANSA system
    • to apply another EPC on the same LANSA system
  1. It is recommended that a backup be done of all LANSA folders and your LANSA database before applying this EPC.
  2. Stop using the LANSA development environment and stop all currently executing LANSA applications.
  3. Right click on AllEPCs.exe and 'Run as Administrator'.
  4. Select the "Setup" button or "Cancel" if you do not want to proceed.
  5. If you have multiple configurations installed, select the configuration to which the EPC is to be applied.
  6. If you are prompted to reboot your pc - please reboot.
  7. Once the EPC has been successfully applied, review the User Actions in this page and perform any mandatory tasks or actions listed in this section.
  8. To check if this EPC has been successfully applied or to view details of all installed EPCs, check the Product Information and review 8.7.2 Installation Details.

© 2019 LANSA

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