EPC - 859

Date : August 31 2010

EPC859 Highlights

  • LANSA V12 for Linux support
  • LANSA V12 Japanese support
  • LANSA Open .Net 3.5 support
  • SSL support has been added for all platforms
  • IPv6 support has been added for all platforms
  • IE8 support added for WAM development using the XSL Editor. The XSL Editor can now use Internet Explorer 6, 7 as well as 8.
  • IBM i: EPC will now be registered in the EPC log by Product. This change will allow more accurate checking of EPC relationships in the loading and pre-requisites of EPCs and in the EPC checking done in Client/Server connections.
  • Various enhancements to the 5250 debugger.

ProductVisual LANSA and LANSA for iSeries
LANSA for the Web (EPC860 on Windows)
Pre-Requisite DetailsNone
Related ProductsLANSA Integrator
Special NotesAll Version 12 Visual LANSA EPCs include updates that must be applied to Windows and IBM i systems (Independent Visual LANSA development environments only require the Windows updates). Failure to upgrade both sides of a development environment will render the Host Monitor and Super Server applications inoperable. Attempting to use the Host Monitor and Super Server applications without having applied the EPC to both sides of a development environment will generate an EPC mismatch error.

Make a full backup of your LANSA environment on each platform to which this EPC will be applied.
IBM i SpecificSpecial NotesThe IBM i instructions are expedited procedures that assume a sound knowledge of IBM i.
You should use a user profile that is QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, or, has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

You must end the web server and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program before applying this EPC.

You must end the Listener and Host Monitor if active.

You must end the LANSA Integrator server if it has been used with the LANSA system to be updated.
User ActionsThe following CCS items require user action:

132415 IBM i: Select of CLOB field fails on second loop
138966 FUNX output attribute only writes first 7 characters when updated from function
140437 Rebuild of a file with CLOB SUNI field fails
140491 LANSA file with SUNI field from PC OTHER file fails to compile
140515 IBM i: ODBC column length less than returned field size on DELETE or UPDATE
140591 IDE Repository browser does not refresh Templates after import
140716 WAM/LOBS Remove file method does not work correctly with LOBs retrieved by OAM
141155 Fatal Error (0977) Incorrect use of SQLDA: cannot set the number of columns
141747 V12 Upgrade DT package does not update LX_F96 table

See below for details.
Document UpdatesThis EPC does not contain updates to any guides.
The latest guide updates are available at www.lansa.com/support/
HotfixesThe following Hotfixes will be replaced by this EPC:


IBM i:


Instructions to install the EPC

EPC859 includes software to be installed on an IBM i machine and on a Windows machine. These instructions describe the installation and use of all delivered items.

  1. Download EPC859.EXE file from the Web site or email.
  2. Unzip (double click) EPC859.EXE. These files will be extracted:
    • EPC859.htm - this document
    • EPC859 - IBM i Save file
    • EPC858w.exe - Windows LANSA Communications Extensions install executable
    • EPC859w.exe - Windows Visual LANSA install executable
    • EPC860w.exe - Windows Web Werver install executable
    • EPC861w.exe - Windows Web Utilities install executable
    • AllEPCs.exe - Windows multiple EPC installer
    • AllEPCs.ini - AllEPCs control file

Instructions provided for

Detailed changes

CCS id.Description
Enable IPv6 code in Windows, Linux and IBM i.

A new configuration item has been added to enable IPv6.
OpenSSL support in Connect.

The listener now supports SSL. Clients connecting to this listener when SSL is enabled cannot be older versions (12 GA or earlier).
0141582TCP Keep-Alive value reset if TCP No Delay option cleared.

Default value handling was incorrect
LANSA Connect not using local version of x_lickey.dat

When the LANSA install configuration was restructured, connect was not updated to locate the local license file, it was always using the shared license file. This has now been corrected
NOTE: This only effects seated licenses
0106264Development Export Fails to import on Linux systems

Import of development tables will now be skipped on Linux systems, instead of causing a fatal error.
0121775Windows rebuild of iSeries Other File with BLOB or CLOB loses data
0132415IBM i: Select of CLOB field fails with SQL0452 or MCH3601 on second loop

IBM introduced a defect in V5R4 (and it continued in V6R1). They have fixed it in the following PTFs:
V5R4: SI39059
V6R1: SI38777

User Action: Apply the appropriate IBM i PTF
0132517Turn off messages being dumped into the Event Viewer application log

MESSAGE commands for Web functions or WAMs no longer generate event log messages for Windows.
Is it possible to get the week number using a date field intrinsic function?

A new intrinsic, Week, has been added for Date fields.
WeekNumber and StartOfWeek properties have been added to the Calendar control.
0135174Extraneous system variable references in LXML document

References to variables from inlined weblet templates were unnecessarily being included in the runtime references list. This has been fixed.
Web authenticated user longer than 10 characters being truncated after a timeout.

Authenticated Web users longer than 10 characters are now stored and the full value able to be retrieved after a timeout.
0138128You may now establish a SuperServer connection from a Linux Visual LANSA system to a Windows Server using the DEFINE_ANY_SERVER and CONNECT_SERVER BIFs.
This allows Linux applications to read and update databases on Windows servers.
0138608Focus is not returned correctly after showing a prompter form.

This defect has been corrected.
0138922X_CPU utility has been updated to cater for Linux 64-bit box.
0139689Assigning object to new task on Independent Server Installation

Task locks were not released when setting a Task to Finished on an independent install.
This defect has been corrected.
0139695Tab Sheet Caption has ellipses in text where previously it did not.

Ellipses property has been added for Tabs with a default value of None for backward compatibility
0139865Tree with check box beeps when space bar used

TreeView issue fixed for Microsoft Vista where setting the checked state of an Item with the space bar would also cause the system MessageBeep to sound
0140061Allow the (Ready to use) minimum and maximum values to be set up to 9999

Web pre-start jobs: Ready To Use minimum and maximum values have been increased from 3 digits to 4 digits to allow setting a value up to 9999.
0140175Remove "Include Generated Source" option from package settings

The option to "Include Generated Source" is no longer supported in the package settings. This option was used to support deployment to Linux but is redundant since inclusion of Deliver to Linux functionality in V11 SP5.
0140328When import a file with DB triggers, the IBM i triggers are not re-added.

When a file that has been compiled with DB Triggers enabled is imported on IBM i, the OS/400 triggers for the file will now be added.
0140405LANSA Open .NET 3.5 support
0140416Enable DOCTYPE in XHTML documents

Enable DOCTYPE (DTD declarations) in WAMs to allow standards mode in IE7/IE8
0140437Rebuild file with CLOB SUNI field fails

For example: Unexpected type (12) for SUNI field (column SUN2CHR03) Routine : Derive_Column_Map_from_Func

This only occurred if fields that were not SUNI were added after a CLOB SUNI field, and the file was rebuilt with data unloaded and reloaded.

User Action: Rebuild OAM for files that have a SUNI CLOB, before rebuilding with unload/reload data.
0140427Warning issued in Translation Interface if translation longer than default

When using the Translation Interface to translate LANSA objects descriptions and multilingual variable values, if the translated value entered is longer than the base description or value the text is highlighted in red to make this obvious to the translator.
0140491LANSA file with SUNI fields from PC Other File fails to compile

Message in the compile log is: I/O module compile error - field <fldname> not in data dictionary.
This defect has now been corrected.

User Action: Rebuild file.
0140551IBM i menu item wrongly listed in Review user access option

This has been corrected.
0140591Repository browser doesn't refresh Templates after import.

Imports containing templates created in Visual LANSA V11.4 or later were corrupted. This has been corrected.

User Action: The imports will need to be rebuilt.
0140596DCM1316 Unexpected error when performing "immediate" access to file DC@F60V1

Web Utilities - on connecting to server, some of one customer's systems running V5R4M5 would randomly get the DCM1316 error on DC@F60V1.
0140646Lockup of RSS Reader when you right click and select properties.

This defect has been corrected.
WAMS/LOBS- RemoveFile method does not work properly with LOBs retrieved by OAM

User Action: Rebuild OAMs for any files with LOB fields that will be retrieved from the file in a WAM.
0140753Further enhancements to 5250 debugger
  1. Display variables in character mode by default so more variables can be shown on the breakpoint panel.
  2. Change F20=Select All to toggle between Select All and Omit All when choosing / reviewing variables to show at breakpoints. Function key is now F20=Sel/OmtAll, and when this function key is used the choose / review variables to show at breakpoints panel is shown with the results of the function key.
  3. Change F20=Select All to toggle between Select All and Omit All when choosing / reviewing RDML breakpoints. Function key is now F20=Sel/OmtAll, and when this function key is used the choose / review RDML breakpoints panel is shown with the results of the function key.
These 5250 debugger enhancements are in addition to the following enhancements delivered in EPC851 by 0140001
0140790Web Function: DateTime fields of various lengths are not handled properly

Web Function browse lists can now display DataTime fields of length other than 29.
0140801Insufficient buffer space allocated for SUNI field when using DBCS language

Error message shown: "ODBC Column length less than returned field size"

This occurs when the SUNI field has a DBCS keyboard shift like keyboard shift O, which is recommended for SUNI fields so that the field can contain up to the maximum number of characters requested in the Field Length. That is, the field length is the number of characters, not bytes. With keyboard shift O specified, more bytes may be in the field than the total number of characters when it contains DBCS. If so, the error occurs.
0140876Can't transfer to LOB webroutine from another webroutine

Runtime check was stopping transfers to a LOB serving webroutine.
This defect has been corrected.
0140939Tracing of SQL Server connection reports an error, though its only informational

This defect has now been corrected.
0140972Webroutine: Don't generate hidden division for hidden lists if there are none

Avoid creating the hidden division to contain hidden lists if there are none in the webroutine.
0140985VL PC user's password update issue

After changing a user's password on the IBM i and performing a sys init of PC users, you cannot log into the IDE with the user and new password. This issue is fixed and sys init will update IDE with correct user and new password.
0140994Functions cannot compile in RDMLX due to CHANGE with roundup on alpha fields

This defect has been corrected
0141012Use Oracle Client 11g r2 in LANSA 12 for Linux

Visual LANSA for Linux now ships with the latest Oracle 11g Instant Client for Linux.
0141143Better diagnostic error when access to LOB file is denied

These errors are now reported in the Performance and WAM logs for better diagnostics.
0141155Fatal Error (0977) - Incorrect use of SQLDA: cannot set the number of columns

User Action: Rebuild OAMs (on system i) for LANSA files that have long char/binary/string/varbinary columns that are created as LOB types on system i (and require SQL to be used at run time for INSERT, DELETE, etc). Only required for files that have had their OAM rebuilt with version 11 SP5 after EPC845, or version 12 after EPC851.
JIT server does not release license seats when using Inn license

This defect has been corrected.
0141175Integrator BIF Crashes when using *BOOLEAN and SERVICE_EXCHANGE(*FIELD)

This defect has been corrected.
0141180Fatal checkin errors don't display in red only when using language JPN

The Japanese message file DC@M01 with appropriate severity code has been included.
0141206New Remote System - include checkbox to proceed to Partition Init

New Remote System automatically proceeds to Partition Initialisation dialog if the associated checkbox is selected when created a Linux Remote System.
0141241V12 upgrade gives MSG1108 LX_F96 not setup correctly
DT package build log shows incorrect filename in copy failure messages.
0141321X'05'(Tab) char gets expanded to spaces in a report created by an RDMLX Function

When a report produced by an RDMLX function on iSeries contains printer instructions in the form of unprintable characters, when the horizontal tab character (X'05') is encountered it will no longer be replaced by a number of blanks.
0141345ABEND after SQL Server connection has been dropped by SQL Server

Access violation in odbc32.dll when SQL Server connection has been dropped by SQL Server for no apparent reason. In SuperServer it may be seen as a hang, but the access violation has already occurred. The fix is to stop all further database IO when a database fatal error has occurred.
0141363Connected counts to database server are different in V10 VL environment and V11.

0141377IDE Design emulator shifted position during display editing

Screen designer issue fixed where clicking an element when in a scrolled panel could cause the element to be assigned incorrect line\col information.
Checkout retains quotes for literals in SELECT_SQL FIELDS SQL source

Checkout of SELECT_SQL FIELDS SQL Source retains quotes when the 1st character is "-".
Checkout of '''X''' in SELECT_SQL FIELDS SQL source will retain the triple quoting for the X to be interpreted as a literal by SQL.
Checkout of 'X' in SELECT_SQL FIELDS SQL source will retain the single quoting for the X to be interpreted as a column name by SQL.
Checkout of X in SELECT_SQL FIELDS SQL source will add single quotes for the X to still be interpreted as a column name by SQL. Further checkin/checkout will retain the single quoting.
Issue with deployment tool when adding an icon

Package including an application icon was actually correctly created but an erroneous fatal error was being issued. This has be resolved.
Support sending string LOBs from WAMs

Now you can send the content of a string as a LOB.
0141388IDE screen Designer fails when selecting from USER KEYS tab

Screen design issue fixed where entering UserKeys via the property sheet grid view would cause the Editor to fail.
0141391RDMLX File fails to build on IBM i if no primary key (*SQLBUILD)

In an RDMLX partition with *SQL_BUILD the checkin and compile of a file without a primary key now no longer fails in the Label on processing.
0141430LceSubmit server-side issue: Job Description not set and overwrites Job Name

This defect has now been corrected.
0141471STM_FILE_WRITE BIF no longer truncates on IBM i when writing to UTF-8 file

When a function is attempting to use the STM_FILE_WRITE BIF on IBM i to write characters that are not in 7 bit ASCII ('A'-'Z', 'a'-'z', '0'-'9' and a few other characters) to a stream file in UTF-8 (CCSID 1208) then the full amount of data is now written.
0141475Fatal error occurs when trying to see the detailed log of Check-in Compile

This defect has now been corrected.
0141494Support Visual Studio 2010 as IDE compiler

Note that the install does not yet support the detection of this compiler. In order to use this the registry entry:
must be set to 0 (FALSE) after LANSA has been installed.

This disables the use of the LANSA-shipped Microsoft compiler.

Also, the Microsoft C runtime DLLs to support this version are not installed by LANSA. When Visual Studio 2010 is installed, it installs these DLLs. But, in order to deploy your LANSA application you will need to deploy these DLLs yourself. Refer to Microsoft documentation for more details.
0141527SELECT_SQL FIELDS with long literals no longer truncated in checkout

SELECT_SQL RDML commands with long literals and embedded quotes in the FIELDS SQL source are no longer truncated during checkout.
0141551Deployment Tool translation utility issues warning if file missing CTD

The package build has been modified to issue a warning instead of a fatal error if an associated .ctd file is missing from a package with "Deploy with Translation List" selected.
Deployment: Install error trying to define dc_w31, but no database selected in package

*SRVPGM W3S1000 is in 2 different libraries in LANSA for iSeries V12 system

The redundant version in the program library has been removed. The version in the communications library is the correct version.
0141574Importing File Library not being converted to Partition Data Library
0141568MAIL_ADD_TEXT fails with decimal data error on IBM i

When a function is compiled without both *RPGIV AND *ILE defined in data area DC@OSVEROP, use of MAIL_ADD_TEXT in RDML functions on IBM i no longer fails
0141597Import of function without process causes RDMLX process to subsequently fail

On IBM i, when a function is imported without the compiled process, if the process is subsequently executed via the LANSA X_RUN command then it failed indicating that the process was not compiled. For example, this may occur when submitting another function in the same process as the function that was imported.
This defect has been corrected.
Trigger fails when Get_Entry Number(2) is executed in a trigger operation

This defect has been corrected.
0141641Packed input field in browselist produces incorrect data

Excessive decimal places are now truncated.
Access violation when Close Form By Click On Windows 'X' Button
0141666Database enforcement trigger now works in a French language environment
0141668jsmdirect fails if no CGI headers are returned to the browser.

If nothing is sent to stdout, jsmdirect will report this as an error if running against a Linux V12 or later LANSA system
0141740Deployment Tool Package does not add components associated with Task

When a task is selected in the object selection dialog, all objects supported by the deployment tool, including components, which are locked to the task are added to the package.
0141747V12 Upgrade package does not update the LX_F96 table to add the X96SRV column

User Action: All packages that deliver the V12 runtime will need to be recreated.
0141765XSL Editor inline list handler no longer crashes when incorrect value is entered

The XSL Editor inline list handler no longer crashes when an incorrect value is entered into the details tab.

If an incorrect value is entered an error message is shown. Please review the error and correct it before continuing.

An example of an incorrect value is a string without a closing quote, eg, 'hello, world

Entering XPath expressions directly into the details tab, ie, not using the XPath Editor, can also make what looks like a correct XPath expression be an incorrect value.

When entering XPath expressions it is recommended to use the XPath Editor located below the details area.
0141861SP5/V12 - Input DBCS characters in Functions different to V10
0142013WinSock control does not receive NULL character from LANSA
0142037Form with layout managers hangs during resize since upgrading to V12
0142199Add support for MSSQL2008 R2 to the Package install
0142213Package warning about deploy database support even though DBUT = NONE
0142214x_start truncates prompt when DBCS 2nd byte contains '['
0142292It is not possible for the STM_FILE_WRITE builtin to output more than 65535 bytes
0142314Changes to IBM i Web configuration

1. System name column has been expanded to show longer names and a visual cue to indicate names that can't be shown in full.
2. IP addresses are now normalized before being stored.
0142321Duplicate entry error message not showing in IBM i Web configuration

If you tried to add a duplicate system/port entry, the program wouldn't allow you but the error message wouldn't show.
0142406IPv6 support for VL IDE Debugger

IPv6 support for VL IDE Debugger is now working for Windows Vista or later.
0140416Enable DOCTYPE in XHTML documents

Enable DOCTYPE (DTD declarations) in WAMs to allow standards mode in IE7/IE8
When printing a WAM with a List in it, hidden columns cause scrollbars to appear

Hidden columns would make scrollbars appear in the printed page possibly causing some rows to not show up.
0140061Web admin change to allow Ready to Use max and min to be increased
0142171Allow for longer IP address for IPv6

Allow 50 characters for web server name in configuration of IIS Plug-in and Apache Module
CCS id.Description
130778IBM i: EPC will now be registered in the EPC log by Product.

The EPC log file on IBMi, DC@FEP, will now hold EPCs by product option.
BAS = base LANSA
INT = Integrator
VLF = Visual LANSA Framework.
The EPC Log display (which can be viewed from the LANSA ABOUT then F10) will now show this information.
This change will allow more accurate checking of EPC relationships in the loading and pre-requisites of EPCs and in the EPC checking done in Client/Server connections.
Any data in file DC@FEP will be converted to the new format.
After the conversion of file DC@FEP if you install previously issued Integrator EPC835 or VLF EPC843 they will be registered with their appropriate product/option code.
OTHER file issue where the S/36 file has a '.' in the record format name

An IBM i S/36 file with a '.' in the record format name can now be loaded as an Other File in the Visual LANSA IDE.
0134910Missing objects when try to deploy translations package

The translation tool can now be deployed as a standalone application
Ensure that the XSL Editor can use Internet Explorer 6, 7 as well as 8

Hidden fields are not displayed in the XSL Editor's Web designer.

IE8 is no longer displaying help design borders for those HTML elements which do not already have borders, either via a border attribute or via CSS border settings, as it used to do in previous versions of IE. Therefore the XSL Editor will simulate design borders for IE8. When the mouse is over an HTML element, when performing a drag operation or moving the mouse, the XSL Editor will temporarily show a design border around the HTML element that the mouse is over. As soon as the mouse moves away from the HTML element the design border will disappear. In some cases, such as tables, design borders will also be applied to the parent HTML element, such as table and the table cell (<td> or <th>) that the mouse is currently over.
0138546Random Access violations in W3_P1200 when running Web Application

FUNX output attribute only writes first 7 characters when updated from function

Fields with either the FUNX or FUNU output attribute will now blank out the characters beyond the first seven when inserted or updated by an RDML function on IBM i.

User Action: 
Recompile any I/O modules for files containing fields with FUNX or FUNU output attributes. In addition recompile functions that have any of the function options *DBOPTIMISE, *DBOPTIMIZE, *DBOPTIMISE_BATCH or *DBOPTIMIZE_BATCH.
STD_LISTBOX Weblet doesnt work consistently between MS IE 7 and Firefox Browser

In non-IE browsers, a List Box weblet with multi-select on does not remember the initial selected items passed to it from the webroutine. It renders them correctly and any user interaction with the list will fix the issue but, if the user does not interact with the list, the selected values are not re-submitted to the next webroutine.

0139407Allow selection of fields for Add Record page in WAM CRUD wizard

LWEB_JOBs not terminating on Windows causing performance degradation

Orphaned Web Jobs are now detected and cleaned up corrrectly.
0139824Duplicate key in dc@W19 errors and lweb_job taking all the CPU cycles

Fixed to clean up DC@W19 correctly when using <RDML MERGE="&END">
0139831Navigation panel doesn't work in Chrome

Navigation panel wouldn't load in Chrome (Note: the asynchronous loading property must be "True"). This defect has now been rectified
0139893XSL Editor: Hidden fields are displayed using IE8 01398

Fields which are hidden are no longer displayed.
0139894XSL Editor: Help border around tables is not visible using IE8

Help border is now shown around HTML tags when the mouse hovers over an element which does not have all borders defined. Note that help borders are not drawn around XSL tags etc, just around HTML tags.
0139965LceRequest: Second Select does not returns the expected records

Enhancements to 5250 debugger

1. New Function key to select all variables on Choose Variables screen
2. New functiion key to step next on main debug screen while debugging
3. New function key on main debug screen to hide / show variables so that more lines of RDML can be seen.
0140027XSL Editor: Preview throws exception when calling a webroutine

This defect has now been rectified
0140085XSL Editor: Show HTML tags attributes options, such as <td align="???">

Now showing available options for attributes for html tags
0140184DEF_ARRAY behaves differently on IBM i compared to Windows

0140215Deliver To iSeries does not work with Object Locking off in the IDE

This defect has now been rectified
Second update of a file ends an error in LANSA Open V11 SP5

LANSA Object Translation Interface updated

The LANSA Object Translation tool set has been updated to include :
- Support for RDMLX objects (129822)
- Support for translation of web components
- Ability to select location where translation files are loaded from

Support has been removed for :
- Process Action Bar translation
- creation of ZIP files including translation files
0140322Binary.AsString intrinsic presumes VarBinary is nul terminated
0140457Refresh inlined weblets required for CRUD Wizard generated WAMs

This defect has now been rectified
0140463CRUD wizard creates WAM with corrupted service name containing blanks

This defect has now been rectified
0140515IBM i: ODBC column length less than returned field size on DELETE or UPDATE

Note: Only occurs on LANSA files which have a char or binary with length over 32765, or that have a varchar or varbinary wth length > 32739; these are implemented in the DB2 database as a CLOB or BLOB.

User Action:
Check-in/Compile the OAM for affected files that have been built with Visual LANSA 11 SP5 + EPC845 or later, or V12 or later. Files built with an earlier version are not affected.
File compilation error when lookup file has trigger function and DB triggers

File compilation (I/O module) will now succeed when a lookup file has a trigger function and that lookup file has DB Triggers enabled.
0140572Restore V11 SP5 Editor WordWrap functionality

The V11 SP5 Editor WordWrap Options for None\Simple and Smart have been restored and the V12 introduced behavior of WordWrap True\False has been removed
0140583#PRIM_TAB class no longer has the currentpage property

Tab.CurrentPage feature that was available in V11 SP5 and was missing from the V12 release has been restored
0140590RENAME behaviour leads to data not being selected
0139514Push button weblet set as Default Button doesn't work in Google Chrome browser

This defect has now been rectified
0139748Operation aborted message in IE occurs when table and nav panel on the screen

Navigation panel's onload() Javascript causes the HTML parser to stop parsing the document (Can happen in large documents).
This defect has now been rectified
0140412STD_NAV_PANEL resize problem after applying EPC848

Navigation panel not resizing to content size when requested to do so.
This defect has now been rectified

Affected objects

Object NameObject Type
Object NameObject TypeLibrary
LCOADM40*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOCROUT*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOEDES*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOETWF*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOMGR40*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOPROXY*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOSCK40*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
DCXS86XX*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGM*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGV*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGW*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
LANSAWEB*PGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
DC@W05*PFLANSA communication library
DC@W05V1*LFLANSA communication library
DC@W05V2*LFLANSA communication library
DC@W05V3*LFLANSA communication library
DC@W05V4*LFLANSA communication library
DC@W26*PFLANSA data library
DC@W26V1*LFLANSA data library
DC@W26V2*PFLANSA data library
DC@F26*PFLANSA data library (only data updated)
W3IXMLLB*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
W3XSVPGX*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
LCOECHO*PGMLANSA communication library
LCOECHOTP*PGMLANSA communication library
LCOLCHK*PGMLANSA communication library
LCOUPPERTP*PGMLANSA communication library
LCOADMDW*DSPFLANSA administration library
LCOADMPW*PGMLANSA administration library
LCOAINST*PGMLANSA program library
LCOAINSTC*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P2902*PGMLANSA program library
W3IP2800*PGMLANSA program library
LCOAINST*CMDLANSA program library
DC@F28(D@DEBUG2)*PFLANSA program library
DC@F28(DC@D8600)*PFLANSA program library
DC@F28(LCOADMDW)*PFLANSA program library
DC@F28(LCOADMD4)*PFLANSA program library
DC@F01*PFLANSA program library (Data Only)
D@DEBUG2*DSPFLANSA program library
DC@D8600*DSPFLANSA program library
DC@M01JPN*MSGFLANSA program library
LCOADMD4*DSPFLANSA program library
@LP@CRTP*SRVPGMLANSA program library
@LPINSTL*SRVPGMLANSA program library
DCXS872X*SRVPGMLANSA program library
W3PROFUN*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_BASE*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_BIF*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_COM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_COMP*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBG*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBI*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBM_IS*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DLL*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_FUN*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_JSM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_LSV*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_PDF*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_PIM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_PRIM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_SSV*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_VAR*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_XQL*SRVPGMLANSA program library
BI@P168*PGMLANSA program library
DC@FEP*PGMLANSA program library
DC@F78MDTLANSA program library
DC@P00A2*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P00A3*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P2112*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P2121*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P2255*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P2260*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P3123*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P3591*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P6201*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P6207*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8081*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8600*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8601*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8601D*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8601E*PGMLANSA program library
DC@P8606*PGMLANSA program library
F@DEBUG2*PGMLANSA program library
F@DEBUG2*PGMLANSA program library
LCOADMP4*PGMLANSA program library
LCOLIST*PGMLANSA program library
LCOTP*PGMLANSA program library
LXXP0020*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P1200*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P1400*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P2000*PGMLANSA program library
W3@P8000*PGMLANSA program library
X_RUN*PGMLANSA program library
LWEBSF*SAVFWeb objects
/crudSTMFIn EPC859IMG save file
/scriptSTMFIn EPC859IMG save file
/styleSTMEIn EPC859IMG save file

Install Instructions

Note: Install Instructions have changed

  1. Sign on with QSECOFR user profile, part of the QSECOFR group or a user profile that has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.
  2. Backup all the LANSA folders, system libraries and ALL the LANSA IFS objects (LANSA_pgmlib/x_lansa) before applying this EPC
  3. You need exclusive use of the LANSA system before applying the EPC. To check for active users refer to Appendix C How to check for Active Users in the Installing LANSA on IBM i guide for instructions.
  4. End the Listener, Host Monitor and Web Server for the LANSA system and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program.
  5. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE EPC851 INSTALLED GO TO Installing EPC859 with EPC851 already installed
  6. IF DO NOT HAVE EPC851 INSTALLED GO TO Installing EPC859 to V12 GA

Installing EPC859 to V12 GA

  1. Move the unzipped file EPC859 to a shared folder (QDLS) on IBM i. ( e.g. /QDLS/epc859)
  2. Use the XFLRTOSAVF command to convert the folder to a save file (LANSA program library must be on your library list) - press F4 for command details. A save file will be created by this command.
  3. Use the RSTOBJ command to restore the following objects into QGPL library.
  4. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *SVF
    2. Apply this EPC to = FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
  5. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    QGPL/LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 859

    Install the EPC from . . . . . . > *SVF

    Save file . . . . . . . . . . . > Name of the save file
    Library Name . . . . . . . . .  Library where the save file is
    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
    LANSA program library . . . . . pgmlib
  6. Save and then delete the backout library (iiiEPCnn where iii = 1st three characters of the LANSA pgm library and nn is sequence number) created by the install. The contents of the library may be used to backout this EPC and return your system to its previous state.
  7. Delete from QGPL DC@LCP120 program  and LOADEPC command

Installing EPC859 with EPC851 already installed

  1. Move the unzipped file EPC859 to an IFS folder on the IBM i ( e.g. /LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc859 )
  2. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *IFS
    2. Apply this EPC to = FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM 
  3. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    pgmlib/LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 859

    Install the EPC from . . . . . . >*IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . .e.g./LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc859

    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
    LANSA program library . . . . . pgmlib
  4. Sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation, e.g.:
    • to apply this EPC on another LANSA system
    • to apply another EPC on the same LANSA system

The command LOADEPC is now available in the LANSA web server Admin library. Use the following instructions.

  1. If you haven't installed or upgraded LANSA for the Web on the Web Server, do so before proceeding with step 2.
  2. Backup all the LANSA folders, system libraries and ALL the LANSA IFS objects (LANSA_admlib/x_lansa) before applying this EPC
  3. End the Web Server and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program. Refer to 13.5.6 Clean Up Systems in the LANSA Online documentation for cleanup instructions.
  4. Display your current library list. If QTEMP is not shown, then add it to your library list using the ADDLIBLE (add library list entry) command.
  5. Move the unzipped file EPC859 to an IFS folder on the IBM i. ( e.g. /LANSA_admlib/tmp/epc859)
  6. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *IFS
    2. Apply this EPC to = LANSA_WEB_SERVER
  7. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    admlib/LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 859

    Install the EPC from . . . . . . > *IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . . e.g. /LANSA_admlib/tmp/epc859

    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . LANSA_WEB_SERVER
    LANSA web server admin lib . . . . . admlib
  8. Save and then delete the backout library (iiiEPCnn where iii = 1st three characters of the LANSA pgm library and nn is sequence number) created by the install. The contents of the library may be used to backout this EPC and return your system to its previous state.
  9. Sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation, e.g.:
    • to apply this EPC on another LANSA system
    • to apply another EPC on the same LANSA system
  1. Recommend that a backup be done of all LANSA folders and your LANSA database before applying this EPC.
  2. Stop using the LANSA development environment and stop all currently executing LANSA applications.
  3. Double-click on AllEPCs.exe.
  4. Select the "Setup" button or "Cancel" if you do not want to proceed.
  5. If you have multiple configurations installed, Select the configuration to which the EPC is to be applied.
  6. If you are prompted to reboot your pc - please reboot.
  7. To view details of the installed EPCs:
    1. sign into LANSA
    2. view the Help menu
    3. product Information option
    4. then select the Installation Details tab
    5. expand the Installation/ EPC Summary
    6. review the last entries

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