EPC - 869

Date : 31 July 2011

EPC869 Highlights

EPC869 delivers enhancements and corrections to LANSA Integrator. The following are some of the most notable items:

  • IPv6 Support.
  • The new aXesTerminalService is designed to permit a JSM client application to connect to and interact with an aXes Terminal Server to navigate, populate and interrogate IBM i 5250 screens.
  • Improved handling of floating point values, particularly for Excel and SQL operations.
  • PDFSpoolFileService has been enhanced to improve host encoding selection and support for more fonts.
  • The XML bind services can now attach and detach binary or text files from specified XML nodes.
  • The ExcelReadService has performance and feature improvements:
    • Template cell and column formatting;
    • Cache of the last read and write sheet;
    • New SET command has been added;
    • New REMOVE commands has been added to remove rows or columns.
  • A range of useability and functional enhancements to LI Studio.
  • A range of incremental enhancements to supplied LI services.
  • A variety of updates to latest versions of various Java libraries used in LI Studio and LI Service implementations.

Refer to for more information about the changes delivered in this EPC.

ProductLANSA Integrator
Pre-Requisite DetailsJava: 1.4
Windows: supported versions of Windows as documented on our web-site. In particular refer to the web-site for the latest information concerning support for Microsoft Windows Vista.
IBM i: i5/OS or IBM i at a release level supported by IBM - at time of writing, the earliest supported release was V5R4.

The following PTFs must be applied before this EPC is applied:
  1. i5/OS Release / Required PTF
    • V5R4M0 = MF40520
    • V5R4M5 = MF42655
  2. Additional required PTFs for restoring Java programs created on V6R1 or later to an earlier release i5/OS Release / Required PTF
    • V5R4M0 = SI27765
LANSA Integrator:
Associated LANSA system (if installed):

IBM i - V12 SP1.
Windows - V12SP1.
Related ProductsLANSA for iSeries or Visual LANSA
Full Distribution InN/A
Special NotesIf you are running custom services (services not provided with the LANSA Integrator product shipment), then you should re-test such services after applying the EPC. If your custom services do not work after applying the EPC, then you may need to re-compile the .class object for the services.
Document UpdatesAn updated version of the LANSA Integrator Guide is included. Once the EPC is applied, you need to ensure that the version of the guide shipped with the EPC is placed in the default LANSA documentation location as installed with Visual LANSA. This default location is ...\x_win95\x_lansa\execute\eng directory. You should manually copy the guide to this folder, replacing the existing version of the LANSA Integrator guide.


EPC869 contains updates to IBM i and Windows components of LANSA Integrator.

Instructions to install the EPC

EPC869 includes software to be installed on an IBM i machine or Windows machine. These instructions describe the installation and use of all delivered items.

  1. Download EPC869.EXE file from Web site or email.
  2. Unzip (double click) EPC869.EXE. These files will be extracted:
    • this document, EPC869.htm
    • EPC869 - IBM i Save file
    • EPC869w.exe - Windows install executable
    • RFI_EPC869.exe - RFI install executable
    • UA_EPC869.exe - Independent User Agent install executable
    • LANSA093.chm - updated version of the LANSA Integrator Guide

Instructions provided for:

Detailed changes

CCS id.Description
0141474Default XML encoding should be UTF-8 not LATIN-1

Change XML declaration readers to default to UTF-8 when the encoding attribute is missing from the XML declaration or the declaration does not exist.
0141488Enhance PDFDocumentService to import all PDF files from a specified directory

The <import> element has a new directory attribute. All PDF files located in the specified directory will be imported into the PDF document.
0141720Wizard dialog field input values are too restrictive for format code

The XMLBindingWizard and SOAPWizard input dialog fields for assigning Java format code to a field is too restrictive. The allowable input values has been left open for a greater range of input characters.
0141791Soap Wizard cannot double click to open field attributes of elements

Allow mouse double click event to open edit dialog.
0141857Enhance PDFDocumentService to fill form fields

This feature allows PDF documents that contain Acrobat fields to be set using program field values.
0141858Enhance SOAP/XML/JSON Wizards to generate RPGX sample code

The SOAP/XML/JSON Wizards will now generate RPGX skeleton sample code.
0141896Update 3rd party jar files

XMLSchema to version 1.4.6
JGoodies L&F to version 2.3.1
Add support for message selectors to JMS services

For JMS services it is now possible to receive particular messages using a message selector.
Also additional property datatypes Short, Long, Double and Float are available when sending messages.
Also ARCHIVE keywords have been added to the SEND and RECEIVE commands.
An ARCHIVE command has been added to the JMSXMLBindService.
0142289Add support for IPv6 to JSMProxy, RPGX and JSM BIFs

Add support for IPv6 to JSMProxy, RPGX and JSM BIFs
0142365Allow Studio to view PNG image files
0142366Enhance JSM console server to use HTTP 1.1 protocol

Enhance JSM console server to use HTTP 1.1 protocol
Add text file and binary file support to XMLBinding services

It is how possible to send text and binary files with an XML document.
0142448Handle BigDecimal scientific notation JDK 1.5 issues

JDK 1.5 BigDecimal toString method sometimes returns values in scientific notation. Additional code has been added so only values in standard decimal notation are used.
XML Bind List and Fragment should not generate an empty element

XML Bind List and Fragment should not generate an empty element if output empty node is unchecked
0142493Add support for IPv6 literal address

This enhancement allow IPv6 literal addresses to be used in the format [n:n:n:n]:port
0142506Add IPv6 support to FTP services

Add IPv6 support for the EPSV and EPRT subcommands.
0142589Replace ZipService OCCURANCE keyword with OCCURRENCE

Make OCCURANCE keyword obsolete and recommend the use of OCCURRENCE
0142590Allow XMLBindingWizard fragments to be marked as multiple occurrence

Currently the XMLBindingWizard detects if a fragment is multiple occurrence when multiple elements occur in the sample XML. A new checkbox on the entry edit dialog allows the fragment to be marked as multiple occurrence. This helps in the type of generated sample code.
0142604Get Studio to send SOAP server jar files to jar pending directory.

Add logic to send SOAP Agent jar files to binding directory and by default SOAP Server jar files go to pending jar directory.
0142605When viewing an X509 certificate include certificate policy information.

When viewing an X509 certificate include certificate policy information.
0142611Add new SET command to ExcelReadService

The SET command allows a specified work sheet settings to be changed.
The SET command includes the follwowing keywords.
FREEZE to set the horizontal and vertical freeze.
ORIENTATION to set the landscape or portrait orientation.
GRIDS to show or hide grids.
MARGIN to set top,bottom,left,right,header and footer margins.
HEADER to set the header content.
FOOTER to set the footer content.
0142613Enhance Axis SOAP serializer to handle decimal numbers

Because of JDK1.5 changes to the BigDecimal toString method. The Apache Axis serializer code needs to be enhanced to stop the creation of decimal values in scientific notation.
0142665Enhance UserAgent to use HTTP/1.1 and basic, digest and ntlm authentication
0142667Add UAGZIP support for HTTP inbound response services

Allow HTTP inbound services to send back GZIP compressed content using the UAGZIP keyword on the SEND command.
0142698Improve HTTPService BIND query string mechanism

A new keyword QUERY-FORMAT controls how the query string keyword(value) pairs are parsed.
A value of 1 is the original method and also the default value.
A value of 2 allows the keyword value to be double quoted to protect ( and ) brackets with the keyword value.
0142712Improve JSM HTTP server performance and functionality
0142732Change JSM Console and Studio authentication method

The manager.properties console.authentication.{username} and studio.authentication.{username} authentication digest algorithm was changed. The new digest include the user, password and the realm value of JSM.
If console and studio authentication is being used, then new digest values will need to be generated.
Refer to LI documentation 2.4 Java Service Manager Console to use Studio to add authorized users.
0142734Enhance TRANSFORM command of XMLParserService to accept XSL file path

The TRANSFORM command of the XMLParserService provides a new XSLPATH() keyword which may be used as an alternative to the existing XSL() keyword to specify the XSL file path without needing to modify XMLParserService.properties.
0142741Add support for temporary reply queues to JMS services

This allows messages to be sent and a temporary reply queue specified to recieve the reply messages.
0142754Allow ExcelReadService to use Template formats

When cell values are being added to worksheet, the cell type and cell format from the template will be used if a DEFINE *CELLFORMAT does not exist.
Connection close

The HTTP protocol response should include the Connection: close property
0142782Improve ExcelReadService performance using a cache of the current Sheet

The ExcelReadService will cache the last read and last write Sheet for quick reuse by the next read or write operation
0142841Enhance SFTPService to use SECSH and SSH public key authentication

Enhance SFTPService to use SECSH and SSH public key authentication.
Enhance Studio to view SECSH and SSH public key files.
0142893Enhance ExcelReadService to create cell types using field datatype

Previous ExcelReadService WRITE command create general Label cells for all values.
Now this service will create Number cells for numeric field values if the target cell is empty or blank and no current cell format exists.
0142921Change SQL services to use prepared statements to obtain META data

EDIDataSetSQLService, SQLService and SVFileService now use a prepared SQL statment to obtain column META data. Also support has been added for the new IBM datatype DECFLOAT.
0142981Add SET PRINTAREA and REMOVE command to ExcelReadService

Allow Excel printarea to be set.
Add a REMOVE command to allow rows and columns to be removed.
0142982Add commitment control to iSeries MQ BIFs

Add new MQ_BEGIN, MQ_CMIT and MQ_BACK BIFs and enhance MQ_GET BIF to allow commitment control on get message operations.
0143022Update Jsch to version 1.4.4

Update 3rd party Jsch to version 1.4.4
Add manager property to control PDF document file access method

The manager property pdf.nomemorymap=true has been added to the manager.properties file. This is used to control whether the PDF services use RandomFileAccess or NativeIO memory mapped file access to read PDF documents. The iText static Document.plainRandomAccess field is set to true.
If IFS journalling is being done on files, then FileChanel.map method will fail.
Add a simplify mime message feature to SMTPMailService

Logic has been added that if a Mime message is mulitpart/mixed and only contains 1 body part that body part is text/plain then simplify the message to a top-level text/plain message.

The simplify process can be enable via a property or SET keyword.



SMTPMailService SET command keyword

0143044Use Java Reflection API's to load 3rd party JMS classes

To improve the flexability of handling 3rd party JMS classes, the loading of the Connection Factory classes is done using the Java Relection API's
0143070Add support for TibcoMQ to JMS services

A JMS vendor class for TibcoMQ has been added to the JMS services
0143071Create a new FileQueueService

The FileQueueService allows files to be sent and received using the JSMMQPUT,JSMDQPUT, JSMMQGET and the JSMDQGET programs
0143072The PDFSpoolFileService was not including blank lines in the output page

This problem has been fixed and blank lines are now included in the generated PDF page.
0143074Improve the POP3MailService read text capability

Replace the use of the StringTokenizer class to parse text lines, so blank lines are not missed.
XMLParserService cannot SET node value if text node does not exist

Create a child text node if one does not exist.
0143112Studio change duplicate/copy file to use - Copy(n) suffix name convention

Previously when Studio duplicated a file the Copy of prefix was added to the new file name. Now a - Copy(n) suffix is used.
0143113Add TibcoMQ support to UserAgent

User Agent can now send and receive JMS messages from a Tibco MQ server
0143135Enhance file service's LIST command to allow SORT and REVERSE options

Enhance BASE64FileService, EDICatalogService, SVFileService, XMLBindFileService and XMLFileService LIST commands to allow SORT by name or modified time. Also a REVERSE keyword allows the list to be reversed.
0143163Add Wrap Array option to SOAP Agent WSDL parsing options

This option will add the -w option to the WSDL2Java command
SOAP Agent cannot set YearMonth and MonthData data types

Fix SOAP Agent to be able set these datatypes using YYYYMM, YYYY-MM, MMDD and MM-DD lansa field values.
0143259Allow PDF document table border color and cell border color to be specified

New PDF XML table element attributes 'title-border-color', 'border-color' and 'cell-border-color' can be used to control the color of the table border and cell borders.
0143293Improve PDFSpoolFileService font support

The PDFSpooledFile service can use Host print transform or Copy to stream file to read and convert spooled files.
Add more fonts that can be used by the PDFSpoolFileService. Also the PDFSpoolFileService will autodetect the necessary encoding. The default FONT has changed from *COURIER to *AUTO. The font *COURIER1 has been removed.
The ENCODING keyword has been changes to take the values *HTP, *CSF and IBM codepages in the format of Cp37, Cp297, etc...

These new fonts require IBM and/or Microsoft fonts to be installed.

Possible Fonts:
0143337IBM Java Toolbox version information is now printed to STDOUT.TXT

When the JSM Manager starts the installed IBM Java Toolbox version information is printed to STDOUT.
0143431Allow JSM server to only accept client connections from specified IP addresses

A new JSM manager property 'tcp.client.address' can be used to control which JSM BIF clients can connect to the JSM Server. The property value is a comma separated list of IP addresses or the single value of *all.
0143630Increase allowable length of JSM instance name from 30 bytes for IASP usage

All dependant programs have been modified.
Also the STRJSM program now submits the RUNJSM command instead of the RUNJSM program.
0143653Increase remote address size from 15 to 45 for IPv6 support

Increase the remote address fields in JSMADMEXT, JSMPXYEXT and JSMDRTEXT exit programs to match changes in JSMADMIN, JSMPROXY and JSMDIRECT programs
0143654SOAP Agent and Server wizard solutions cannot be built on a Japanese locale PC

When a SOAP Agent or SOAP Server solution is "built" in LI Studio on a Japanese PC, the compile step fails. The output window shown contains a Japanese message which says the equivalent of "Compile failed". This has been corrected by forcing the javac compiler to output verbose messages in English, allowing LANSA Integrator Studio to correctly interpret the outcome.
0143690Enhance HTTPInboundJSONService to handle Cross-Orgin (CORS) requests

Add the RESPONSE(*EMPTY|*CORS) keyword to the SEND command to control the type of HTTP response. This will allow a HTTPInboundJSONService to respond to a prelight CORS OPTIONS request.
0144530 *
Enhance JSMADMIN, JSMPROXY and JSMDIRECT to handle IPv6 literal addresses

Enhance JSMADMIN, JSMPROXY and JSMDIRECT to handle IPv6 literal addresses
0143701Enhance PKIEditor to generate SSH public and private keys

A menu option has been added to the PKIEditor tool to allow the generation of SSH public and private keys.
0143709Enhance HTTPInboundXMLBindService to handle Cross-Orgin (CORS) requests

Add the RESPONSE(*EMPTY|*CORS) keyword to the SEND command to control the type of HTTP response. This will allow a HTTPInboundXMLBindService to respond to a prelight CORS OPTIONS request.
0143759Add a new JSM service command SERVICE_SET to change service behaviour

The SERVICE_SET command can be used to enable the clearing of trace files when the service ends.
0143847Provide new aXesTerminalService

The aXesTerminalService is designed to permit a JSM client application to connect to and interact with an aXes Terminal Server to navigate, populate and interrogate IBM i 5250 screens. Using the aXesTerminalService, an application can interact directly with existing IBM i 5250 applications running on the same or a different server system. The application can issue commands to perform such operations as:
- connect (and logon) and disconnect the 5250 session
- interrogate the values of current screen identifiers and field values
- set the values of 5250 screen entry fields
- send function keys such as ENTER and F3
- perform multiple operations with a single command by using aXes terminal operation scripts

NB: The aXes Terminal Server is a separately licensed product. Additional software licence fees apply.
0143880Enhance XMLWriterService to create text node using working list data

The WRITE OBJECT(*TEXT) command can now use a single field working list to supply text data.
0143884Enhance Studio and MapCompile to search Program Files (x86) directory for javac

Studio and Composer will now search the Program Files Program Files (x86) directory for java.exe and javac.exe programs
0143917Upgrade JavaMail to version 1.4.4
Allow explicit quoting of CSV data by using the SVQUOTE keyword

The SVFileService, OutboundSVListHandler, InboundSVListHandler and HTTPInboundSVService now support the WRITE command SVQUOTE ( *NONE | *TEXT | *ALL ) keyword to force quoting of values.
0144056Enhance JSM service LIST command with SORT keyword

 Add file sorting capability to services with directory LIST commands.

0144189SOAPServerService Axis register bean serializer call needs to be synchronized

It has been discovered that Apache Axis TypeMapping register code is not threadsafe.
Synchronous logic was added to the SOAPServerService to reduce the conflict between multiple SOAPServerService threads from changing a global HashMap object.
0144277Add support for unsignedByte type to SOAP AGENT service

A customer had a WSDL document that required support for an unsignedByte data type.
0144278Move JSON parser classes into jsm.jar from jsmservice.jar

Now that JSON is become a primary protocol, the JSON parser classes where moved from jsmservice.jar file to jsm.jar. The HTTPInboundJSONService now uses the new JSON parser classes.
Change HTTP REST method DELETE to be a no content method

The HTTP outbound services, UserAgent have been modified so the custom REST DELETE method does not sent Content-Type and Content-Length properties.
0144333Set Studio Look&Feel theme to Desert Blue for all platforms

Previously Studio's Look&Feel changed depending on the platform. It is now locked to one theme.
FTP GET command was not reading the inputstream in record size chunks

The FTP GET command now reads the remote file input stream using the specified record size amount.
Allow complex number formats to be added to an Excel document

 Currently number format patterns are validated to comply with Java decimal format patterns.

The new COMPLEXFORMAT keyword allows complex Excel formats to be used.


Affected objects

Object NameFolderPlatform
jsm.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmas2.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmaxis.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis 1.4 Nov 19 buildAll
jsmbcmail.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Bouncy Castle 1.4.5All
jsmbcpg.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Bouncy Castle 1.4.5All
jsmbcprov.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Bouncy Castle 1.4.5All
jsmcomdisc.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis commons-discovery 0.4All
jsmcomlog.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis commons-logging 1.1All
jsmedimap.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmide.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmjaf.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Java Activation Framework 1.1.1All
jsmjaxrpc.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis JAXRPC 1.1All
jsmldap.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Open LDAP 2008-03-01 buildAll
jsmlog4j.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis Log4j 1.2.15All
jsmmail.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Java Mail 1.4.3All
jsmnative.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmpdf.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - iText 2.1.7All
jsmpdfcjk.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - iText fontsAll
jsmrfi.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmsaaj.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis SAAJ 1.2All
jsmscript.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Rhino 1.6.7All
jsmserializer.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar and endorsed directories - Xerces 2.7.0All
jsmservice.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmsoap.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmssh2.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - JSch 1.42All
jsmstax.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Woodstox 3.2.4All
jsmstaxapi.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Woodstox 1.0.1All
jsmutil.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directoryAll
jsmwsaddr.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis WS-Addressing 1.0All
jsmwsdl4j.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis WSDL4J 1.6.2All
jsmwssec.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis WS-Security 1.5.8All
jsmxalan.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar and endorsed directories - Xalan 2.7.0All
jsmxerces.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar and endorsed directories - Xerces 2.8.1All
jsmxls.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - jXL 2.6.8All
jsmxmlapi.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar and endorsed directories - Xerces 1.3.03All
jsmxmlsec.jarLANSA Integrator Instance jar directory - Axis XML-Security 1.4.3All
Object NameObject TypeLibrary

*JSMLIB = LANSA Integrator Program Library, *PGMLIB = LANSA Program Library

Object NameFolder
LANSA Integrator StudioIntegrator\Studio
LANSA Integrator User AgentIntegrator\UserAgent
LANSA Integrator Remote Function InvocationIntegrator\RFI
LANSA Integrator on WindowsIntegrator\JSMInstance

Install Instructions

  1. Backup all the LANSA Integrator library and ALL the Integrator IFS objects (LANSA_jsmlib/jsm) before applying this EPC (this IFS is backed up by the EPC load program)
  2. End the JSM server to be upgraded before installing EPC869.
  3. Display your current library list. If QTEMP is not shown, then add it to your library list using the ADDLIBLE (add library list entry) command.
  4. Move the unzipped file EPC869 to an IFS folder on the IBM i. ( e.g. /LANSA_jsmlib(pgmlib)/tmp/epc869')
  5. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *IFS
    2. Apply this EPC to = LANSA_INTEGRATOR
  6. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    jsmlib/LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (This command also can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . >  869

    Install the EPC from . . . . . . > *IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . . eg: /LANSA_jsmlib(pgmlib)/tmp/epc869
    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . > LANSA_INTEGRATOR
    LANSA Integrator library . . . jsmlib
    LANSA program library   . . . pgmlib (This is optional)

  1. End the JSM server to be upgraded before installing EPC869.
  2. Make a backup of the JSM directory from the IBM i. The current JSM directory will also be saved in the backout library.
  3. EPC869 must be extracted onto a Windows machine then uploaded onto the IBM i server.
    For IBM i shared folders:
    • in Explorer, map to the shared folder drive
    • create a folder named EPC869
    • copy unzipped file EPC869 to folder EPC869
  4. If your network file system is not supporting IBM i shared folders, use FTP via TCP/IP and perform the following steps:
    • logon to the IBM i and create folder EPC869
    • open a DOS session on the PC
    • change to the directory where the downloaded and unzipped files are located
    • sign on to FTP site - FTP XXXXXXXX (where XXXXXXXX is the name of IBM i system or TCP/IP address)
    • enter your IBM i user id and password
    • to send as a binary file : enter command bin
    • change to QDLS file system : enter command cd /QDLS
    • change to the folder EPC869 : enter command cd EPC869
    • to send the downloaded file to the IBM i : enter command put EPC869
    • to exit : enter command quit
  5. Use the XFLRTOSAVF command to convert the folder to a save file format (LANSA program library must be on your library list) - press F4 for command details. Save file EPC869 will be created by this command.
  6. Sign on as a user profile that is QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, or, has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

    Note: Check the IBM i system value QFRCCVNRST. If QFRCCVNRST is set to 0, you must use FRCOBJCVN(*YES) on the RSTOBJ command.
  7. Use the IBM i RSTOBJ (restore object) command to restore all objects from library QTEMP into library QTEMP. For a save file you will use the following command:
  8. Display your current library list. If QTEMP is not shown, then add it to your library list using the ADDLIBLE (add library list entry) command.
  9. Install the EPC using the command:
    LOADEPC869 JSMLIB(<jsmlib>) PGMLIB(<LANSA_pgmlib>)

    Where <jsmlib> is the name of the LANSA Integrator JSM library. This is often JSMLIB but it may be different on your system.

    Where <LANSA_pgmlib> is LANSA program library name and is optional.
  10. Press enter to continue processing.
  11. Save and then delete the backout library (iiiJEPC99 where iii = 1st three letters of your LANSA Integrator library and JEPC99 where 99 = is unique number) created by the install. The contents of the library may be used to back out this EPC and return your system to its previous state.
  12. To install the EPC on another LANSA system, sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation.

Additional Install Notes (IBM i)

  1. If custom changes are required to the STRJSM program, the changes should be applied and affected source files should be recompiled. A sample is provided in file QCLSRC.
  2. If custom changes are required to the exit programs JSMADMEXT, JSMDRTEXT, JSMLSAEXT and JSMPXYEXT , the changes should be applied and then the affected source files should be recompiled. Samples are provided in file QCLSRC.
  3. Please view the section in this document for important post-installation/upgrade checks.
  1. End the JSM server to be upgraded before installing EPC869.
  2. Make a backup of the Integrator directory from Windows.
    Note that if you have added or updated any entries in the studio project <studio-project id="20000000-000000" name="lansa"> section of any of the property files these will be removed during the upgrade. It is suggested that you place your own entries in a separate studio project section prior to upgrade.
  3. Unzip (double click) EPC869w.exe to start the upgrade of LANSA Integrator on Windows.
    NOTE: Please view the section in this document for important post-installation/upgrade checks.
  4. If upgrading an independent User Agent install, uninstall the existing User Agent first. This can be done in one of 2 ways:
       1. Remove it using Add/Remove programs from the control panel.
       2. Start the install (see below) and it will automatically prompt you to remove any existing User Agent installations.
    Then unzip (double click) UA_EPC869.exe to start the installation of the User Agent.

    You might want to do a backup of your current independent User Agent install before you start the upgrade process.
  5. If upgrading an independent RFI install, uninstall the existing RFI first. This can be done in one of 2 ways:
       1. Remove it using Add/Remove programs from the control panel.
       2. Start the install (see below) and it will automatically prompt you to remove any existing RFI installations.
    Then unzip (double click) RFI_EPC869.exe to start the installation of RFI.

    You might want to do a backup of your current independent RFI install before you start the upgrade process.
  1. When the JSM instance starts it will process the files in the upgrade directory. If the upgrade is successful the JSM instance will restart else the instance will end. Check the file UPGRADE-LOG.txt in the JSM instance directory for upgrade messages.

    An example of the upgrade messages (not complete) :

    Upgrade JSM instance : /jsm/instance
    Upgrade properties file : manager.properties
    Properties file upgraded
    Upgrade properties file : service.properties
    Properties file upgraded
    Upgrade properties file : XMLQueueService.properties
    Properties file upgraded
    Upgrade completed

    Remove upgrade files
    Delete file : /devjsm/instance/upgrade/mailcap.txt
    Delete file : /devjsm/instance/upgrade/integrator-feature.txt
    Delete upgrade directory
    Removal completed
  2. All the properties files will contain an "unassigned" section. This section contains lines that did not belong to a section.
    Review the unassigned section for possible configuration entries. Normally this section just contains # comments and the whole section can be deleted. Use Studio to remove all unassigned sections from property files.

    #!<studio-project id="00000000-000000" name="unassigned">
    # Move these entries to a new or existing studio-project section.
    # Delete this unassigned section.
  3. The PKI Editor no longer requires the 3rd party jar files from Phaos Technology. Bouncy Castle is now used and these jar files are shipped with Studio.
  4. When using the Studio application, several obsolete directories and files will be renamed or deleted when a project is opened or a wizard is executed.
    The SOAP Wizard, JSON Wixard, XML transformation and binding Wizards will execute remove obsolete project solution files when they are started.

    The following files will be removed from the project solution directory:


    The following directories will be removed from the project solution directory:

        xsl-source      ( if empty )
        soap-compile  ( if empty )

    If the soap-compile directory exists and contains files, it will be renamed to compile-agent.
    This the safest option to preserve the contents of the soap-compile directory.
    It is standard practice to have only one SOAP project per solution directory.
    If the solution directory is being used for a SOAP server project, then it is ok to delete the soap-agent directory as it is not used and will only contain old SOAP server generated code.

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