LANSA Open Configuration in Win 32 Systems

Product/Release:LANSA Open - All versions
Abstract:Do not use lowercase letters when defining communications parameters on Win32 Operating Systems
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
Last Review:December 2010

Win32 systems are, in many ways, case sensitive. This means a name or value in lowercase is not the same as in uppercase.

This fact has caused confusion in some LANSA Open (formally LANSA/Server) environments when defining lowercase values in the LANSA Open Configuration window (especially the Host System Name).

If a case sensitivity problem has arisen a LCE0023 error will occur with X63 return code (which is an undefined APPC error).

Please ensure that APPC communication parameters are typed in uppercase.

A similar recommendation applies when defining LANSA Open function names within an application (ie 32-bit versions of MS Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Centura or Delphi).

Please ensure that they are defined exactly as stated in the LANSA Open manual or in the LCOE.H file (in the LANSA Server directory). For example: LceUseFile is correct, but LCEUSEFILE,lceusefile or LCEuseFile will not be recognized.