LANSA for i Resolved Issues

May 17, 2017AllPerformance slowdown in LANSA applications caused by Mutex wait issue
IBM PTF available for Mutex wait (MTXW) issue that can affect performance of LANSA applications.
Jan 13, 2017V14 SP1QFRCOBJCVN system value can cause V14 SP1 LANSA for i upgrade failure
Upgrade to V14 SP1 can fail due to FRCOBJCVN value not matching expected value
Jul 11, 2016V14Windows Operating System Upgrade breaks JSM license.
JSM server is not licenced for service" error after upgrading Windows Operating System  
Mar 24, 2016V14Listener job ends on startup with CPIC error: 0000000020 in bind
Change in the listener startup logic will prevent the listener from starting if the port is in use
Jul 14, 2015AllLatest CUME PTF for IBM i 7.2 introduces significant LANSA performance issues
PTF SI56247 is required for IBM i 7.2 to address connectivity issues introduced with CUME PTF
Aug 18, 2014V13LANSA License - F6 Add/Create and F22 Delete options not available
Possible reasons for no options being available in LANSA license to Add or Delete a license
Jan 20, 2011AllPrompting on some LANSA commands in the LANSA for iS editor causes the command parameter to be filled with *N
When using prompt on a command (F4) and inputting some valid values, on returning to the editor, some of the command parameters are filled with *N characters
Aug 31, 2010V12Message stating LPCMN.BND not found when executing RDMLX function/WAM/Component on iSeries
LANSA can issue an error stating LPCMN.BND is missing even though it does exist
Jul 20, 2010V12Export lists not created even when selected in the Deliver To
After enabling the Create Export List in Deliver To the export list isn't created
Aug 21, 2009AllInstall or upgrade can fail if the job message queue reaches maximum size
The job message queue reaches maximum size causing upgrade to fail
Aug 18, 2009AllChanges to IBM SQL Engine affects performance in Logical Views keyed by numeric fields
Logical Views keyed by Numeric fields using UNSIGNED ordering will suffer performance problems at runtime on V6R1 systems and V5R4 environments with certain PTFs applied
May 15, 2009AllMultiple CPYTOIMPF or CPYFRMIMPF commands fail when run in an RDMLX partition in SP5
A change in V11 SP5 causes multiple CPYTOIMPF or CPYFRMIMPF commands to fail when run in an RDMLX partition
Mar 12, 2009AllPTFs required for the creation and restoration of programs and service programs on V6R1
Essential IBM PTFs required to improve performance when running OS V6R1
Jan 07, 2009V11 SP5Fatal error when debugging in VL to System i after applying EPC834 to V11 SP5
Fatal error with missing LXQUEUE when debugging in VL to System i after applying EPC834 to V11 SP5
Dec 08, 2008AllCrossed Update error message when accessing Logical Views on Other Files
Crossed Update checking may return a false positive when accessing a logical view which contains only a subset of the physical file fields
Sep 22, 2008AllUnable to restore V11 SP5 objects to QTEMP on V5R3 or V5R4
Full support of IBM i 6.1 in V11 SP5 may require users of V5R3 and V5R4 to apply necessary IBM PTFs in order to restore SP5 objects
May 15, 2008AllUnable to start up LANSA Listener because of port number conflicts
LANSA listener default port number 4545 conflicts with other third party software
Nov 30, 2007AllC2M3044 error using a key with length greater than 2000 bytes
Total length of a key allowed in V5R4M0 increased from 2000 bytes to approximately 32K bytes but I/O fails with C2M3044 error
Oct 26, 2007V11Extra objects required to use PASE libxslt after upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above
Extra objects need to be restored to use PASE libxslt as the XSL Processor if LANSA V11 is installed prior to upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above
Mar 09, 2007V11.3LANSA for iSeries V11.3 install fails to read 2nd CD
LANSA for iSeries V11.3 install fails to read 2nd CD when using Virtual Optical Devices with Image Catalog
Jan 31, 2007V11.3MCH3601 QC2POSIX error on V5R1 after applying EPCs to LANSA 11.3
QC2POSIX error on V5R1 after applying post CU3 EPCs
Sep 20, 2006V11Using LANSA V11.0 with DBCS languages does not execute correctly
Important notes for DBCS languages in LANSA V11.0
Jul 28, 2006V11.3Cannot run Open Systems Utility (OSU) after upgrading to V11.3 (CU3)
LANSA Version Number changes to V11.3 when upgrading to CU3, however the OSU is still on V11.0
Jul 24, 2006V11How to avoid MCH3402 errors when repeatedly running RDMLX functions on iSeries after checkin and compile
Checking in RDMLX function results in Process not getting found in the reused job.
Jul 07, 2006V11.3Creating a new partition after applying CU3 to V11.0 system
Creating a new partition and using the Partition Initialization after applying CU3 to V11.0 system
Apr 01, 2006V11Compile failures with error MCH3203 in joblogs
Compiles on iSeries of objects that generate C can fail with error MCH3203 in the joblog
Feb 06, 2006V11Cannot get past Existing LANSA Communications Directory prompt in Setup during upgrade to 11.0
If the communications directory name in data area DCXLOADA01 is blank, the installer will not accept any value entered into the communications directory prompt
Jan 30, 2006V11When signed into LANSA on the iSeries; checked in changes made to an RDMLX function appear to have NOT taken effect
When signed into LANSA on the iSeries; checked in changes made to an RDMLX function appear to have NOT taken effect until logging out of LANSA on the iSeries and then back in again
Jan 06, 2006V11Recursive Triggers in an iSeries RDMLX Partition can loop indefinitely
When using Triggers in a RDMLX partition running on the iSeries, make sure that there isn't a recursive call back to the original trigger call
Sep 23, 2005V11"QSYSINC library not found" during checkin and compile of RDMLX object on iSeries
Error generated during checkin and compile of RDMLX object (eg. WAM) caused by IBM QSYSINC library not installed
Aug 12, 2005V11LANSA iSeries upgrade failure due to QSHELL or MAXJOB settings
LANSA install/upgrade can fail if it uses a jobq/subsystem that does not allow QSHELL jobs to run or there is not enough MAXJOBs value for the subsystem
Aug 09, 2005AllFunction(*Direct) and object name with underscore (_) is not valid
Function names with an underscore will fail a function check if FUNCTION(*DIRECT) used
Jul 28, 2005V11LANSA for iSeries upgrade to V11.0 fails due to existing old version of OSU
An upgrade to V11.0 on iSeries can fail with error messages in the joblog
Jul 26, 2005V11Loading Demo Data on iSeries in V11.0 does not complete successfully
Once the Install/Upgrade to V11.0 completes or EPC751 is applied to V11.0, a data problem prevents the Install Demonstration Data function from ending successfully
Jun 06, 2003V10Cannot start LANSA after upgrade to V10.0
You may experience an error after upgrading to V10 of LANSA and are trying to login to LANSA
Jul 26, 2001AllAccessing a file through different access paths (e.g. *OPNQRYF, POINT) in the same Function
You can access the same file through different access paths (e.g. standard SELECT, FETCH, using POINT or *OPNQRYF) as long as you close the file path after being processed
Jul 02, 2001V10Possible problem when creating new partition
Creating a new partition fails when using a number as the unique identifier prefix
Aug 18, 1998AllDB2/400 constraints and LANSA
It is not recommended to use DB2/400 constraints on LANSA applications. However, it is possible to detect and make them appear like LANSA validation errors
ArchivedAllAbout LANSA's multilingual support
Changing partition multilingual attributes
ArchivedAll*DBMS_RECORD_LOCKED must be used only if there was an I/O error
The *DBMS_RECORD_LOCKED variable is used to detect if the previous I/O operation (e.g. SELECT or FETCH) failed because the record was locked during the allowable wait time
ArchivedAllIntermittent compile error CPF9872 in LANSA for iSeries
The iSeries compiler fails intermittently with CPF9872 RC4 indicating that program QWXCRTMD has ended unexpectedly
ArchivedV10Security error in the LANSA Listener TP jobs after applying EPC734 to V5R1 or V5R2
A security error can be generated after applying EPC734 to V5R1 or V5R2 if certain PTFs have not been applied
ArchivedV10LANSA for the iSeries and API changes introduced in i5 from V5R3 and above
LANSA for the iSeries V10.0 and QSYGETPH in i5 V5R3 and higher
ArchivedV10Domino Integrated BIFs fail when using DOMINO 6.5
Pointer error during the open database when using DOMINO 6.5 with LANSA for the Web
ArchivedAllPartition security officer not allowed to configure communications routing table
Partition security officer not authorised to edit the communications routing table
ArchivedAllFunctions will not compile after install of LANSA/AD
After a successful install of LANSA/AD functions fail to compile with a CPD0162 error in the joblog
ArchivedAllLANSA for the AS/400 compiler errors in the generated DDS
Various LANSA for the AS/400 compile errors found in the generated DDS listing
ArchivedAllThe effect of using triggers to evaluate virtual fields in LANSA for iSeries and LANSA Open
A SELECT with a WHERE condition is evaluated slightly differently on LANSA for iSeries and LANSA Open (and LANSA Client)
ArchivedAllPrinting in A4 format in LANSA for the AS/400
A printed document might not have A4 format although the printer file has A4 format in its definition
ArchivedAllRecreation of I/O Module Fails after a Field has been Deleted
After deletion of a field from a file definition, the I/O module recompilation fails
ArchivedAllCompiler error CPF6301 when compiling I/O Module (IRP with errors)
CPF6301 error is issued by the RPG compiler even when there are no errors in the compilation's Message Summary
ArchivedAllProblem with Full Function Checks and compiles
Full Function Checks (FFCs) and compiles are failing with error CPF4102, DC@F33 in DC@DTALIB member NOT_AVAIL not found
An import finishes with 7 completion messages, no warnings and no fatal errors. However, no object appears to have been imported
ArchivedAllLarge number of fields in a file affect performance
The number of fields in a file can affect application performance but only if very large numbers are involved
ArchivedAllUsing "Optimize for Remote Communications"
Functions compiled on a process with the "Optimize for Remote Communications" flag set to 'Y' can cause unexpected results