LANSA Open Resolved Issues

ArchivedAllLANSA Listener fails with references to LCOTPJOBS in joblog
LANSA Listener fails after being started
ArchivedAllLANSA Open Configuration in Win 32 Systems
Do not use lowercase letters when defining communications parameters on Win32 Operating Systems
ArchivedAllTroubleshooting and reporting communications problems
A step by step guide to help determining the cause of a communications problem and what information is required by LANSA Support when it comes to reporting such a problem.
ArchivedAllThe effect of using triggers to evaluate virtual fields in LANSA for iSeries and LANSA Open
A SELECT with a WHERE condition is evaluated slightly differently on LANSA for iSeries and LANSA Open (and LANSA Client)
ArchivedAllLANSA Open and TCP/IP: Troubleshooting communications
Some additional steps need to be taken in order to determine a communications problem when running LANSA Open over TCP/IP instead of using other communications methods