Saving LANSA Client query to an Excel .xls file with blank(s) in the name will create a file with no records

Product/Release:LANSA Client V10.0
Abstract:Saving LANSA Client query files output to .xls with blank(s) in the file name will create empty records into the output file
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
Last Review:December 2010


In LANSA Client, you can choose to create query results output to (Window/File/Printer/Report) by choosing the option "Output to":

When saving to file, the long file names naming convention is available in LANSA Client since V10.0.

However, there is currently an issue when saving the query output to "File" with an extension of .XLS that has a name path that contains blank(s).


Results Save As Screen

In this case a file called Testing output.xls will be created but when the file is opened in Excel it does not contains any data.

Excel Screen

When the same query is executed in LANSA Client "Output to Window" there will be records on the query window which is correct:

LANSA Client Screen


This issue only occurs on files with the extension .XLS and is scheduled for correction in future versions. To workaround this you should save the file with a name without blank(s) or possibly replace the space with an underscore character (eg. Testing_output.xls) and it will save correctly.