Deployed Visual LANSA application never starts application execution

Date:10 October 2006
Product/Release:Visual LANSA V11.3 (CU3)
Abstract:Deployed Visual LANSA application never starts application execution
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


A problem can arise when installing applications built and deployed in the deployment tool from a Visual LANSA environment that has been upgraded to V11.3 (CU3) from V11.0.


After pressing OK on the X_Start prompt during the package install, the application never installs. The deployment SETUP completes, but the *INSTALL process never starts. No error messages are shown; simply that after pressing OK on the X_Start prompt nothing happens.

This is ONLY an issue for Visual LANSA systems that have been upgraded to V11.3 by applying CU3 to the V11.0 environment. The problem is that the "Deploy Execution Environment" runtime files that are deployed with deployed packages are still the V11.0 files.


Enable the Option "Deploy with EPCs" as part of the package options, to ensure the target system then correctly deploys V11.3 runtime files.

Note: If you have installed V11.3 or upgraded to V11.3 from V10.0, the "Deploy Execution Environment" option runtime files for the Deployment Tool are correctly at V11.3 level and thus the "Deploy with EPCs" option is not necessary when selecting to deploy the execution environment with the package.