LANSA Client returns "Class not registered" when outputting to report

Date:15 December 2010
Product/Release:LANSA Client V12.0
Abstract:LANSA Client cannot launch crystal reports viewer, even though the Crystal Reports runtime engine is correctly installed
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


On PCs where only the Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime packages have been installed, you may receive the following message when you select Output to Report and then execute a report in LANSA Client V12:

Error message: Report cannot be displayed

This is due to a change made in Crystal Reports, which affects how LANSA Client can interact with the Runtime engine. To cater for this change, a patch is available to circumvent this error and enable LANSA Client to be used in combination with Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime - contact LANSA support for more information.

This problem has been corrected in LANSA Client V13 SP1.