V12 LANSA install fails when creating an Oracle DSN

Date:17 February 2011
Product/Release:Visual LANSA V12
Abstract:Oracle Patch required to prevent the failure of a LANSA V12 install to an Oracle database
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


The following problem has been encountered when installing Visual LANSA V12 to an Oracle database

  1. During the Visual LANSA V12 install, select "Create a new data source" on the Data Source panel.
  2. Enter the required details and continue.
  3. During the File Transfer, the following error is generated: Error creating DSN <xxx>. See install log for further details.
Install ended in error


The following Oracle patch needs to be applied to successfully complete the Visual LANSA V12 install:
Oracle Patch Number 9888297 - "Oracle 11G Patch 4 Bug for Windows 32 bit".