You must have 64-bit JAVA to run JSM on a 64-bit PC

Date:26 June 2014
Product/Release:LANSA Integrator - V13 SP2
Abstract:In V13 SP2, you must have 64-bit JAVA installed on a 64-bit PC to run JSM.
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


With V13 SP2, it is now mandatory to have 64-bit of JAVA on a 64-bit PC in order to use LANSA Integrator. Unlike previous versions of LANSA, where a warning message was issued if the correct JAVA version is not found, but the install continued, the V13 SP2 install now stops with the following message if the required JAVA version is not installed.

Example screen of Warning message

While the V13 SP2 install (on a 64-bit PC without 64-bit JAVA installed) will issue a message and not complete, if you are performing an upgrade to V13 SP2 you will experience unexpected behaviour. The upgrade will continue to the end but you may see a corrupted message in the warning notes area, as per the image below.

Examples screen of showing Install Complete but with Warnings


To finalize the upgrade of JSM to V13 SP2, you must

  • Download and install 64-bit JAVA
  • From the V13 SP2 DVD, select the Install LANSA option and take the option to Modify or Repair an existing install.
  • Select the LANSA Integrator features to be Repaired.