Valid HTML Content-Type to use when POSTing during web execution

Date:15 July 2014
Product/Release:LANSA for the Web- V13 SP2
Abstract:LANSA enforces the use of valid Content-Type in V13 SP2.
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


After installing V13 SP2 or upgrading to V13 SP2, you may encounter some pages may displaying blank without any message. A possible reason is that as of V13 SP2 and later, LANSA enforces the use of the follow valid POST content-types:

Content-Type Application
application/x-www-form-urlencodedWeb Function and WAM

If you encounter this situation, you have two available options:

  1. Fix the web pages to adhere to the appropriate content-types listed above.
  2. Revert to pre-V13 SP2 behaviour and fix up the web pages to adhere to the appropriate content-types listed above at a later stage. If you take option 2, note the following:
    • please contact LANSA Technical Support for an available hotfix to revert to pre-V13 SP2 behaviour.
    • be aware that using other deprecated content-types may lead to unexpected behaviour in your applications.
    • unless corrected in all instances, continued use of deprecated content-types will produce the following
      warning messages in the CGI job :

      Encountered unsupported post content-type "text/html".
      Posted data of unsupported post content-type is parsed as
      Update configuration to reject posted data of unsupported post
      content-type if necessary.

Note: Even if you apply the hotfix to revert to pre-SP2 behaviour, you should proceed to fix up your web pages for valid content type as per the table above. LANSA will eventually enforce the use of valid content types. The hotfix to revert to pre-SP2 behaviour is provided to give customers time to fix up their pages to avoid application issues when the valid content types are eventually enforced.