Visual LANSA Resolved Issues

Dec 03, 2018AllActiveX crash in Visual LANSA editor after applying Windows 10 update
Crash when accessing an ActiveX ProgId in Visual LANSA Editor after Windows 10 update.
Oct 11, 2018AllTroubleshooting common SQL Server errors and return codes
Common SQL Server errors and return codes you may encounter when installing or using Visual LANSA and steps to resolve them.
Apr 22, 2016V14Compiling web enabled functions after upgrade to V14 is missing the Generate HTML option
After upgrading Visual LANSA to V14 and performing a partition initialization of your web enabled partition, the 'Generate HTML' option may not be available when recompiling web enabled functions.
Nov 17, 2015AllVisual LANSA failing with Global Initialisation failure after Windows 10 Upgrade or Update
Unable to open Visual LANSA because the 64-bit and 32-bit registries are out of sync after a Windows 10 update has been applied
May 18, 2015V13MSI Installer: Cannot uninstall deployed package
Unable to uninstall a deployed application due to an MSI restriction
Apr 07, 2015AllError message: 'Operating System of this computer is an unsupported platform' at the start of Visual LANSA installation
Installing Visual LANSA on a supported Windows Operating System can sometimes fail as 'unsupported platform'
Mar 05, 2015V13 SP2 EPC132100Blank Icon displays text 'None' in Visual LANSA Framework EPC132100
After applying EPC132100, the shipped blank icon display the text None
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Oct 08, 2014AllWAM design is not displayed in WAM editor in Windows 8.1
WAM Editor does not display the design view on Windows 8.1
Jul 01, 2014V13 SP2Duplicate application descriptions can lead to overlapping installation directories
Separate applications that have the same application description will end up installing into the same location by default. This will cause problems if one of the applications is uninstalled.
May 26, 2014AllLatest update to Adobe Reader causes ActiveX errors in LANSA applications.
Automatic Adobe Reader update (11.0.7) introduces problems using the Adobe ActiveX in LANSA applications
Jan 13, 2014V13 SP1Windows 8.1 Upgrade Clearing .NET Component Registration
Windows 8.1 Upgrade clears .NET Component Registration from the Windows registry
Nov 18, 2013V13 SP1NColumns appear left justified in Visual LANSA Framework applications when render type 'M' is used
The data in NColumns of the VLF might appear left justfied if Render Type 'M' is used
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Oct 10, 2013V13 SP1Second patch in a version does not deliver expected objects in V13 MSI deployment
Patch objects in second consecutive patch are not correctly deployed if Visual Studio Professional is not installed on the deployment server
Jul 11, 2013V12 SP1UAC and IIS Plugin issues when installing LANSA V12 SP1 for Web on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
Special instructions required for LANSA V12 SP1 install on Windows 8 and Windows 2012 for Web (IIS Plugin) and UAC
May 31, 2013AllUsing as the server name in the ODBC System DSN setting and database connection failures
Visual LANSA default installation uses as the server name for an ODBC DSN which can sometimes have connection issues
Mar 18, 2013V13V13 Deployment tool does not allow you to enter a 9 character Form to Execute
Issue in deployment tool prevents you from specifying a form with 9 characters as Form to Execute
Feb 07, 2013V13Using the option to Override File Library to Partition data library in Visual LANSA
The option to Override File Library to Partition data library in Visual LANSA doesn't work as expected for all situations
Jun 13, 2012V12 SP1 EPC870Framework lock is released after period of inactivity
An issue has been found where framework locking (#avFrameworkManager.uLocked) gets automatically released after a certain period of inactivity
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jun 13, 2012V12 SP1Notice of support for 64-bit editions of Microsoft Office
Starting from Office 2010, Microsoft Office will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. However LANSA may not fully support integration with the 64-bit version
Jun 13, 2012V12 SP1Compilation errors on RDMLX forms after upgrading to V12 SP1
An issue has been found where certain RDMLX forms will fail to compile in V12 SP1
Apr 18, 2012V12 SP1Visual LANSA Install can fail due to incorrect Native Client driver
Installing Visual LANSA on a 64-bit PC can fail due to incorrect SQL Server Native Client driver
Mar 20, 2012V12 SP1Drag and drop a weblet into an input field with IE9
Drag and drop a weblet onto an input field in the WAM editor doesn't do anything. This issue is fixed in EPC871
Mar 20, 2012V12 SP1Visual LANSA Report Painter cannot display a full report layout
With multiple lines of Def_line statements in a function the report layout may not be shown completely in the Report Painter
Feb 14, 2012V12 SP1 EPC870VLF-WEB issue with Chrome 17
Using Chrome 17 VLF layout becomes different which affect users to select VLF applications or Business Objects
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Nov 21, 2011V12 SP1Using PDF viewer 10.1.1 with LANSA Framework could cause the instance list and filter to disappear.
In regions where the decimal separator is a comma (,) installing Adobe PDF viewer version 10.1.1 can cause Visual LANSA Framework filters and the instance lists to disappear
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
May 30, 2011V11 & V12Mobile Broadband software can cause LANSA communications and Debugger to fail
Some Mobile Broadband (wireless data dongle) software can make changes to the TCP/IP stack, causing the problems with the listener and VL debugger
May 30, 2011V12Missing C++ Runtime causes installation and runtime failures
Missing C++ runtime file MSVCR71.dll can cause Deployment Tool installations to fail during the loading of file data, and/or runtime failures that refer to missing application DLLs (which do exist)
Feb 17, 2011V12V12 LANSA install fails when creating an Oracle DSN
Oracle Patch required to prevent the failure of a LANSA V12 install to an Oracle database
Aug 31, 2010V12Message stating LPCMN.BND not found when executing RDMLX function/WAM/Component on iSeries
LANSA can issue an error stating LPCMN.BND is missing even though it does exist
Aug 03, 2010AllVLF component DW_T01.DLL is incorrectly recognized as a virus by some anti virus software
Some anti-virus software incorrectly flag a LANSA shipped DLL (DW_T01.DLL) as a potential virus or unwanted program during a Visual LANSA installation
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jul 22, 2010V12VF_AC006 module is not found error during deployment of VLF application
Deploying a VLF application from V12, you may encounter an error on some PCs that VF_AC006 module cannot be located or is not a LANSA component
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jul 20, 2010V12Export lists not created even when selected in the Deliver To
After enabling the Create Export List in Deliver To the export list isn't created
Jul 09, 2010V12Compatibility error when installing V12 on Windows 7
Error "LANSA requires this operating system to have at least SP1 installed" when installing V12 on Windows 7
May 28, 2010V12Windows firewall can prevent V12 Visual LANSA network client from accessing SQ Server database
To access an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine through a firewall, you must configure the firewall on the computer running SQL Server to allow access
May 28, 2010AllMicrosoft updates can cause the Sentinel dongle driver to not be recognized
Applying Microsoft Vista updates can cause the Sentinel dongle driver to no longer be recognized by Visual LANSA
May 27, 2010AllSelect of BLOB or CLOB field fails with SQL0452 or MCH3601 on second loop
SELECTs where more than one row is fetched and a LANSA LOB field in the file is included in the FIELDS list fail in SuperServer
Feb 04, 2010V11 SP5 EPC843Additional "Frameworks" & "Groups" are added into partition definitions from VLF_SV11
EPC843 imported extra "Frameworks" & "Groups" into a partition. This is now fixed in the latest version of EPC843.
Feb 01, 2010V12Upgrading Network Clients to V12 - manual intervention may be required
Network client issues due to missing Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.
Dec 22, 2009V11 SP5Altering the Network Library for Visual LANSA V11 SP5 and above
Options regarding altering the Network Library for Visual LANSA V11 SP5 and above
Effects: SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008
Dec 11, 2009V11 SP5Visual LANSA installation ends abruptly with no error messages
If correct privileges are not held by the installer, Visual LANSA installation will not complete correctly.
Dec 11, 2009AllLanguage codes used for multilingual partition languages
Language codes used in Partition Languages are not arbitrary and must conform to certain guidelines
Oct 23, 2009V11 SP5After applying EPC845, using host monitor will show 'Connect to LANSA System' prompt
After applying EPC845, using host monitor will show 'Connect to LANSA System' prompt and connection will fail.
May 26, 2009Installing a Deployment tool package can issue an 'FTP Server not found' error
When installing a Deployment Tool package, the installer generates an error that the "FTP Server was not found.[87]"
Visual LANSA Deployment Tool
May 15, 2009V11 SP5Multiple CPYTOIMPF or CPYFRMIMPF commands fail when run in an RDMLX partition in SP5
A change in V11 SP5 causes multiple CPYTOIMPF or CPYFRMIMPF commands to fail when run in an RDMLX partition
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Apr 17, 2009V11 SP5 EPC837Error when attempting to open files after applying EPC837
Fatal error when attempting to open files after applying EPC837. This issue was introduced in EPC837. A fix has been delivered in EPC838.
Feb 09, 2009V11 SP5JIT Upgrade and Deployment Tool additional application icons
Some considerations to be noted if using additional icons in an application that is upgraded by JIT application upgrades
Jan 09, 2009V11 SP5IDE crash when editing XSL Source
IDE ends with a fatal error while editing XSL Source
Nov 18, 2008V11 SP5*BLDNO error when running host monitor or system initialization
*BLDNO error when running host monitor or system initialization after applying EPC830 to V11 SP5
Jul 16, 2008AllMicrosoft Attachment Manager blocks files that have crossed the internet
Microsoft Attachment Manager blocks files that have crossed the internet which can cause problems for LANSA applications that use the blocked files
May 29, 2008V11How to restore the button captions of an error message window
How to restore the button captions of an error message window
Apr 24, 2008V11 SP4GET_SESSION_VALUE with the key USER returns exact case which can lead to problems for login or data retrieval
GET_SESSION_VALUE in V11 SP4 return USER key in exact case
Mar 20, 2008V11 SP4Weblets missing from the Weblet Templates View
Misunderstanding the differences between the Weblet Templates list and the Weblets list in the IDE from V11 SP4 onwards might make it appear that some Weblets are missing from the one or the other lists
Mar 06, 2008V11Unexpected results from Check_Authority BIF - making use of the GUSR setting
In Version 11 the Group User setting is now used as a supplementary method of determining authority on VL, and this may affect existing applications
Feb 22, 2008V11 SP4Applying SP4 to V11 re-introduces correct tabsheet behaviour when the order of tabsheets is changed
Applying SP4 to V11 re-introduces correct tabsheet behaviour when the order of tabsheets is changed
Dec 07, 2007V11.xSybase EBF 3581 for ASA 9.0.2 causes security error logging into Visual LANSA IDE
Sybase EBF 3581 for ASA 9.0.2 causes security error logging into Visual LANSA IDE
Dec 03, 2007RAMP works in designer mode but not in user mode
Known reasons for a RAMP application working OK in designer mode but not in user mode
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework - RAMP
Sep 21, 2007V11.3Valid reason for the 'Cannot resolve to object' error message in Joblog
The message "Cannot resolve to object..." in an iSeries joblog may not always indicate a problem
Aug 30, 2007V11.3Error connecting LANSA Client V11.3 to deployed Windows LANSA application
Even if your application is deployed with LANSA Client support, LANSA Client may display an error message when attempting to create a new query
Aug 30, 2007V11.3Error "(0001) - The partition name must be specified in the x_run command" when attempting to do an Import
The location of the Windows user's temporary directory can affect LANSA Imports if the user has an apostrophe in their name
Aug 30, 2007V11.3Fatal Error Invoking VisioEvent when starting Logical Modeler
After removing a LANSA configuration or installing a new configuration, Logical Modeler may not be able to start due to corrupted registry entries
Aug 10, 2007V11.3Checking in a process does not update the function control table on iSeries
Changes to the Function Control Table in VL not updated on iSeries after checking in Process
Jun 22, 2007V11.3DEFINE_ANY_SERVER and translation tables
Using the DEFINE_ANY_SERVER BIF for SuperServer RDMLX connections and specifying translation tables
May 22, 2007Windows Help (.hlp) files no longer supported from Vista onwards
Microsoft will no longer supply the Windows Help reader in Vista which can affect LANSA developed application that uses Winhelp
May 03, 2007V11.3 EPC804An *EPCCHK error when using *JOB *JOB as Translation Tables in VLF
An EPCCHK error is generated when using *JOB *JOB for Translation Tables in language English
Feb 21, 2007V11.3How to reset the LANSA IDE back to its shipped default settings
How to reset the Visual LANSA IDE back to its shipped default settings
Feb 27, 20073rd party software causes LCOTP.exe to fail
LCOTP.exe job fails immediately after connecting to local listener due to 3rd party LSP DLLs
Any LANSA application or product using the local LANSA listener
Feb 02, 2007V11.3 EPC793An error 'UINUSERGROUP is null or not an object' is displayed when running a Visual LANSA Framework application
An error is displayed when running the Framework with User Groups defined
Dec 21, 2006V11Failure of Package install due to existing temporary directories and files
Existing temporary files can cause unexpected package installation errors
Oct 10, 2006V11.3Deployed application never starts
Deployed Visual LANSA application never starts application execution
Sep 28, 2006Copied packages are built into the wrong location
When using the copy process the application is built into the wrong destination
Visual LANSA Deployment Tool
Jun 23, 2006V11.3Menu options grayed out after applying CU3 to a V11.0 environment
Performing a Visual LANSA upgrade while running some VL applications can cause some Visual LANSA menu options to be disabled or unavailable
May 19, 2005V11Cannot start Visual LANSA on Server due to disabled Terminal Services service
Error generated when starting Visual LANSA on Server PC due to Terminal Services service being disabled
Mar 22, 2006V11Automatic crossed updates checking is not working correctly in V11.0 with C OAMs
Automatic crossed updates checking is not working correctly in V11.0 with C OAMs
Feb 27, 2006V11Deployment Tool does not recognise Components correctly, lists them as regular fields Visual LANSA V11.0
The presence of old Internal File OAMs will cause the Deployment Tool to list all components/forms under fields
Jan 06, 2006All'Read Only' shared drives on Windows servers stops Visual LANSA Network Clients connecting to server
Shared drives or directories on newer windows operating systems are created with "Read only" permission, which affects Visual LANSA network clients connecting to the windows server
Dec 08, 2005V11'Too Many Fields Defined' error on an UPDATE query when using a Microsoft Access Other file with more than 127 fields
An error will occur when attempting to update a Microsoft Access file that has been loaded into Visual LANSA as an 'OTHER' file and contains more than 127 fields
Nov 15, 2005V11Possible issues deploying an application that makes an automatic connection to an RDMLX server
Deployment Tool does not give the option to deploy an application that makes an automatic SuperServer connection to an RDMLX iSeries
Nov 04, 2005V11Documentation for Network Client Install does not cover local drive mapping parameter
Documentation for Network Client Install does not include information about the 'Local mapping for the Server's LANSA root directory' install option
Sep 23, 2005V11"QSYSINC library not found" during checkin and compile of RDMLX object on iSeries
Error generated during checkin and compile of RDMLX object (eg. WAM) caused by IBM QSYSINC library not installed
Sep 01, 2005V11Incorrect database type selected by default during Visual LANSA V11.0 Slave installation
Visual LANSA Typical Slave or Typical Multiple Products Install will select ASA Client/Server database by default, which can cause problems with duplicate Server Names
Sep 05, 2005V11Missing Liiiconfig.txt error when installing EPC759
Missing Liiiconfig.txt error when installing EPC759 on a PC with multiple Visual LANSA V11.0 configurations
Aug 09, 2005AllFunction(*Direct) and object name with underscore (_) is not valid
Function names with an underscore will fail a function check if FUNCTION(*DIRECT) used
Apr 07, 2005Updated driver for USB dongle
If the USB dongle is not being recognized, applying the latest dongle drivers from Sentinel may resolve the issue
Feb 25, 2005Windows administrator rights is required for Network Client Machines
You need Windows administrator rights to access the Network Server from a Network Client machine
Feb 25, 2005Microsoft HotFix KB891781 causes Visual LANSA Framework problems when editing RAD-PADs
Applying a Microsoft Hot fix can cause the RAD-PAD to crash
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
Jan 20, 2005JIT may not install packages in order expected
JIT packages not installed in order expected
Sep 13, 2004.RRN files must exist in central location for Shared Server Database
.RRN files must exist in central location for shared server databases otherwise duplicate errors will occur
Mar 10, 2004Potential problem when deploying Visual LANSA application with Other files to different DSN
Deployed Other files will include the DSN name which can cause application errors on target PCs
Nov 10, 2003V10Deploying an application compiled with Visual Studio .NET C++
If you are using Visual Studio .NET to compile your RDML, you will need to package the extra C Runtime DLLs for .NET. when you ship your developed applications
Oct 13, 2003Use SELECT with keys that are not Alphanumeric
Generic search using numeric keys in the SELECT command ends with SQL ODBC errors
Jun 20, 2001Error PRR0074 in SuperServer applications
PRR0074: Communications operation attempted without a valid connection to SSN &1
May 08, 2005Pop-Up Menu Cut/Copy/Paste must be manually translated
When a pop-up menu is created in Visual LANSA the AutoActions Copy/Cut/Paste property defaults to English text. This can be changed by manually editing the LpVo.bnd file
Sep 01, 2004List of error return codes that you may receive when running the SYSTEM_COMMAND built-in function
List of error return codes that can be generated running the SYSTEM_COMMAND built-in function
ArchivedV13Upgrading your Hardware key to V13
Hardware keys need to be upgraded for Visual LANSA V13.
ArchivedV10Duplicate node names in Network Client installs can cause various problems using LANSA
Duplicate node names in Visual LANSA Network Client Installs can cause various locking problems using Visual LANSA
ArchivedV10Cannot apply EPCs to a Visual LANSA V10.0 configuration in a Client/Server development environment
Generating an error "No configurations exist that can be updated by this EPC" when applying an EPC or installing a new LANSA product/feature to Visual LANSA V10.0.
ArchivedAllWindows XP Service Pack 2 closes ports by default which can cause errors in LANSA applications and products
Possible errors in LANSA products and applications after applying Windows XP Service Pack 2
Effects: All LANSA Products
ArchivedError when attempting to modify the appearance of web pages using Form Layout Assistant
Explorer's security restrictions does NOT allow the layout of Web pages to be modified when running application in VLF
Effects: Visual LANSA Framework
ArchivedPossible errors in LANSA for the Web on Windows after applying Windows XP Service Pack 2
Possible errors in LANSA for the Web on Windows and/or Visual LANSA after applying Windows XP Service Pack 2
Effects: LANSA for the Web and Visual LANSA
ArchivedV10How to avoid generating a HRESULT error when running the Logical Modeler from a Visual LANSA Network Client
Steps to allow the LANSA Logical Modeler to execute from Network Clients
ArchivedV10Custom install of Deployment Tool images reverts Visual LANSA to pre-EPC state
Custom install of the Deployment Images from the 10.0 CD reverts Visual LANSA core files to 10.0 GA (pre-EPCs) level
ArchivedV10Printing reports without LPT1 in Visual LANSA
Previous problem of not being able to print reports without mapping to port LPT1 is resolved in 10.0
ArchivedIssue with Date Stamping when using X_Run parameter DATF
Issue with Date Stamping when using X_RUN parameter DATF
Effects: Visual LANSA and LANSA for iSeries
ArchivedV10Duplicate key errors in Host Monitor – Field Visualisation
Duplicate key errors in Host Monitor for Field Visualisation
ArchivedNewly added fields to a file are not created in ASA
Newly added fields are not created in Sybase ASA - only when certain compile options chosen
ArchivedSystem dates not displaying correct behaviour in Visual LANSA
System dates in Visual LANSA are inconsistent with both the documentation and the LANSA for iSeries behaviour
ArchivedV9.1Updated driver for USB dongles
If the USB dongle is not being recognized, applying the latest dongle may resolve the issue
ArchivedV9.0Hardware key upgrade problem in 9.0 with old dongles
Problem upgrading Hardware Key in 9.0.
ArchivedUsing OV_WINWORD with Windows 9x and Office 2000
Problems when using OV_WINWORD with Win98 and Office 2000
ArchivedHost Monitor problems if PC name contains dash (-)
Host Monitor will not work if your computer name contains a dash (-)
ArchivedHost Monitor fails to start: error LII0028S
Error LII0028S is usually caused by an outbound communications job on the host AS/400 that is still active from a previous Host Monitor session
ArchivedAllRecreation of I/O Module Fails after a Field has been Deleted
After deletion of a field from a file definition, the I/O module recompilation fails
Effects: Visual LANSA and LANSA for iSeries
ArchivedUsing % on the LIKE keyword on SELECT_SQL on LANSA for Windows
Special consideration when using the % wildcard character on the LIKE keyword on the WHERE clause on the SELECT_SQL
ArchivedWhat objects are displayed in the Check-in list dialog
Criteria by which objects are listed in the Check in dialog
ArchivedSetting Component Properties to their defaults at runtime
Setting properties back to their default values at runtime