LANSA Client Tips

ArchivedLANSA ClientPerformance issue with LANSA Client Queries on V7R1
LANSA Client Queries slows down after migrating to V7R1
ArchivedLANSA ClientError saving to file when saving a query in LANSA Client with Terminal Server
An error can be generated saving a LANSA Client query to file using Terminal Server
ArchivedLANSA ClientTrigger LANSA Client queries from a report
Technique to trigger a query from a report which should run to retrieve data from the AS/400 or NT server
ArchivedLANSA ClientUpgrade to Crystal Reports for LANSA
There are several ways to approach the upgrade of Crystal Reports for LANSA
ArchivedLANSA ClientLANSA Client networks installation instructions
Instruction on installing LANSA Client on the network
ArchivedLANSA ClientBatch Query and Report execution
Schedule LANSA Client queries or call a query from an application
ArchivedLANSA ClientLibrary List in LANSA Client
Query files from your own Library List
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSACrystal Reports Data Dictionary
Developing reports even easier with Crystal Reports Data Dictionary
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAPrint "Range" selection criteria in report header
The Minimum and Maximum functions can be used to collect the lowest and highest value of a field, and use these to print the actual range of the data in your report in the report header
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAConverting a text field to a number
The ToNumber string function in Crystal Reports provides an easy way to convert numbers in a text field to a number field
ArchivedLANSA ClientResizing a set of columns in LANSA Client (including last column)
It is easy to resize a set of columns to the same size and at the same time
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAGrouping by week, month, quarter or other period
The grouping facility in Crystal Reports for LANSA makes it easy to group data by week, month, quarter or any other period
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAUsing the same report with different database files
It is very easy to use a different file or set of files when running an existing report
ArchivedLANSA ClientField conditions and performance
Whether field conditions are applied to fields from primary or secondary files will affect the performance of queries
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAWrapping column headers over multiple lines
When a column header is too wide to fit 'nicely' above a report field, that column header can be printed over 2 or 3 lines
ArchivedLANSA ClientRecord Selection in LANSA Client
Field conditions help you to filter data so that you only get the records you want
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSASuppressing duplicate printing of data in Crystal Reports for LANSA
The "Suppress If Duplicated" printing option allows the suppression of printing of repeated information
ArchivedLANSA ClientFields that do not fit on a line in a report
Having too many fields to fit on a line, or a single field that is too long to fit anywhere in a report
ArchivedLANSA ClientPrint non-matching records only (Outer Join)
Only the records in a file that do not have matching records in another file can be printed
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSAUsing a formula in your selection criteria
Records can be selected for a report based on a comparison of multiple database fields or calculated fields
ArchivedLANSA ClientGiving all fields a unique description
Fields with the identical descriptions can cause confusion for users when carrying out sorts and selections
ArchivedLANSA ClientPrototyping LANSA Client queries
Its not necessary to run a full LANSA Client query to test a report layout or check values in the file
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSACrystal Reports for LANSA Client: Print and Export options
Details many of the print and export options available
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSABarcodes in your reports
Detailed description of printing barcodes
ArchivedCrystal Reports for LANSACompiling and distributing reports
Compiling and Distributing reports
ArchivedLANSA ClientCustomized Grouping
Customized Grouping is a facility that allows the user to group on a field which is not actually available in the database file
ArchivedLANSA ClientLANSA Client chart options
The charting options that will be used with a query can be saved
ArchivedLANSA ClientUsing variables in your report
Using variables in your report, for example in a running total
ArchivedLANSA ClientSpecial characters
The special characters used in many European languages will not appear in LANSA Client reports unless one of the Report Option defaults for Crystal Reports is altered