Intermittent server licensing failure

Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Intermittent server licensing failure
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
External(s):MS SQL Server, Multiple network cards and/or virtual network adapters

When multiple network cards are installed, and/or one or more virtual network adapters is installed (such as that available with PGP or a certain configuration of Netfinity), and/or a Virtual Private Network connection is in use, the command ipconfig /all reports multiple IP and physical network addresses. This may lead to intermittent licensing problems, as LANSA's X_CPU and internal license checking checking can only "see" one network address at a time, and have no way of knowing which is the "correct" one. This problem often occurs if SQL Server is installed on the same box as LANSA, as SQL Server uses a similar mechanism to retrieve the network address, and can change it to one of the other network address when a connection to the database is started. To avoid this problem, ensure that only one network address is reported by ipconfig /all, and/or use a separate machine for the SQL Server database server.