Host Monitor fails to start. Error message LII0028S

Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Host Monitor fails to start. Error message LII0028S
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

When error message LII0028S 'Failed to start the Host Monitor at the Host. Aborting LANSA for Windows Host Monitor.' is received, this indicates that an outbound communications job on the Host AS/400 is still active from a previous Host Monitor session.

To resolve the error check subsystem QCMN on the AS/400 using the WRKACTJOB or WRKSBSJOB QCMN command. There will be a job with the same name as the PC node name or server and the user id which was used to LOGON to LANSA for Windows. There will also be a job in QINTER subsystem with the name MON_xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is the PC node name. Both of these jobs must be ended. BUT before ending the job in QCMN use option 5 to work with job, then option 13 to inspect the library list. The most likely reason for the error to have occurred is that the USER ID used to logon to LANSA for Windows has a different library list to the one required to attach to the correct LANSA/AD Host system. If the MON_xxxxxx job is still active in subsystem QINTER inspect its library list and compare it with the job in QCMN. After ending these two jobs and logging on with an appropriate user id, there should be no further problem.

Note: The LANSA administrator should ensure that ALL user id's used to run LANSA have the correct library lists to avoid starting the wrong LANSA system where there are more than one on the same AS/400.