Operating System Error 13 (Permission denied) in UNIX

Date:19 November 2001
Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Operating System Error 13 (Permission denied)
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

This error code indicates that the current user did not have permission to access an operating system file. This error usually occurs if the user does not have read or write permission on a file (e.g. PERSON.RRN) or a directory (e.g. the directory containing .RRN files). It may also occur if the user doesn't have execute permission on a program, script, library.

For example, to create a .RRN file, the user needs to have read, write and execute permission on the directory where the file will be created. To update a file, the user needs to have read and write permission on the file. If .RRN files are not being created with permissions that allow all users access, refer to the man page for umask(1).