You should ensure that all parts of the L4W install use the same login

Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:To avoid database connection issues, ensure that all parts of the install use the same login.
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
External(s):SQL Anywhere

When installing LANSA for Windows, there is occasionally an error encountered which is reported as an inability to open an ODBC connection to the SQL Anywhere database. This is sometimes due to the fact that SQL Anywhere has been installed under a different login to LANSA for Windows.

To explain that, consider the following. If no database management system exists on the machine prior to the L4W install, the SQL Anywhere installer is run by the L4W installer ... then the machine reboots, and the L4W installer places LANSA for Windows on the target machine. If the login before that reboot is different to the login after that reboot, then the install of LANSA for Windows itself will not work properly.

The easy workaround to this is ensure that all parts of the install use the same login. This would preferably be the login of the person who will be using LANSA for Windows, in most cases.

If you have already installed and are experiencing this problem, the easiest workaround would be to uninstall both SQL Anywhere and LANSA for Windows, and then reinstall both using the same login.