Installation of EPCs, EPCs in the X_BOOT directory

Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Installation of EPCs, EPCs in the X_BOOT directory
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

When an EPC is distributed by LANSA, it will usually be in a zipped form. When it is unzipped, it will usually incorporate a Disk1 directory, and then any number of Disk2, Disk3, to Diskn.

If the machine you are applying the EPC to is going to be used for building packages for redeployment, it is best to leave these disk-images on the hard disk where they were extracted to, and when you are asked by the install program, just use the "Browse" button to point to the location of that Disk1, as instructed. If you split up the images at all, the installer will not be able to place the EPC files into the redistributable image.

If you have no choice but to install these EPCs from separate diskettes or different locations, you will have to incorporate the 'Diskn'  directories into your redistributable images manually. Again, if you are not creating packages with this computer, there is no need for this step. 

Firstly, locate the package directory. If you have not specifically changed it's location, it will have defaulted to 


Under this path there will be an X_BOOT directory, and the path you should work with will be named for the current build number. So the path you should be looking for is 
<Package Directory>\X_BOOT\<Current Build>

Under the <Current Build> directory, you should see one or more CAB1 directories, and a CAB2. At the same level as this, create a directory called EPC, if one doesn't already exist. Under this directory, create another with a name of form EPCnnn where nnn (not necessarily a 3-digit number) is the number of the EPC. Under that directory, create each of the 'Diskn' directories that came with the original EPC; one for each disk image of the EPC. Copy all of the contents of each 'Diskn' directory into the new 'Diskn' directories you just created.

As an example, if EPC1500 came with 4 disk images, and was intended for Visual LANSA build number 1950, the directory structure you should  create might look like;


Again, this is not an issue if the Visual LANSA machine is not to be used for creating packages for distributing your LANSA programs.