Configuring SQL Anywhere for use with LANSA/Server and LANSA/SuperServer

Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Configuring SQL Anywhere for use with LANSA/Server and LANSA/SuperServer
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
External(s):SQL Anywhere (Server)

After installing LANSA for Windows, do the following:

  • Add remote users to your LANSA database. These users are database users, not network or LANSA for Windows users. Make sure the user password is in upper case.
  • Setup your server name in the LANSA Communications Administrator.
  • Create an SQL Anywhere Service - use the same parameters to start the LANSA database used in the SQL icon included in the LANSA group.
  • Either create a '' file in the partition directory, or create an X_RUN Environment Variable. Add the following parameters to the file or Environment Variable. Parameters marked "Optional (1)" will only allow one user name to be used remotely. "Optional (2)" only allows for 1 database to be used.
    * DBUT=SQLANYWHERE Mandatory
    * DBUS=<database user name> e.g. DBA Optional (1)
    * PSWD=<database user password> e.g. SQL Optional (1)
    * DBID=<database name> e.g. LX_LANSA Optional (2
  • After completing the above, make sure the SQL Anywhere Service is started. Next, use SQL Central to sign onto your LANSA database using the user name and password you created for the remote user. After successfully connecting to the database, you can exit SQL Central. Any time your server goes down and has to be restarted, you must sign onto your LANSA database using SQL Central again after starting the SQL Anywhere Service.