PTF requirements for LANSA for the Web

Date:30 August 2006
Updated:September 2012
Product/Release:LANSA for the Web
Abstract:LANSA for the Web and iSeries software and PTF requirements
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

This tip will document any specific PTF requirements for LANSA for the Web Software running on iSeries. This tip will be updated as new requirements come to light. Web Application Modules (WAMs) PTF requirements will also be listed.

LANSA for the Web (Web server)

No specific PTFs for IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache. LANSA recommends to apply the latest Apache group PTFs to ensure you are up to date with all the latest Apache fixes and updates.

Web Application Modules (WAMs)

Pre V11 EPC 845

OS/400 Licensed Product 5733XT1 XML Toolkit Options 7 and 8 with PTF SI16626 or higher.

V11 SP5 supports 5733XT2 **
5733XT2 features required are:
Base & XML parser version 5.6.3 and XSL transformer version 1.10.2 service programs
Refer to IBM 5733XT2 documentation for the options numbers that equate to the features above (options are different depending on O/S version).

Note: PTFs are required to restore 5733XT2 onto pre-IBM i 6.1 O/S versions. Refer to 5733XT2 documentation for required PTFs by version.

** When you install LANSA or SP5 it will detect the most current toolkit and use it (for example, if both XT1 and XT2 present, it will use XT2). If you upgrade toolkits after you upgraded to SP5 (or future versions of LANSA), there is a conversion program that you can run to use the later toolkit. Contact your LANSA distributor for conversion instructions.

Due to user difficulty obtaining the PTFs required by the XML Toolkit, step by step instructions are provided in the following downloadable document:

Post V11 EPC 845

The IBM XML Toolkit is now only required for WAMs on IBM i when using the ILE XSLT transformer. Therefore the above PTF's are not required.

V12 SP1 and above

ILE XSLT on IBM i is no longer available as an option for WAM transformation. The web Administrator no longer offers transformation options. The only XSLT engine available is the PASE libxslt. Therefore the XML Toolkit is no longer required in V12 SP1 and above.

Obtaining an IBM PTF

You will also need one of the following PTFs for 5733XT1. Which PTF will depend on your OS/400 version.

If your OS/400 release is this:You will need this PTF: