Visio 2007 support in LANSA

Product/Version:Visual LANSA 11.3 and above
Abstract:Can Visio 2007 be used with the LANSA Logical Modeler
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support
External(s):Visio 2007

Note: The information below refers to versions of Visio no longer supported by Microsoft. Refer to the LANSA Supported Versions page for current supported versions of MS Visio.


Support for Visio 2007 was implemented in EPC845 for Visual LANSA V11 SP5.


The Visual LANSA Logical Modeler utilizes the Microsoft Visio software for its diagramming capabilities. The Visual LANSA 11.3 pre-requisite information states:
Before you can use the Logical Modeler, Visio 2003 or a later version of Visio should be installed.

However, the term "later version" is bounded by the following statement in the LANSA Supported Platforms document for 3rd party products. 

If third party vendors do not support upward compatibility for a given product then LANSA support for a product may only be taken to mean for the specific releases stated in this document.

Refer to LANSA 11.X Supported Platforms Document

Visio 2007 is now available as part of MS Office 2007. However, LANSA's testing of the Logical Modeler with Visio 2007 has highlighted that changes introduced in Visio 2007 causes problems when using LANSAs Logical Modeler. 

Due to the lack of upward compatibility support, Visio 2007 is not supported for use with the Logical Modeler until this version is explicitly stated in the LANSA Supported platforms document or until support is announced by LANSA. Visio 2003 is the currently supported version of Visio for use with the LANSA Logical Modeler